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Appointment Calendar


Appointment Calendar is a simple but effective plugin which enables you to take online appointment bookings on your wordpress blog. If you are a consultant/doctor/lawyer etc, you can harness the power of appointment calendar.

Simply unzip and upload appointment-calendar directory to /wp-content/plugins/ directory and activate the plugin.

Use shortcode [APCAL] to insert calendar into any post or page.

Use shortcode [APCAL_MOBILE] for Mobile devices.

Thats it, you can now start taking appointments on your wordpress site.
No need to use third party appointment booking services, everything can be managed from inside the wordpress admin panel.

If you face any problem using the plugin please ask in the Forums.

Documentation: WordPress Appointment Calendar Plugin

Plugin Tranlation Guide: Appointment Calendar Plugin Tranlation Guide


  • Multilingual: easily translate plugin in your native language
  • Create Service eg: Consultation/Appointment/Hair Cut etc.
  • Add/Edit/Manage Booking from Admin Interface.
  • Insert Booking Calendar into any Post/Page using ShortCode [APCAL].
  • Mobile devices ShortCode [APCAL_MOBILE].
  • Block Timeslots for Lunch, Holiday. Meeting etc.
  • Get Email Notifications on Booking.
  • Get Booking Confirmation Emails on Booking Approved/Cancelled by Admin.
  • Export Appointments: export your all appointments lists as CSV file

Premium Plugin Features

  • Admin & Staff Appointments Management Dashboard
  • Create Unlimited Services and Staffs
  • Customizable Business Hours
  • Customizable Staff Hours
  • Clients and Appointments History
  • 2 Way Google Calendar Sync
  • Time Offs to create complex working Schedule
  • Paypal Payment Gateway to accept payment on booking
  • Multilingual & Translation Ready
  • Multiple Staff notification
  • Enable/Disable Clients or Customers Registration at time of online booking
  • Export Appointments & Clients: export your all appointments and clients lists as CSV file
  • Email Reminders: send appointment reminder to clients
  • Fast, Freindly and Prompt Support

Check out the Appointment Calendar Premium Demo HERE

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • Appointment Calendar
  • Appointment Booking Form
  • Admin Panel - Booking Management
  • Admin Panel - Appointment Calendar
  • Admin Panel - Appointment Booking Form
  • Admin Panel - Create Service
  • Admin Panel - Create Time-Off like Lunch, Meeting, Holiday etc.
  • Admin Panel - Notification Settings
  • Admin Panel - Calendar Settings
  • Appointment Calendar For Mobile Deives
  • Admin Panel - Export Appointments List


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. Unzip archive and upload the entire folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Use ShortCode [APCAL] to insert booking calendar into any page /post
  4. Start taking appointments online


Have doubts and queries: Appointment Calendar Plugin


9 Temmuz 2018
We've been using the calendar booking plugin for about 18 months and have found it fantastic. Our use is fairly simple - booking one consultant. We have 1 person and multiple services that can be booked. In getting to understand how this plugin works we found that it can do much more than that. On our initial installation we had a problem but the support was quick and accurate. It was something we were doing wrong, not the plugin (hint: don't put special characters in your service names). Overall an excellent plugin.
5 Ocak 2018
This plugin almost did the job for me. It had everything I needed and then some. The problem came when I tried to approve or cancel an appointment. The dashboard in the plugin threw an error. This is what I saw under the Appointments tab: Fatal error: Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function mysql_connect() Moving onto find another plugin. Who knew it would be so difficult to find an appointment booking plugin!
16 Eylül 2017
this plugin is great, exactly what I was looking for! , I had a small conflict between the theme and the plugin but the support was great! thanks again !
79 incelemeyi oku

Katkıda Bulunanlar ve Geliştiriciler

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Katkıda bulunanlar

Değişiklik Kaydı


  1. Fixed time slot calaculation issue with weekly time off in mobile shortcode.
  2. Added some more localization file in php calendar.


  1. Hide service cost field from service page if service cost is hide from settings.


  1. Make plugin compatible with PHP 7


  1. Fixed PHP calendar issue


  1. sanitize, escape, and validate all post calls


  1. make all funcitons with prefix.
  2. define plugin url variable.
  3. sanitize, escape, and validate all post calls and requests.
  4. safely uninstall plugin.


  1. Remove plugin PHPmailer classes and use wordpress PHPmailer Core class.


  1. PHPmailer library updated with version 5.2.22

  1. frontend user can make appointments ( mozilla browsers compability ).

  1. readme file updated.


  1. safely uninstall security functionality
  2. styles and scripts calls directly enqueue with wp_enqueue_scripts function
  3. sanitize all settings of forms
  4. adding $wpdb->prepare function for all queries.
  5. remove unuse js files containg plugin folders and call wordpress jqueries.


  1. Added wp nonce filed in form in front end and back end.


  1. Removed the character which appeared before every month


  1. Fixed a Bug. Now December Month displays properly


  1. New Feature: Customize notification message


  1. Bug Fixed: Client Name Display on main Public Facing Calendar


  1. Improvement: Service cost & duration hide and show settings
  2. Improvement: Booking instructions message box before booking button
  3. Bug Fixed: Date format fixed to dd-mm-yyyy at all booking form and notification message


  1. New Feature: Export Appointments List as CSV file
  2. Improvement: Iconic button interface


  1. Bug Fixed: Fixed Typos & Notifications
  2. Bug Fixed: Small Calendar(date picker) current date selection
  3. Bug Fixed: Small Calendar(date picker) https problem
  4. Improvement: Small Calendar(date picker) now auto detects blog language
  5. Improvement: Default database charset utf8 for all language support


  1. New Feature: Multilingual
  2. Bug Fixed: Date picker window cut off fixed
  3. Bug Fixed: Scattered time-slots problem with few themes
  4. Bug Fixed: Client from error position
  5. Improvement: Calendar start-end time in 15 minutes intervals
  6. Improvement: Calendar axis time format added


  1. New Feature: Multilingual
  2. Bug Fixed: Date picker window cut off fixed
  3. Bug Fixed: Scattered time-slots problem with few themes
  4. Bug Fixed: Client from error position
  5. Improvement: Calendar start-end time in 15 minutes intervals
  6. Improvement: Calendar axis time format added


  1. Bug Fixed: Date selection
  2. Bug Fixed: Css issue
  3. Improvement: Tested with Debug-Mode ON
  4. Improvement: Compatible with most of wap device and web browsers


  1. New Feature: Mobile shortcode for Mobile device
  2. Bug Fixed: Booking time overlapping
  3. PLugin now uses PHP Date Picker instead of Jquery Datepicker
  4. Small fixes to avoid js conflict issues with the themes.
  5. Admin can now setup booking time slots from the settings panel.


  1. New Feature: Recurring bi-weekly timeoff
  2. Bug Fixed: Time comparison on create/update timeoff/appointment
  3. Improvement: Help & support page added


  1. Bug Fixed: In Recurring Time Off Logic
  2. Bug Fixed: In Recurring Appointment Logic
  3. Improvement: Calendar Settings initialized after activation
  4. Improvement: Time Off creation now works in Chrome Browser


  1. New Feature: Customizable Booking Button Text
  2. Improvement: Calendar now uses pastel colors which is pleasing to the eyes
  3. Improvement: Appointment Booking Modal Form now submits via AJAX
  4. Improvement: Loading Icon in Booking Flow
  5. Bug Fixed: Memory exhausted error when Service Duration set to 0


  1. Bug Fixed: J-Query conflict
  2. New Feature: Plugin remove page added
  3. Improvement: Time-off logic revamped
  4. Improvement: Added some inline css on booking form for better usability


  1. Bug Fixed: Phone Number Bug
  2. Bug Fixed: Service Availability Bug
  3. Bug Fixed: Some Typos


  1. Improvement: Completely Revamped UI
  2. Improvement: Better Appointment Management Dashboard
  3. New Feature: Email notification now use SMTP and Inbuilt WP Mail function


  1. Bug Fixed: The Memory Exhausted Erorr
  2. New Feature: Added Mutiple service


  1. Improvement: Removed Client Name from Public Calendar
  2. Improvement: Improved / More Intutive Booking Form
  3. New Feature: Email Notification to Admin on Booking
  4. New Feature: Email Notification to client on Booking Cancellation


Bug Fixes
1. Bug Fixed: Calendar Date Format Bug
2. Bug Fixed: Date Time Bug Fixed
3. Bug Fixed: Installation problems


This version provides basic functionality to take and managemen appointments on wordpress blog.