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BuddyPress Forum Editor


BuddyPress does not provide a visual editor (WYSIWYG, Rich text editor) and you are restricted to using very simple text. Without the ability to add pictures, colours and Rich Text to your Forum Topics/Posts, the community can get a little boring.

To solve this problem I’ve created a plugin named BuddyPress Forum Editor. Installing the plugin will add a visual editor to BuddyPress Group Forums! Now you can easily add pictures, colours and Rich Text to your Form Topics/Posts. Yeah!
For those of you wondering if BuddyPress Forum Editor will work with both BuddyPress and bbPress based Group Forums, yes it will! Whether you have continued to use the legacy BuddyPress Group Forums or have migrated to use bbPress, BuddyPress Forum Editor is a must-have plugin that provides your members with an easy to use visual editor for BuddyPress Group Forums.

If you have any question, leave a comment at here.


  • Customizable buttons: You can customize the buttons that are available in the visual editor via the WP Admin Panel. See the screenshots below for a list of options.
  • Overcome limited HTML tags: Most WordPress Users don’t have the “unfiltered_html” capability, so when writing a Post, some HTML tags are stripped. Also, BuddyPress only allows a few tags, so attributes like “class” and “style” are removed. BuddyPress Forum Editor makes up for these shortcomings.
  • Overcome Incomplete Styles: As I mentioned, BuddyPress allows only a few tags. Some themes might not consider styles for tags that are not allowed such as “ol, ul, li”. This may result in an unexpected/ugly appearance. BuddyPress Forum Editor makes up for these shortcomings in Post’s and editor’s document style.
  • Image Uploader: WordPress’ built-in Visual editor is TinyMCE (I think it is the best Visual editor). This editor provides an easy way for inserting images with a source URL. Unfortunately, It doesn’t provide an uploader. Indeed, most users would like to use a Visual Editor to easily insert images, and in many cases, images may not exist online. So, BuddyPress Forum Editor provides an image uploader button. Like all buttons in the visual editor, it can be added/removed via the Admin Panel (button name: “bpfed_image”).

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • Rich text editor
  • Insert Image
  • Admin settings


  1. Upload the full directory into your wp-content/plugins directory.
  2. Activate the plugin at the plugin administration page.
  3. Open the plugin configuration page, which is located under \”Settings\” menu.
  4. Set options as you please.


I’m still using legacy BuddyPress Group Forums. Will BuddyPress Forum Editor work for me?

Yes! Without bbPress there is no way to add a visual forum editor. BuddyPress Forum Editor is a perfect compliment to legacy BuddyPress Group Forums!

Do I need BuddyPress Forum Editor if I’m using bbPress?

If you are using bbPress there is built-in visual editor that can be activated (it’s not active by default), but this built-in editor has it’s own shortcomings. For instance, it has limits to which HTML tags are allowed, no image uploader, and incomplete styles. BuddyPress Forum Editor overcomes these limitations and can be used instead.

How can I make requests for new features?

The plugin is meant to be very simple so that it works properly for everyone. I do not plan on adding new features.


15 Mart 2018
Hi The editor is very useful, but suddenly started behaving abnormally as I wanted to align my text to left and apply more formatting to the text, which when I submitted the text was shown together with the html tags. Do you know how to fix it ?
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