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Custom Feed for TikTok – Social Post Feed Plugin for TikTok

Custom Feed for TikTok – Social Post Feed Plugin for TikTok


Custom Feed for TikTok is the most feature-rich, easy-to-use TikTok feed plugin for your WordPress website. Display your TikTok videos with the most user-friendly and updated features of Custom Feed for TikTok!

This plugin is specially built for TikTok feed to give you the smoothest integration and the most handy experience for embedding your TikTok gallery on your website. You will get multiple features to showcase your TikTok feed by different template layouts, filter through hashtags, style preferences to suit your website, and many more with this TikTok feed plugin for WordPress.

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Why Custom Feed for TikTok is the best TikTok feed plugin

Easy to Integrate: It’s easy to start with Custom Feed for TikTok; without any hassle, you can create an Access code to integrate your account.

Customizable: To make your TikTok feed widget how you wish, you will get advanced features and styling options with this TikTok feed plugin.

Popup box: The customizable Popup will allow you to open your TikTok posts without leaving your site.

Responsiveness: The responsive TikTok feed will fit with any device wherever you see it.

SEO-Friendly: We use shortcodes and ALT tags (sourced from TikTok post captions) for SEO-friendly widgets and employ caching for top-notch performance. Boost performance with caching, and we ensure optimal integration with maintained nofollow and dofollow attributes.

Embed multiple accounts: If you have multiple user accounts on TikTok and want to showcase them on your website, you can connect them with Custom Feed for TikTok.

Third-Party Integration: It has three popular third-party integrations: Elementor Page Builder, Oxygen Page Builder, and Beaver Page Builder.

Auto Sync: Custom Feed for TikTok will save you from manual feed updates; the auto-sync functionality will automatically update your feeds.

24/7 Customer Support: Our support team is always ready to solve your issues. For any queries or help, you will find us through the support ticket.

Benefits of TikTok Feed

User engagement: Embed TikTok feed with Custom Feed for TikTok and improve user engagement.

Generate sales: Share your TikTok videos to reach a larger audience, enhance your brand promotion and drive more sales.

Attract new TikTok followers: When people see your TikTok videos on your website, it’s easy to convert them from website visitors to your TikTok followers!

User experience & SEO: Improve the SEO of your website with your TikTok feed. You can maximize the visitors’ spend on your site, increase your click-through rate, and lower the bounce rate.

Boosts content visibility: You can improve your content visibility and get maximum reach by showcasing your TikTok posts on the website.

User-generated content: Bring your UGC on your website with Custom Feed for TikTok. Make your site trendy and updated using specific keywords/hashtags.

Custom Feed for TikTok free features

Layout & columns: For displaying your TikTok feed, you will get Grid layout type and adjust it with the number of columns and gaps between them.

Number of feeds: This filter option of Custom Feed for TikTok will allow you to show how many feeds you want to show.

Posts order: Display your TikTok feed with your desired post order from Ascending or Descending order.

Feed Settings: The multiple feed setting options will allow you to open your post by default or on the TikTok site. Also, you can choose to display/hide the Author Name, Photo, Description, or Platform Icon.

Header Settings: You can use the header part of your TikTok where you have a Profile picture, Account Name; with Custom Feed for TikTok, you are free to hide/display them in your feed.

Pagination: If you have multiple videos and want to keep them on multiple pages, you have Pagination option; it will let you select how many feeds you want to show on one page and customize the button text.

Feed Cache Time: Custom Feed for TikTok lets you cache the data it receives from TikTok to speed up the website. You can set the period for feed loading time.

Custom Feed for TikTok Pro features

Multiple User Accounts: The limitless features help you not just connect one account but also connect multiple TikTok accounts to your WordPress website.

Carousel Layout: Organize your TikTok feed with Carousel settings from Layout Type. Adjust it with Autoplay, Autoplay Speed, Slides to Show, Slides to Scroll, and Navigation Type options.

Posts Order Variations: Choose your favorite order on how you want to display your feed from the options- Ascending, Descending, Most Viewed, Most Liked, and Random.

Number of Feeds to Display: Decorate your page with the number of TikTok videos you need to display; just set the number from Filter settings.

Filter Feed with search terms/Hashtags: Show or hide your TikTok post & display by targeting specific words/hashtags on your website.

Open posts on Platform/Popup box: You can open your TikTok feed with the original platform post or open it with a popup box on your site.

Popup Settings: Turn on the Popup settings button to display an organized website; it has multiple options where you can select which item to keep on your Pop-up screen.

Display Follow Button: You can place the Follow button either in Header,Footer, or Both; also customize the button text.

Advanced Style Setting: Lastly, give a vibrant look to your website with your TikTok feed with in-depth styling options, where you can specifically work on each element without having any technical knowledge.

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Third-Party Service Dependency

Custom feed for TikTok relies on the TikTok Feed Display API provided by TikTok. The API is utilized for fetching TikTok feed data to display within the plugin.

Service Details:

Please review the terms of use and privacy policy of TikTok to understand how your data may be handled when using the TikTok Feed Display API and ensure compliance with any legal requirements.

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • Grow your business with the power of Custom Feed for TikTok by WP Social Ninja
  • Display your TikTok Feed with multiple layout types and make it fit with your brand
  • Connect your multiple TikTok accounts to show your different products from different accounts
  • Make a combined account feed with your multiple TikTok posts from multiple businesses
  • Add variety to your website with multiple templates on your multiple web pages
  • Decorate your TikTok feed with advanced template settings and make it look trendy and eye-catchy
  • 100% Responsive on all devices


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.
Install from WordPress Admin Panel:

  1. Login to the WordPress Admin section
  2. Go to Plugins > Add New
  3. Type “Custom Feed for TikTok” on the Search bar and enter
  4. Find this plugin and Click “Install Now”
  5. Activate The Plugin
  6. Use [wp_social_ninja id=”template_id” platform=”tiktok”] Shortcode on your next page or post

Manual Installation

  1. Download the plugin from the WordPress.org repository
  2. On your WordPress admin dashboard, go to Plugins > Add New > Upload Plugin
  3. Upload the downloaded Plugin (custom-feed-for-tiktok.zip) file and Click Install Now
  4. Activate “Custom Feed for TikTok” from your Plugins page
  5. Use Custom Feed for TikTok on your site from the WP Social Ninja dashboard


What is a TikTok Feed plugin?

A TikTok Feed plugin will let you fetch your TikTok videos and embed them on your website. Custom Feed for TikTok is one of the best TikTok feed plugins for your WordPress website, which will help you showcase your TikTok feed most simply and easily.

Can you embed a TikTok video on WordPress?

Yes, embedding TikTok videos is easy when you use Custom Feed for TikTok, WordPress plugin for TikTok feed. With its easy installation process and unlimited customization options, you can create a TikTok feed and embed it on your WordPress website.

How do I show the TikTok feed on my website?

Here are the steps you need to follow to show your TikTok feed with Custom Feed for TikTok:

Choose TikTok from the Social Feed on the “WP Social Ninja” dashboard
Generate the Access code to connect your TikTok account
Click on Add New Template to create your feed
Use the customization and styling options from the settings panel
Click on Save and copy the shortcode
Paste it on the page you want to show on your WordPress website

Can I display multiple TikTok feeds on one page?

Of course you can! You are able to connect more than one account and fetch feeds from them. You just need to connect your accounts and select them from the Source>Select Account option on the settings panel.

How to customize the TikTok feed?

Custom Feed for TikTok has advanced customization and styling options to organize your TikTok feed. Once you connect your account with Custom Feed for TikTok, you can do the customization with just a few clicks; you don’t need to do any code or have any advanced skills.

Where can I get support?

For any queries, our support team is always open to hear from you. Contact our support forum here.


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