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Beaver Builder Sayfa Oluşturucu Nedir?

Beaver Builder is a flexible drag and drop page builder that works on the front end of your WordPress website. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, you’re going to love taking control of your website. Stop writing HTML or wrestling with confusing shortcodes. With Beaver Builder, building beautiful, professional WordPress pages is as easy as dragging and dropping.

Watch the video below or try out the demo to see it in action!

Premium Destek

The Beaver Builder team provides very limited support on the forums. Please feel free to post questions or bug reports, but for timely support, we recommend purchasing a Beaver Builder license.

Along with access to our expert support team, there are many time-saving features in the premium versions which make it a great value for any serious WordPress user. Get a license today.

You can also reference our Knowledge Base, or try asking the Beaver Builder community for help in either Facebook or Slack. Keep in mind, these are all folks just like you who are volunteering their time.

Join our Growing Community

There is a huge colony (yeah, that’s the term for a group of beavers) of “Beaver Builders” that would love to get to know you! If you have questions, a project to show off, or you would like to meet and network with other Beaver Builder users, you’ll feel right at home in the Beaver Builders Facebook Group or the Beaver Builders Slack Channel. Come on by and say hello.

Sayfa Oluşturucu Özellikleri

  • Content Modules: Photo, Button, Heading, Icon, Text Editor, HTML, Audio, Video, & Sidebar.
  • Tam genişlikte, sütun temelli düzenler.
  • Maksimum performans için hafif ve anlamsal işaretleme.
  • Fotoğraf, renk ve video satırı arka planları.
  • Mobil uyumlu, duyarlı düzenler.
  • Kendi CSS sınıflarınızı ve ID’lerinizi ekleyin.
  • WordPress Widget’larını ve kısa kodlarını kullanın.
  • Sayfalar, Gönderiler ve Özel Gönderi Türleriyle Çalışır.
  • Arkadaş canlısı ve destekleyici bir topluluk.

Premium Özellikler

  • k modüller: İletişim Formu, Sekmeler, Sürgü, Fiyat Tablosu, Harita, Blog Yazıları, Abone Olma Formu, Sosyal Simgeler ve daha fazlası.
  • Birinci sınıf destek ekibimizden uzman desteği.
  • Önceden yapılmış güzel düzen şablonları.
  • Tam sayfa düzenleri, satırları ve modülleri kaydedin, dışa aktarın ve yeniden kullanın.
  • Kendi özel modüllerini oluştur.

Come by the Beaver Builder Homepage to learn more about what our premium features can do for you!

İnsanlar Beaver Builder’ı GERÇEKTEN SEVİYOR.

Bunun için sadece bizi dinlemeyin, işte mutlu kullanıcılar ve müşterilerden gelen birkaç referans.

“Basitçe söylemek gerekirse, WordPress ekosistemindeki en iyi sayfa oluşturucudur. Yakın bir ikincisi yok.” – WP işçiliği

“Kodlama olmadan tasarım özgürlüğünü tamamlayın ve hepsi de tamamen duyarlı.” – skyboro

“Kullanımı kolay, başlamak için hızlı, gerçek ürün derinliği, mükemmel destek.” – David Bressler

Modüller ve Widget’lar

We’ve loaded Beaver Builder up with a flexible set of content modules to aid you in building stunning layouts and landing pages within an intuitive drag and drop system. Beaver Builder also supports core and third party WordPress widgets and shortcodes, so you can use Beaver Builder with all your other favorite plugins!

Temanızla Çalışan Bir WordPress Sayfa Oluşturucu

Yep, that’s right! Beaver Builder was designed to work with almost any WordPress theme. Try Beaver Builder on your existing website today, or consider upgrading and using Beaver Builder’s outstanding framework theme (available in Pro and Agency packages) for your next project.

%100 Mobil Dostu Bir WordPress Sayfa Oluşturucu

Every part of a Beaver Builder layout or landing page is fully responsive and looks gorgeous on any screen size. Responsive web design has never been easier.

Performans İçin Optimize Edilmiş Bir WordPress Sayfa Oluşturucu

Beaver Builder’ı, hızla yüklenen düzenler ve açılış sayfaları oluşturmak için tasarladık. Birçok sayfa üreticisi, sitenizdeki her sayfaya çok fazla sayıda komut dosyası ve stil sayfası yükler. Beaver Builder değil! Yalnızca belirli bir düzen veya açılış sayfası için gereken varlıkları yükler.


This plugin is compatible with ClassicPress.

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • Starting Beaver Builder from the backend.
  • Starting Beaver Builder from the front end.
  • The main editing interface.
  • Temel metni düzenleme.


  1. Beaver Builder’ı WordPress eklenti dizini üzerinden veya dosyaları wp-content/plugins adresinden sunucunuza yükleyerek kurun.

  2. Beaver Builder’ı etkinleştirdikten sonra, Ayarlar > Sayfa Oluşturucu, çalışmasını istediğiniz gönderi türlerini yapılandırmak için yapılandırın.

  3. A Page Builder tab will appear on the Edit Page/Post area. Also, a Page Builder option will appear in the WordPress Admin Bar on the front end of your website.

For more information, please visit our Knowledge Base. Keep in mind that not all features described in the knowledge base are available in this version of the Beaver Builder plugin.


Beaver Builder’ı kullanma hakkında bilgi için lütfen Bilgi Temeli.

Lisans satın alma ile ilgili genel sorular veya sorular için Sıkça Sorulan Sorular sayfası.


18 Mayıs 2022
I was pretty loyal to a different page builder + theme (built 50+ sites with it) before I was forced to use Beaver Builder on a client's website. As soon as I started using Beaver Builder, I realised how much the page builder and theme I was using didn't have! The user experience Beaver Builder provided was so much more intuitive. I didn't actually need to watch any tutorials to get started. I quickly discovered that it also came packed with features that were genuinely useful (like the flexibility around saving rows/columns - as either templates or global elements, and pulling in "dynamic" content). It was also much faster - both in terms of building sites and performance when pages I create were checked in Google's Page Insights. Themer (another product) has made it easy for me to customise the look of content created via The Events Calendar and WooCommerce with basically no coding knowledge. It's fantastic! It was actually the support and community behind Beaver Builder that lead me to commit to it as my new page builder and theme. Before I started using Beaver Builder I was starting to get frustrated by the fact my previous page builder + theme only offered 6 months of support and that I had to pay every time I wanted a new license or extra support. I like the fact the Beaver Builder license lets me build as many sites as I want and that I can always reach out to support if I need help. There is also a Slack group that is particularly brilliant. You're directly connected to a lot of the core Beaver Builder team and thousands of other users and they all seem so committed to helping everyone else in the community. I'm so happy with Beaver Builder. In fact, I often re-build sites I'd created with the old page builder and theme because I just know the client will be happier and it'll make my life easier in the long run.
18 Şubat 2022
I have upgraded to the premium plugin and have found it flexible and suitable for a variety of sites.
16 Şubat 2022
I can really recommend this builder to anyone who struggles with their current builder or is looking for one to start. This one is just perfect! The support experience is great as well! Thanks Gerard 🙂
9 Şubat 2022
بسیار عالی وکارآمد ممنون از توسعه دهندگان
2 Şubat 2022
I really like the Beaver Builder plugin, theme, and themer. Beaver Builder support has been outstanding. Always helpful, friendly, polite & professional. 5-Stars.
1 Aralık 2021
I've been a web developer for 25 years… since long before anything but hand coding existed. It's long been a dream to have a true visual site builder, and every attempt at creating one has had its flaws. But nothing is as bad as these "page builder" type plugins that overlay themselves on WordPress. The interface is so unbelievably convoluted, and so removed from what's happening in the code, that if you mess something up, you may never be able to figure out what it is, or how to fix it. Beyond that, it just bothers me on principle. Who is this really for? It is still way, way too complicated for end users to understand and work with. (Trust me… I'm starting to have new clients coming to me regularly for help making sense of a site someone else built for them using Beaver Builder or a similar plugin.) And if it's really targeted at freelancers or agencies who are building sites, shame on you. Learn your trade. Do it right. This is not it.
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