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Adservice Affiliate Network
Want to increase your revenue, reach more customers and only pay per performance? This is exactly what we do. We help you grow your business.

Adservice is the leading Nordic Affiliate Network and we assist you in connecting with all of our publishers ready to promote your products.

If you are not familiar with Affiliate Networks, please see our webpage.

Easy Tracking Integration
Use our tracking app to easily track your sales delivered from the Adservice Affiliate Network.

What does the App do?
It assists you in integrating Adservice Tracking with your WordPress webshop. Whenever consumers delivered through the Adservice Affiliate Network buys something from your webshop, Adserice’s system will be notified and track the sale on your behalf.

Live tracking conversions will greatly improve the amount and quality of clicks your webshop will receive.

The sales amount of the basket will be sent to Adservice, so we can calculate the conversion price.

Additional statistics through Adservice Client Interface
You can view your sales in the Adservice Client Interface. A complete campaign setup will also be available, where you can customise your campaign, add materials, specify rules and assist our publishers in how to promote your products.

Easy Woocommerce Integration
Works seamlessly with the Woocommerce plugin offering a quick and easy setup for your Woocommerce shop.

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  • Adservice: Affiliate Network
  • Easy Tracking Integration


Requires an Adservice Client profile to login and use.


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Değişiklik Kaydı


  • Release fix


  • Redesign off app, refactor repository, add voucher code tracking, fix discount prices, fix thank you page


  • Fix crashing in some instances, fixed other crashes caused by elementor


  • Improved how productvariables are handled.


  • Streamlined conversion callback to the Adservice System, to ensure more reliable tracking.


  • Added better support for custom price pr. individual product in cart.


  • Added support for custom price pr. individual product in cart.


  • Minor fixes.


  • Conflict issue fix.


  • Added support for Cart Handling when using WooCommerce.


  • Added better conversion handling for WooCommerce stores.


  • Various bug fixes.
  • Updated logo.


  • Various bug fixes.


  • Various bug fixes.


  • First version