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AI Bud – AI Content Generator, AI Chatbot, ChatGPT, Gemini, GPT-4o

AI Bud – AI Content Generator, AI Chatbot, ChatGPT, Gemini, GPT-4o


AI Bud is a perfect WordPress AI plugin for all kind of AI generated content, comment generation, chatbot and images. AI Bud provides chatbot, image & content generator, model finetuning, WooCommerce product writer, SEO optimizer, content translator and text proofreading features, etc. Based on GPT-3 and GPT-4 by OpenAI, Google Gemini, Claude or OpenRouter, this WordPress plugin harnesses the power of the latest AI technology to produce high-quality content in various languages, with customizable writing styles and tones that match your needs.

Whether you need to create compelling blog posts with SEO-titles, product descriptions, visually stunning images, or text proofreading, text translation to 30+ languages, AiBud WP WordPress plugin has got you covered. Say goodbye to the hassle of creating content from scratch and hello to an AI-powered, user-friendly tool that streamlines your content creation process.

Do you want to check AIBud WP Pro Version 👉 https://aibudwp.com/

Want to learn more? Check our documentation 👉 https://docs.aibudwp.com/

Satış öncesi sorusu sormak, geri bildirimde bulunmak, destek almak ister misiniz? Bize ulaşın! 👉 https://aibudwp.com/contact/


AI Content Generation:

Create content in minutes with the AI Content Builder module. You can generate both individual posts or entire topics by defining the number of sections and paragraphs at once in bulk mode. Here are the prompts for the content builder module:

  • Different AI Models: Create engaging content using different AI Models such as OpenAI, Claude, and Google Gemini models.
  • Block Editor Support: AI Bud has a Gutenberg Block inside the plugin so you can easily create AI powered content within the WordPress Block Editor.
  • Helper in Edit Post: AI Bud provides several metabox that will allow you to create title, excerpt, image, WooCommerce products easily in the Edit Page of WordPress.
  • Bulk Content Generator: AI Bud has bulk content editor that helps you to create multiple content in seconds. You just need to enter the titles and it will create all contents for them.
  • AI SEO Optimizations: This section will help you to create content for your keywords, make them bold automatically in the content. Also there are some integrations with Yoast, Rank Math SEO plugins in the Pro version.
  • Custom AI Prompts You should create customized AI contents! You can create contents in different languages, writings styles, writing tones with AI Bud. Also there is an option to create your own custom prompts for tailored content creation experiences.
  • WooCommerce AI Support Don’t think about only posts, we also giving option to create content for WooCommerce products and also pages.

AI İçerik Oluşturucu Belgeleri

AI Yorum Oluşturucu – Pro Özellik ⭐

AI Bud, bu özelliği sağlayan tek yapay zeka eklentisidir!

Your visitors will se a “Generate Comment” button in WooCommerce reviews section and WordPress default comment forms, and they will be able to create AI powered comments within seconds!
This feature makes it easier than ever for users to leave feedback. AI Comment Generator is available exclusively in the Pro version of the plugin.

  • Kullanım Kolaylığı: Kullanıcılar bir tıkla, görüntüledikleri ürün veya yazı ile ilgili anlamlı yorumlar oluşturabilirler.
  • WooCommerce Yorum Oluşturucu: Sadece blog yazıları yorumları değil, bu özelliği ürün sayfalarında da kullanabilirsiniz. Bu özellikle ziyaretçilerinizden ürünleriniz için daha fazla inceleme alabilirsiniz.
  • Etkileşimi Arttırma: Yorum bırakma bariyerini hızlıca aşarak incelemelerin ve geri bildirimlerin sayısını ve kalitesini önemli ölçüde artırabilir. Bu değerli AI yorum özelliği, SEO’yu iyileştirebilir, sosyal güven sağlayabilir ve potansiyel müşterilerin satın alma kararlarını etkileyebilir.
  • Özelleştirme Seçenekleri: Site yöneticileri, oluşturulan yorumlar için maksimum sözcük sayısını belirleyerek özelliği özelleştirebilirler. Ayrıca, emojileri içerip içermemesini seçebilir, yorumları daha ilgi çekici ve ilişkilendirilebilir hale getirerek bir görsel çekicilik sunabilir.

AI Chat Bot – Pro Özellik ⭐

AI Bud provides the best AI Chatbot feature!

Pro version of plugin includes a Chatbot is a powerful tool that allows users to perform various tasks based on requests and instructions. With customizable appearance and advanced features, it can be easily integrated into any website. Chatbot is available exclusively in the Pro version of the plugin.

  • Learns Your Business: AI Bud has fine tuning feature, so you can create a chat bot who knows your website & business and answer the questions much more logical.
  • E-posta Toplama Özelliği: Bu özellik etkinleştirildiğinde, chatbot kullanıcılardan konuşmanın başında e-posta adreslerini isteyecektir. Girilen e-posta adresleri güvenli bir şekilde kaydedilir ve pazarlama kampanyalarınız için değerli bir veritabanı oluşturur. Konuşma kayıtlarında özel bir e-posta sütunu içerisinde bu verilere WordPress yönetim paneliniz aracılığıyla erişebilir ve dışa aktarabilirsiniz.
  • Konuşmaları Kaydet: Konuşmaları kaydetmek, ziyaretçi ihtiyaçlarını daha iyi analiz etmenize yardımcı olacaktır. Chatbot ile yapılan tüm konuşmaları kaydetme seçeneği bulunmaktadır. Bundan sonra, yönetim panelinden her konuşmayı kolayca görebilirsiniz.
  • Different AI Models: You can choose different AI Language Models for your Chatbot so you can decide how smart and fast it will be.
  • Display Options: You can easily display the chatbot on whole website or spesific pages with using shortcode. There are options to specify the place of chatbot as well.
  • Customized Styling You can customize AI Chatbot appearance, including name, placeholder text, button text, icons, and themes (dark and light mode).

AI ChatBot Documentation

AI Image Generation:

The image generator module tool, based on ChatGPT AI, helps you to create images by entering prompts through a command line. This can be useful for automating the creation of large numbers of images, as well as for creating images with specific parameters. The module leverages DALL-E model by OpenAI.

  • Multiple Image Generator: One important aspect of this module is controlling the number of images being generated. Simply describe the image you need and specify the number of images you need.
  • Create SEO Optimized Images: When you create the image with our AI image generator, we are also creating Title, Description Alt Text for the image with AI. So you can use them in your website for SEO purposes.
  • Customization Options: You can create unique logos, graphics, photo-realistic scenery, banners, product descriptions, cartoon portraits, and digital art. The only limit is your imagination.

AI Image Generation Documentation

AI Fine Tuning – Pro Özellik ⭐

Fine tuning is absolutely most important part for chatbot. Don’t use a chatbot that doesn’t know anything about your business or website. Fine Tuning is available exclusively in the Pro version of the plugin.

  • Educate AI models by providing custom questions and answers.
  • With using Entry generators, you can educate your model with all the content from your posts and pages. So it will automatically go through all of your contents and educate itself.
  • No need to handle something on OpenAI side. You can create datasets, upload them to OpenAI and use it as a model from your WordPress Admin Dashboard.

AI Fine Tuning Documentation


The Playground is a powerful tool that allows you to interact with the AI and explore its capabilities via a live dialogue. You can ask any question and get a response immediately.

One of the key features of the Playground module is that users can control the Temperature and Max Tokens of the generated text. Temperature controls the creativity of the AI’s responses, with higher temperatures leading to more creative and unpredictable outputs. Max tokens, on the other hand, limit the length of the generated text, ensuring that responses are concise and to-the-point.

AI Test Merkezi Dokümantasyonu


AiBud WP supports the following tools and technologies:

  • OpenAI – GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer 4) is the number one largest and most advanced language model in the world.
  • Gemini Pro – Google provides great AI model named Gemini, the service old name was Google Bard.
  • Claude – Anthropic provides awesome AI model named Claude. If you never try this you definitely should!
  • OpenRouter – OpenRouter is a service that provides a range of AI models for content creation.
  • Davinci – a smart and capable model to respond to a vast range of questions, solutions, discussions, advice, and dialogues.
  • DALL-E – image generator core algorithm.
  • ChatBot Logs Saving
  • SEO Title Suggestions – virtual writer a search-competitive title for your content.
  • Custom Chatbot language model with fine tuning.
  • WooCommerce Product Generator – fill in the high-quality description of your products on your store instantly.


AI Bud WordPress Eklentisinde aşağıdaki yapay zeka modellerini kullanabilirsiniz:
* GPT-3.5 Turbo
* GPT-4
* GPT-4 Vision
* Google Gemini Pro
* Claude 3 Opus
* Claude 3 Sonnet
* Claude 3 Haiku
* Llama
* Mistral
* Mixtral
* Perplexity


For getting help, visit AiBud WP documentation. We also have the official page.

Ekran Görüntüleri


Bu eklenti 1 blok sağlar.

  • AIBud Content Generator AIBud Content Generator that generates content based on the your input.


Installation is easy – all you need to do is to follow a few steps:

  1. Install the plugin.
  2. Activate it.
  3. Right after activation you will see the popup where you should copy and paste your OpenAI API Secret Key. You can find or generate your Secret API key in the User settings on your OpenAI account.
  4. That’s it! Now you can play and use AiBud WP.


What AI models does AI Bud support?

AI Bud integrates with a range of AI models including OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 Turbo (in various configurations), GPT-4, Google’s Gemini Pro, and Anthropic’s Claude (Opus and Sonnet versions). This allows for diverse content creation, image generation, and AI-driven chatbot interactions to suit various needs.

Can I generate content in languages other than English?

Evet, AI Bud 30’dan fazla dilde içerik oluşturmayı destekliyor. Farklı dillerde, biçemlerde ve tonlarda özelleştirilmiş içerikler oluşturabilirsiniz, bu da eklentimizi global siteler ve çok dilli içerik stratejileri için çok yönlü bir araç haline getirir.

AI Sohbet Botu kullanıcılardan e-posta toplar mı?

AI Bud, E-posta Toplama ve Konuşmaları Kaydetme özelliklerini sunar. Böylece tüm konuşmaları kaydedebilecek ve ziyaretçilerinizden e-posta adresleri toplayabileceksiniz. Sonrasında bunları dışa aktarabilme imkanına da sahip olacaksınız.

How does AI Bud help with SEO optimization?

AI Bud’s SEO Optimization section helps in tailoring content for specific keywords, making them bold within the content for emphasis. It integrates with SEO plugins like Yoast and Rank Math in the Pro version, enhancing your content’s search engine visibility.

Can AI Bud create WooCommerce product descriptions?

Absolutely. AI Bud can generate compelling WooCommerce product descriptions, streamlining the process of adding new products to your store. It offers options for bulk content creation, making it easier to manage large inventories.

How do I integrate AI Bud’s chatbot into my website?

The Pro version of AI Bud includes a customizable chatbot that can be integrated into your site using shortcodes. You can specify its appearance, functions, and whether it appears site-wide or on specific pages. The chatbot is also capable of saving logs for insights into visitor interactions.

What is Fine Tuning and how does it benefit my chatbot?

Fine Tuning allows you to tailor the AI model based on custom questions and answers, making the chatbot more aligned with your business or website’s specifics. It improves the chatbot’s relevance and accuracy in answering user queries.

How does AI Bud handle image generation?

AI Bud, görsel oluşturma için DALL-E modelinden faydalanır. Eklenti içinde komut satırında belirli ipuçları belirleyebilirsiniz ve AI Bud, kullanıcıdan tasarım becerisi gerektirmeyen eşsiz görseller, logolar, afişler ve daha fazlasını oluşturacaktır.

Can I use AI Bud for free?

AI Bud ücretsiz sürümünde içerik ve görsel oluşturma, SEO optimizasyonları ve daha fazlası gibi güçlü özellikler sunar. Pro sürümü ise sohbet botu, fine-tuning ve daha kapsamlı bir yapay zeka kullanımı için ek AI modelleri gibi gelişmiş özellikleri kilidini açar.


25 Nisan 2024 1 yanıt
I’ve tried a lot of different plugins to get the best from AI. This plugin has cool features. I really like AI Comment Generator for example..I’ve also asked some questions in the support and they replied pretty fast. So overall I’m happy with this plugin, I can definitely recommend it!
4 Nisan 2024 1 yanıt
Its very limited like other autoblogging software which look like knock offs of each other. Nothing original, new, creative nor outstanding. Another software with illogical approach to writing. If you are writing an article, do you start by setting the number of paragraphs and sections or do you write naturally based on your flow, ideas and research? AI-Bud is weird. The AI capability on this plugin is also limited by programmer-defined macros, so you are not getting full capabilities as you would on standalone Claude or ChatGPT. For example, the rich data analysis or details you get from Playground cannot be reproduced in the Content UI. Thats because the Subject and Title are limited by programmer-defined prompts. Plugins like AI-BUD are for producing regurgitated generic content, not custom content. They are limited in structure and AI capability. Anything that generates content by inserting a keyword or title cannot produce unique / custom content.
2 Nisan 2024 1 yanıt
Been looking for a tool like this but to no avail, as I create lots of content in bulk. Works so well. Thank you!
22 Mart 2024 1 yanıt
I have used countless content generating plugins until today, but this plugin is different from all of them. The content it produces is as if it was written by a professional writer.
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  • New: Meta: Llama 3 model added


  • New: ChatGPT 4o model added for content creating


  • Fixed: Chatbot email collection visual issues fixed


  • Fixed: Helper issues fixed for classic editor


  • Fixed: Suggest title functionality bug


  • Fixed: Collect email feature mobile issue


  • New: Collect Email feature added to Chatbot
  • Fixed: Visual fixes for chatbot


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  • Fixed: Block editor helper counting issue


  • Fixed: Chatbot Mobile responsive issue
  • Fixed: OpenRouter API Key balance error


  • New: OpenRouter models added for content creating


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  • Fixed: Fix initial redirection issue


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  • New: Feedback notice added
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  • Enhancements: Claude model added for content creating
  • Fixed: WooCommerce product generator fixed


  • Fixed: Image generator model changed to DALL-E 3


  • Fixed: Issue with the bulk editor js


  • Enhancements: Google Gemini Pro model added for content creating
  • Fixed: Playground issues, improve and seperate chatbot answers


  • Enhancements: Freemius opt-in checkout added
  • Fixed: Documentation, support and website links changed


  • Fixed: Freemius fixes


  • Fixed: Minor bug fix


  • Enhancements: Added new settings for more accurate adjustment of AI models.
  • Enhancements: Added a popup with a notification that comes if a user has not entered their Open AI account (Pro).
  • Fixed: Pop-up when copying shortcode with warning about deleting AI template on Fine Tune and Chatbot page (Pro).
  • Fixed: After content generation, unnecessary UI elements are present and the Loader is not displayed correctly when loading.
  • Fixed: Prompt generation via Post and Pages occurs with errors.


  • Fixed: When a user makes a prompt to generate an image, the metadata contains all the image settings.


  • New: Added new models for Content Builder and Bulk Content Builder
  • Update: Depreciated models Davinci, Ada, Babbage has been removed


  • Fixed: Minor bug fix


  • Fixed: Minor bug fix


  • Fixed: Minor bug fix


  • New: Adding new Rest endpoints for message type prompts
  • Fixed: Minor bug fix


  • Fixed: Minor bug fix


  • Fixed: Minor bug fix


  • Update: Core code optimization


  • Fixed: Minor bug fix


  • Fixed: Minor bug fix


  • New: Added a featured image generator for Pages, Posts, and WooCommerce products.
  • New: Advanced settings is added for Image Generator.
  • Fixed: Generated number of characters was less than number of tokens specified in the “Maximum number of Tokens” field.
  • Fixed: The title or excerpt did not generate without reloading when the page was edited with the Gutenberg editor.


  • Fixed: Generated title/excerpt did not apply to the pages that was edited with Classic Editor.


  • Fixed: Minor bug fix


  • New: A page title generator has been added for Page settings.
  • Fixed: Generated title did not apply to the page on Gutenberg editor.


  • Update: Made corrections to the text displayed on the plugin dashboard.
  • Fixed: Details of Generated image did not display.
  • Fixed: Apply/Cancel buttons did not display at Generate Title and Generator Excerpt buttons while editing blog post.


  • New: Added Plugin Menu to the WordPress Dashboard Navigation.
  • New: Navigation links for Documentation, Feedback and Support is added.
  • Update: “Try sample” of Content builder will be disabled if OpenAI API is not specified.
  • Fixed: Error notifications did not display when OpenAI API was not added.
  • Fixed: Excerpts did not generate while editing posts.


  • The first release of the plugin.