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Cric Zumo Cricket Scoreboards and Odds Plugin


We have created the fastest scoreboards and odds plugin for websites by using a proven algorithm because we want to help web developers increase traffic and create awareness of their website and app!

We’ve done our research, and we are minutes faster than anything that is available in the market. This product is sold as a wordpress plugin, however for those looking for a plugin to use on a different platform- it can be done. We are able to customize layouts for different design formats. Drop us an email at support@criczumo.com for an inquiry.

So, hesitate no more and download now to receive the FASTEST score (no jokes)


Free Plugin : Free version
* Complete match info
* Real Time score Push score update
* Ready to use widget
* Available for all international T20 and 50 over matches.
* Available for all T20 Leagues.
* (*No test matches)

For Premium Plugins Please visit http://criczumo.com/plugins

Scoreboard Plugin
* Complete match information
* Real-time push score updates
* Ready-to-use widget
* Available for all International T20 and 50 over matches
* Available for all Domestic T20 Leagues
* Live, upcoming and ended matches within 48 hours
* Live stats within the last 3 overs

Odds Plugin
* Real-time match odds
* Batsman odds
* Fall of Wicket odds
* Session Run odds
* Available for all Domestic T20 leagues
* Updates for 20 over matches (6th,10th, 12th,15th,20th overs)
* Updates for 50 over matches (every 5 overs)

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • Upcoming Matches
  • Ended Matches
  • Plugin Settings


  1. Search the CRIC ZUMO Scoreboards and Odds plugin on WordPress Marketplace.
  2. Click on the install button.
  3. Go to the appearance on the left hand tab of WordPress and click on widgets. This is where you can decide where you would like the widget to be placed on your website.
  4. You are all set !

Enjoy the FASTEST cricket scoreboards and odds plugin.


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