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Awesome Hooks


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🔒 “Awesome Hooks” Deprecation 🔒

While “Awesome Hooks” served you well, we’re officially deprecating the plugin and encouraging all users to transition to “ShortcodeHub.” For continued support and access to cutting-edge features, it’s time to make the switch.

🗓️ Timeline for Transition 🗓️

Starting from 8 August 2023, “Awesome Hooks” will no longer receive updates or support. To ensure uninterrupted functionality and take advantage of the powerful features in “ShortcodeHub,” make the upgrade without delay.

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  1. Install the Awesome Hooks plugin either via the WordPress plugin directory, or by uploading the files to your server at wp-content/plugins.
  2. After plugin activate click on ‘Show Hooks’ link from plugins list page. Or add show-hooks in URL from the frontend to show the hooks.


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