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6 Şubat 2021
Thank you, Paul! Great job, works beautifully! Busted is our new favorite WordPress plugin! It really should have millions of installs, but many developers still don't know about it. It solves a very important issue where many developers are not able to force browser cache refresh on client side. Installing and using this plugin could not be simpler and it just works, straight out of the box! Some brilliant stuff right here!
22 Temmuz 2018
Plugin works great with my woocommerce store. Finally don't have to be worried that customers sees issues due to cached files.
30 Temmuz 2017
Hasn't been updated in 2 years and still works great! Would be nice if updated so more people are confident to use it 🙂
16 Ocak 2017
Works out of the Box. No more "browser cache clearing" advice to clients needed! And Update would be awesome
21 Kasım 2016
It appends the version numbers, but the main page still gets stuck before loading due to pre-cached stuff.
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