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Alfie – Feed Plugin


This productfeedtool will focus on the side of affiliate marketing.
You can import any feed into Alfie (http://www.productfeedtool.com) and make affiliate site’s or price comparision site’s.
To add feeds into the plugin you need an Alfie account to generate values.
Register free at (http://www.productfeedtool.com) and create complex price comparison site’s with this plugin.
You can see an example how it works @ www.shirs.nl
NEW FEATURE Searchboxes see shirs.nl. Create ajax filters in SECONDS!

What is Alfie
Alfie stands for A Loyal Feed Interface and can be used for productfeeds. It is availble for the DUTCH affiliate community.
With Alfie people can quickly create affiliate site’s or price comparision site’s.
Alfie focusses on the side of Affiliate marketing but it can also be used for other things.
You can use it to match fields with each other or deduplicate fields in a CSV file.
At this moment there are some tools on the market but they work difficult and there is no simplicity.
Another issue is the capacity on the user his server. Alfie is a tool which covers simplicity and avoids complexity. Now you can quickly generate sites.
Alfie delivers a FREE CMS and a FREE WordPress Plugin, what works with every network.
Another option in Alfie is to generate PHP files or Generate price compareision site’s.

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • Here you see how to add a matchfeed to create a pricecomparison site
  • This is how it looks finally
  • The commentbox for reviews.
  • Just enter the generated short_tag in your post and your done.
  • New Feature AJAX Searchboxes


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.
1. Upload plugin-name.php to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
1. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

This plugin need values from Alfie (SaaS application).
* Register an account at Alfie(http://www.productfeedtool.nl/register)
* Generate values to paste this in the WordPress Plugin
* Read the wiki (http://www.productfeedtool.com/wiki) to get this to work or check the tutorials @ http://www.productfeedtool.com/tutorials.php
* Import CSV files.


So to use this plugin i need to register an account at Alfie?

Yes, register there for free. When you have registerd you can import feeds and search for products. When you have filterd the feed you can generate values and paste this in wordpress. Please check the tutorials @ http://www.productfeedtool.com/tutorials.php

Is there an example availble?

Yes, please check shirs.nl for a live example.

Are there tutorials availble

Yes we recommend to read the tutorials @ http://www.productfeedtool.com/tutorials.php first in order to understand how this works.


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  • added english language
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