Copyright Proof


A copyright notice with teeth! Prove ownership, protect your copyright, and copy protect. Obtain a digitally signed and time-stamped certificate of content of each wordpress post (for proof of copyright). Inserts combined certification, copyright, licensing, and attribution notice at end of post. At your option, your post’s url will be shown on (will be a hyperlink for Digiprove subscribers) to your post. Optional anti-theft feature to copy protect your content, and will record ip addresses of attempted thieves. Supports multiple users. Supports new WordPress Block-based Editor.

Copyright Proof

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • A Digiprove notice
  • Settings (Advanced)
  • Settings (Content)
  • Settings (License)
  • Settings (Copy Protect)
  • Settings (Bulk Digiproving)


  1. The latest version of Copyright Proof can be found in the WordPress plugin repository using Copyright Proof as your search term
  2. Click on the “Install Now” button
  3. Click on “Installed plugins” on left-hand menu, scroll down to “Copyright Proof” and click on “Activate” link
  4. Click on “Settings” / “Copyright Proof”
  5. Check the settings are to your preference
  6. You will need to be registered as a Digiprove user in order to unlock the power of this plugin:

    a. If you are not yet a Digiprove user:

    • Answer the question ‘Registered Digiprove User?’, selecting the option “I have not yet registered with Digiprove”
    • choose the answer “Yes, register me now” to the question “Do you want to register now?”
    • enter your desired credentials
    • Press the button “Update & Register”
    • Check your email – you will need to click on the activation link that you will receive

    b. If you are already a registered Digiprove user:

    • Answer the question ‘Registered Digiprove User?’, selecting the option “I am already registered with Digiprove”
    • Input your Digiprove user id and password.
    • Tick the box “Obtain new API key automatically”
    • Press the “Update Settings” button


How does this protect copyright?

Note that in most countries, you are already the copyright owner of any original work (literary or otherwise) that you have created, as soon as you record or publish it (whether or not you subsequently go through a formal registration process). By Digiproving your work, you are creating time-stamped evidence that you are the possessor of that content, which is the critical factor in ensuring you can prove your ownership (or someone else’s plagiarism).

In some countries, you can go a step further by formally registering your copyright in your work as it is created/published or subsequently. There is usually a fee for this, and the benefits vary from country to country – in the U.S. for instance this should be done prior to instituting any legal proceedings for breach of copyright.

Digiproving your work is something that is done conveniently and will provide proof of ownership pre-dating any official copyright registration.
Learn more at

Does it work? How secure is it?

The Digiprove patent, process, and implementation has been evaluated and validated by Georgia Tech. More about this at

Is my content uploaded to Digiprove?

Normally only the digital fingerprint of your content is uploaded, not the content itself. Premium users do have the option to upload content, which
preserves your content independently of WordPress. The only exceptions to this is if your Wordress installation uses an old version of PHP (earlier than PHP 5.1.2).

I installed the plug-in and nothing seems to happen when I publish a new or edited post?

  • Have you registered with Digiprove yet (see Installation)?
  • Have you activated your Digiprove registration by clicking on the link received by email?
  • If you have not received the activation mail, check your junk mail folder, then contact us at
  • Note: The Digiprove notice only appears on posts and pages that have been Digiprove-protected. To do this for existing posts and pages, you should open each one and press Update & Digiprove.
    Alternatively you can upgrade to a Personal or higher membership and avail of the “Bulk-Digiprove” function which will do this automatically for you. (Settings/Copyright Proof/History)

What’s with the registration process?

Copyright Proof uses the Digiprove service, which needs to have the name of the person claiming copyright, and a valid email address to which Digiprove content certificates will be sent.
Without this, there is no proof of ownership, so you might as well just have a simple copyright notice, there are a few plugins that will do this for you.

Digiprove does not make use of the registration information except to deliver the service. Please read the terms of use (including privacy policy) at

Your web-site appears to be commercial. Is this going to cost me anything?

Some of the features of the plug-in are totally free for use on a single domain. This includes the key function of certifying the textual content of your posts and pages.
If you want to use the more advanced features, such as protecting the copyright of pictures or other embedded media, you will need a valid subscription with Digiprove.

Are there discounts for charities, schools etc?

It is free for use by registered educational establishments or charities, just write to us at with details including evidence of your status to obtain this free subscription.

What are the benefits of becoming a Digiprove subscriber?

From WordPress:
– You can publish content from multiple domains
– You can protect individual files and media as well as the blog post text
– You can Digiprove more pages and posts per day
– You can elect to have your valuable Digiprove Content Certificates emailed to you automatically
– You can create a custom text to display in your Digiprove notice rather than using one of the standard texts
– You can have a hyperlink from your certificate page on back to your WordPress post (or page)
– You can save content at
– You can compose your own license caption and statement rather than selecting from one of the standard ones
– You can be alerted on attempted theft through right-click and track ip addresses of those users

– You can protect the IP of all types of content
– You can create tamper-proof audit trails within applications
– You can send certified email
– You can create authentication methods for your content files

Where do I log in to Digiprove?


I think I’ve found a bug, what can I do?

We actively seek information about problems or criticisms you may have. So please let us know at – we will address the problem as soon as possible.

We find that in many cases of reported bugs there is actually an error in another plugin installed on the site. To check this, you should first of all de-activate
all plugins with the exception of Copyright Proof. If the problem goes away, then re-activate each plugin until the problem re-appears, and there most likely is
the plugin that is giving rise to the problem.

I like your plugin, but it would be much better if …

We actively seek your suggestions at We will respond to every suggestion and if we like it we’ll act on it.

Can I review my history of Digiproving?

– From within WordPress Revisions function, you can see see the Digiprove status of each revision, including the certification link
– From the All Posts (or All Pages) function in WordPress, you can see the latest Digiprove status for each post/page.
– There is a dedicated “Copyright/Ownership/Licensing” panel below the Edit Post function which also shows the last Digiprove action
You can review your history online (and perform other functions) by visiting – you will need to log in using your Digiprove user id and password.

Proving it later: How can I prove to a 3rd party (or myself) that a particular post (or other content) has been Digiproved?

As long as you retain a copy of your original file or content, you will be able to prove absolutely and irrefutably in future that you had possession of it.

The details of each Digiprove certification are available online via a url that you can share with 3rd parties.
There is also a proving process examines the Digiprove certificate and your content to ensure that the certificate is valid and the content’s fingerprint is identical to what is certified.
This can be performed online at (for files) or (text, tweets, blog-posts etc.)
There is also a downloadable verification utility that works offline
Note to WordPress Users: WordPress’s Revision function is a great way to automatically keep copies of all previous versions of your content. We recommend NOT to disable this function.

How can I style the Digiprove Notice?

There are various colors, font-sizes etc. you can choose, these are found on the “Advanced” tab of the Settings panel. To make the message appear consistently it is quite heavily styled at the element
level. However you can influence some aspects of the appearance using CSS style code such as:
You might need to be more specific and insistent in your styling, e.g.:
*[id|=”dprv_cp”] span
font-size:7px !important;
color: blue !important;
*[id|=”dprv_cp”] a img
width:8px !important;
height:8px !important;

You can also obtain pre-styled or self-styled and personalised tags in image form at

How can I remove copy-protection from an an individual post?

To permit right-clicking, dragging and text selection on a page or a post, include this code:
var dprv_unlockPage=true;

I get an error message: “invalid user id, domain, or api key”

This can occur if some settings have changed or haven’t been correctly transferred when hosting arrangements change (e.g. a change of domain name or changing hosting).
Each API key is associated with a domain (e.g., or
On initial installation, Copyright Proof will automatically assign one to you using the domain name recorded in the WordPress “General” settings of your blog (uses Site Address if completed otherwise WordPress Address).
If you change this domain name, or you want to set up the plugin to run in another blog, you can request a new api key for the new domain, as follows:

– In WordPress, go to Settings, General and check that either:
– Site Address (URL) is set to OR
– Site Address (URL) is blank and WordPress Address (URL) is set to OR
– Go to Settings, Copyright Proof
– Ensure that ‘Registered Digiprove User?’ answer is set to “I am already registered with Digiprove”
– Digiprove User Id should be set to your Digiprove User Id (which is usually set to your email address)
– Ensure that Digiprove API Key is set to the right value for your domain name. Each API key is associated
with a domain (e.g., or It will be 22 characters long.
If you don’t have this you can find it by logging in at, and going to Preferences / Issue/Renew API Keys
– Press the “Update Settings” button
– You can immediately test whether the settings are working by clicking on the blue refresh icon on the Subscription Type Line – if you don’t receive an error message all is OK.

IF CHANGE OF DOMAIN NAME: (instructions below assume you have already got your website working with your new domain)
– Log in at
– Go to Preferences, Issue/Renew API keys
– Remove the existing api key (which will be for your old domain)
– Request a new api key (use new domain name e.g.
– Copy the new api key
– In WordPress, go to Settings, Copyright Proof
– tick the box “Let me input a new API key”
– Paste the new API key
– Press Update Settings
– Test whether the settings are working by clicking on the blue refresh icon on the Subscription Type Line – if you don’t receive an error message all is OK.

Note that multiple domains under one user id is only available to subscribers. Free users are limited to one domain.
– Log in to the WordPress site for your new/additional domain
– Install Copyright Proof plugin if not already done, and follow Installation Instructions
– Go to Settings, Copyright Proof
– Tick the box entitled “Obtain new API key automatically” and press “Update Settings” (you will be asked for your password).
– Test whether the settings are working by clicking on the blue refresh icon on the Subscription Type Line – if you don’t receive an error message all is OK.

I get an error message: “daily limit of API requests exceeded – please upgrade Digiprove account”

There are limits to how many Digiprove operations will be processed per day, depending on your subscription level:
– Basic (Free) : 10
– Personal : 50
– Professional : 200
– Corporate Light: 2,000
– Corporate : unlimited

Note if you are also using Digiprove’s Autoprotect app (, these limits apply to the combined daily total of transactions from Autoprotect and Copyright Proof.

How to set up a dedicated digiprove certification / copyright / licensing page on my own website?

a) Define your Licensing page(s) from the Licensing tab in Copyright settings
b) Append a “?” to the url for the link to full license text, this will cause the actual url (as displayed in the digiprove notice) to add a reference to the digiprove certificate url for that post/page
c) Include an iframe in the page with the src set to “ it will look something like this:
d) contact if you need clarifications

I’m a developer – how do I link directly to Digiprove API?

Use of the Digiprove API from other applications is free. The same limitations apply for the premium services as if you were using this plugin. Contact us at if you would
like to know more. Details of the (Soap) API are found at

Note on Support for AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

Tested only with the AMP plugin by Automattic. Note the copy-protect function is limited to preventing user selection due to AMP guidelines on limiting/eliminating Javascript. Please give
your feedback on

Bulk Digiproving of older posts for new users

When you install Copyright Proof for the first time, you may want to protect and certify all of your existing posts and pages. For some users with a big archive of content, this could take
some time and effort manually and until release 3.0 of the plugin you were further restricted by your daily allowance. Using the Bulk-Digiproving feature new users can automatically Digiprove
older posts but it must be done within 30 days of registration. How many posts/pages can be Digiproved depends on your subscription level:

  • Basic (free) users can bulk-digiprove up to 30 posts/pages
  • For Personal users the limit is 150
  • above that there is no limit


10 Mart 2020
Thank you for an amazing plugin, a great feature to protect your content.
25 Şubat 2019
thats very practical and functional plugin, in fact more than a plugin if you think that your orginal work deserve to be protected
6 Aralık 2018
It is a great plugin but at the moment I can't afford it. as for the Sourpuss on the Negative. Not everything is free people work extremely hard to get something nice such as this out to you to protect yourself. the free one is not all that bad. However i do run a reseller acct hosting business once its booming I will be back. "Said in the Terminator's voice" 😛 Had to add that in there. Good work hon. Love it.
17 incelemeyi oku

Katkıda Bulunanlar ve Geliştiriciler

“Copyright Proof” açık kaynaklı yazılımdır. Aşağıdaki kişiler bu eklentiye katkıda bulunmuşlardır.

Katkıda bulunanlar

Değişiklik Kaydı


  • Tested with WordPress 5.8.3
  • Tested with AMP 2.2.2
  • TLS 1.2 connection to Digiprove service restored
  • Minor changes


  • Tested with WordPress 5.7.2
  • Tested with AMP 2.1.2


  • Addressed PHP warning message
  • Users can now embed a certification summary into an iFrame on their own site (see FAQ “How to set up a dedicated digiprove certification / copyright / licensing page)
  • Is compatible with official “AMP” plugin at version 2.0.10


  • Fixed compatability issue with WP 5.6 (“& Digiprove” option not available in block editor)
  • Fixed bug – some warning notices were not being displayed


  • (cosmetic change) suppresses long query strings in link to full license text


  • Tested up to WP 5.5.1
  • Tested up to PHP 7.4.8
  • Minor changes
  • Fixed minor notice-only PHP messages
  • Default copyright/digiprove notice can now be styled using css class “dprv_footer_notice”
  • Digiprove hyperlink to Digiprove now opens in current tab
  • Inserting “?” at end of license text url now appends Certificate id and guid (if applicable) in query string


  • Tested up to WP 5.4.2
  • Minor changes


  • Tested up to WP 5.4
  • Minor changes


  • Removed copy and right-click restriction if current user has a capability to edit posts or pages
  • fixed minor bug – missing html tag
  • fixed problem where notice of Digiproving did not always appear in Block Editor


  • Uses UTC dates to synch with server in calculating usage against daily allowances
  • Fixes problem where notice of Digiproving did not always appear in Block Editor (from WP 5.3.1 or 5.3.2)


  • Tested up to WP 5.3
  • Fixed incompatibility with WP 5.3 where “& Digiprove” checkbox not shown


  • Tested up to WP 5.2.5
  • Improvements in managing language of notice and license texts:
    • All Digiprove/Copyright and License text now user-definable by subscribers
    • Language ISO code is configurable
    • Option to instruct automatic translation services not to translate notices and license texts
  • Fixed issue where results of Digiprove were sometimes not shown in copyright panel
  • Transaction result notice now appears at top of Block Editor screen (as well as in copyright panel)
  • Fixed bug where licenses with license type > 50 characters were not saved
  • Removed confusion with labelling of License Abstract field
  • Added HTML5 validation to some fields in settings
  • Fixed bug where custom notice text was not being shown in Settings (but was appearing correctly in web-page
  • minor bug-fixes and performance improvements


  • Fixed bug with icon size in Digiprove Notice
  • Compatible up to WordPress 5.1


  • Fixed bug sometimes resulting in un-requested Digiprove transactions


  • Fixed compatability problems for PHP versions before 5.4
  • Fixed issue using wrong free daily allowance when account expired
  • Fixed javascript rendering issue with multiple symptoms
  • Revision to deal with WordPress 5 processing cycle (resulted in multiple Digiproves instead of one)
  • Fixed issue: repeated Disprove transactions without reloading Block Editor, only first Digiprove Transaction confirmed on-screen
  • Compatible up to WordPress 5.0.3


  • bug-fixes on Block-based Editor page
  • Supports TLS and SSL server connections selecting most secure


  • Compatible up to WordPress 5.0.2
  • Supports new Block Editor
  • Supports TLS and SSL server connections
  • Improved notice handling in admin
  • Improves Digiprove enrolment process
  • Settings page recognises change in subscription tyoe automatically
  • Minor improvements under the hood


  • Compatible up to WordPress 4.9.8
  • Added Refresh Subscription Info tooltip


  • Compatible up to WordPress 4.9.5
  • More information on troubleshooting issues in (this) readme.txt


  • Compatible up to WordPress 4.9


  • Compatible up to WordPress 4.8.1
  • Correctly handles new line, carriage return, and apostrphe in Attributions field


  • Compatible up to WordPress 4.7.5
  • Fixed bug where copy-protect sometimes prevented input fields from working
  • Improved thoroughness of Copy-protect especially on mobile devices
  • New feature: To remove copy protection from an individual page or post, include this code:
    var dprv_unlockPage=true;


  • Compatible up to WordPress 4.7.4
  • Removed reference to deprecated $HTTP_POST_VARS variable
  • Removed http: references to prevent “mixed-mode” browser error messages


  • Compatible up to WordPress 4.6.1
  • Removed mixed secure/insecure content (SSL)
  • Daily allowances correctly described


  • Compatible up to WordPress 4.6
  • Increased daily Digiprove Allowances to:
    Basic (Free) : 10
    Personal : 50
    Professional : 200
    Corporate Light: 2,000


  • Compatible up to WordPress 4.5.3
  • Support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) – See FAQ for more information
  • Support for bulk-Digiproving (of older posts) – See FAQ for more information
  • Fixes minor display error in revision verification
  • Copy-protection kicks in earlier in page load sequence
  • Fixes minor bugs, better standards compliance


  • Compatible up to WordPress 4.3
  • Changes for compatibility with PHP 7.0:
    • No longer uses mysql_error function
  • minor bug-fixes to do with ajax
  • display of logged actions more stable


  • Compatible up to WordPress 4.2
  • Fixed bug of double-alert on right-click in some IE versions
  • Fixed IE11 bug allowing certain CTRL key combinations
  • Tightened up anti-copy security on Safari/OSX
  • Minor corrections to eliminate notice-level warnings
  • Removed minor bugs in SQL (DB access)
  • Removed minor bug not initialising total url count (NOTICE-level error)
  • Other minor improvements


  • New subscriber function:
    • to log attempted content theft and record ip address
    • to alert administrator via email
  • Fixed minor bugs
  • Fix static/nonstatic problem in verify
  • includes plugin icon
  • includes verification icon
  • uses version 1.02 of Digiprove SDK


  • Now supports copyright protection at individual user level
  • Improved stability of Upgrade/Renew link
  • Made HTML5 conformant
  • Resists browser forcing erroneous values based on autocomplete
  • Improved sequence of javascript loading
  • Removed WP deprecated functions
  • Minor error corrections


  • Permits saving of license/attribution data for draft posts/pages (will display in notice after being Digiproved)
  • Includes link to “Cease and Desist” instruction page
  • Removed a PHP warning being generated in certain circumstances
  • Minor improvements


  • New function – Verify Digiprove status of any previous revision
  • Introduces server-side version tracking


  • Uses Digiprove SDK 1.01 (more secure, better XML-encoding)
  • Removed unnecessary XML-encoding from calling functions
  • Uses new update_user function from Digiprove SDK 1.01 instead of inside plugin
  • (SDK 1.01) Removed password-encoding bug in Sync-User function
  • (SDK 1.01) Handles 301/302/307 redirects (for future use)
  • Text “Did you notice the Copyright Panel” in License settings
  • Fixed bug – informs user when Digiprove website offline for maintenance
  • SEO – alt attribute is no longer empty in img tag for Digiprove symbol


  • New option to specify whether submitted or generated posts (e.g. via xmlrpc) are to be Digiproved
  • Uses default timeout value for http connection to improve connectivity for some installations
  • Settings page now includes a link to members’ area at
  • Fixed bug involving redeclared function in certain circumstances
  • Changed naming conventions to further reduce risk of clash with other plugins and themes
  • Fixed bug where Update button can disappear in settings menu after license maintenance
  • Specifies UTF-8 character encoding in upgrade form – prevents warnings
  • Logs mysql.connect_timeout value in case of ‘MySQL server has gone away’ error
  • Logs time taken to perform MySQL instruction in case of an SQL error
  • Better handling of malformed URLs and bookmarks when parsing for media files
  • Resolved minor error not returning content after a hook function in certain circumstances
  • Resolved minor error showing incorrect value of footer option in certain circumstances


  • Now you can see in Post or Page lists a new column indicating whether the page/post has been Digiproved already
  • Number of media files that can be Digiproved within a single post raised to 10 for Personal users (was 5)
  • Number of media files that can be Digiproved within a single post raised to 40 for Professional users (was 20)
  • New preference setting for selecting or de-selecting featured images for Digiproving
  • Removes leading and trailing spaces etc. from email address, user id, domain names, and api keys to prevent validation problems
  • Uses latest version of Digiprove PHP SDK
  • Now copes properly when main Administrator is not user id 1
  • More information on what exactly is being Digiproved in each transaction
  • Minor bug corrections


  • Track source of each Digiprove transaction (User/Postie/RSS/Plugin)
  • Fixed problem where “Digiproved: Never” appears for a post/page that has been Digiproved (caused by non-standard behaviour of other plugins)
  • Will Digiprove featured image even if that image not otherwise contained in post/page content


  • Changed file references to avoid IE mixed-security alerts on https:// pages
  • Changed default value for multi-post pages to NOT append Digiprove notice
  • No longer appends Digiprove notice to content generated by Shortcodes UI and other similarly-operating plugins
  • Accesses https upgrade service at correct domain ( – no more SSL warnings
  • Minor bug-fixes


  • Removes spurious copy-protect messages on iPad and iPhone
  • Upgraded from Digiprove SDK 0.97 to 0.98
    • Uses host rather than


  • Upgraded from Digiprove SDK 0.95 to 0.97
    • removes deprecated call-time pass-by-reference
    • removes strict syntax offences
    • Now traps a blank api key before communication with host


  • Removed unnecessary error diagnostic
  • Now informs user of (important) MySQL errors that have occurred
  • Compatible with WordPress 3.5 (and change to wpdb->prepare)


  • Changed id of Digiprove Notice container element to make it easily selectable in CSS
  • Enhance copy-protect function to explicitly prevent dragging (e.g. of images etc.) – should now prevent this in all browsers
  • Removed bug where copy-protect was disabling dropdown menus in Firefox


  • Fixed problem preventing new registrations
  • Minor performance improvements on serving pages
  • Fixed minor bug re license text
  • Removed incident reporting in html comments


  • Fixed small HTML error on license display link
  • Minor Performance and stability improvements


  • Minor bugfixes


  • Better validation of user id to prevent occasional problems in activation
  • Changes to user id value now always validated at server to prevent bad user id being recorded
  • Deals with consequences of WP bug related to upper-case characters in db prefix
  • Further improvements to error and exception-handling on plugin-specific db tables


  • Added some more help text about API keys
  • Upgraded to latest version of Digiprove SDK (special character-encodes event info)
  • Improved exception-handling on plugin-specific db tables
  • Set SSL to Off by default to reduce client-side connection problems
  • Fixed small bugs
  • Removed wpdb reporting toggle


  • Added better error handling and reporting around http functions
  • Checks for required db columns and adds if not already set up
  • Checks for wpdb reporting set to true and toggles it


  • Does not require Mysql ascii character set to be installed
  • Works around dbdelta bug when altering tables
  • Fixed rare bug involving html comment end (–>) characters buried inside comment


  • Removed spurious error/event reports
  • Better error detection


  • Refactored to use Digiprove official SDK
  • Bit faster on publish or update – removes some unnecessary content parsing
  • Prevents collapsed borders in digiprove notice
  • Is more resistant to incompatibilities with other plugins and themes
  • Is language-independent
  • Incorporates Dutch version (Thanks to Eddy and Fran Vijfeijken)
  • Eliminated duplicate code generating dprv_blog_host and dprv_wp_host variables
  • Now copes with database prefix change
  • Improved error detection
  • Bug with quotes and doublequotes in right-click message is fixed
  • Detects and handles change of WordPress db prefix


  • Copy-protect functions now work even with themes that use the body onload event
  • Handles situation where plugins are installed in a directory other than wp-content
  • Removed confusing scroll-down of main post-edit page
  • Prevents inappropriate browser auto-completes (was leading to api key problems)


  • Performance improvement in finding and fingerprinting files
  • Now shows counter of remaining transaction allowance for today
  • Implements revised daily transaction allowances (also implemented at server)
  • Settings link now appears on Plugin administration page


  • Fixed bug introduced by 1.13 – http failure


  • Fixed issue where right-click copy protection was failing in combination with Facebook plugin


  • Fixed issue where right-click copy protection was failing when another plugin made use of addLoadEvent function


  • Fixed button alignment problem in WP 3.2.1
  • Introduced subscription expiry grace period of 10 days
  • Improved event logging
  • Now skips Digiprove API call if no api key or password
  • Minor improvement to processing speed of posts with attachments
  • Fixed IE alignment problem with themes that apply max-width to images
  • Removed spurious error message about media files for expired accounts


  • Removed error reporting statement which flagged notices and warnings from other plugins


  • Removed error-handling code for javascript errors – was being triggered by bugs in other plugins and themes


  • Added error-handling code for javascript errors
  • Handles privately published posts and pages (i.e. for logged-in users only)


  • New option to include digital fingerprints of all or selected uploaded media files in Digiprove process (NOTE does not yet support [gallery] shortcode)
  • Now supports custom post types
  • Improved alignment of Digiprove notice in some circumstances
  • Fixed bug where xml in some cases omitted api key
  • Removed bug where old api key could be used for Upgrade instead of new one just created this session
  • Improved help text when api key is lost or deleted.
  • Removed situations giving rise to Notice-level PHP messages
  • Fixed incorrect calculation of expiry date
  • Fixed some compatability issues with older version of WordPress
  • Various bug-fixes


  • Removed non-standard valign attribute on notice
  • License display panel now works with themes and plugins that cause default target (for anchor tag) to be new tab/window
  • Copy-protect function now works even with themes that do not call wp_footer()
  • Optional footer message “Original content on these pages is fingerprinted and certified by Digiprove”
  • Option whether or not to display Digiprove notice only on single-post-pages
  • Small optimisation of http traffic (PHP5.1.2 or later) – retains calculated digital fingerprint – no longer repeated in http response
  • Improved alignment of license text within Digiprove notice
  • Check for invalid api key will not appear until Update is pressed (to avoid annoying pop-up messages)
  • Will now prevent user from assigning a blank/empty api key


  • Fixed bug where always the first license box on a webpage was popped up instead of the desired one
  • Removed dependency on PHP 5 functions (introduced at 1.00) – now works with PHP 4 (again)


  • Changed display mode to use margins above and below notice
  • Code tidy-up; removed diagnostic/debug code
  • Removed dependency on get_post_type_object (for compatibility with pre 3.0 WP installations)


  • Did not re-activate properly on upgrade in a WordPress 3.1 environment


  • Default values were sometimes not being applied – fixed
  • License display aligned better


  • Minor bug-fixes


  • Results of Digiprove actions now recorded in WordPress database (as custom post meta fields) instead of embedded in notice at end of content
  • Digiprove Notice now generated dynamically when content is displayed (meaning changes to appearance etc. have immediate effect)
  • Earliest date of Digiproving content now remembered and shown where necessary in notice (e.g. “copyright 2010-2011”)
  • Now handles future-dated posts (will Digiprove now, publish later)
  • Revised styling of Digiprove notice to make it work better with some themes
  • New option whether or not to Digiprove individual posts or pages
  • New button “publish and Digiprove” (or “Update and Digiprove”) to eliminate unnecessary Digiproving actions
  • New option at individual post/page level to display attributions/acknowledgements to other author(s)
  • New option to display licensing details – both overall default settings and post/page specific settings (incorporates Creative Commons, GPL, and others)
  • CSS change to override unwanted background images
  • A number of changes to improve performance
  • Removed bug which could permit an empty api key to be recorded
  • Introduced better validation of email address
  • Specify custom text for Digiprove notice (*)
  • Save content (incl versions) in cloud (*)
  • Specify custom licensing (*)
  • (*) – dependent on account type
  • Known error: Strange positioning in Copyright Panel on IE8


  • Fixed bug to do with synchronous idle control character (0x16) in XML
  • Installed workaround for phantom api key appearing in PHP4
  • PHP4 compatibility restored (was using stream_get_transports which is only php5)


  • More validation and better help text in registration processes
  • Small change to minimise file permission problems when upgrading this plug-in in future
  • Google “notranslate” class now applied to Digiprove notice
  • Now detects if SSL not installed on WordPress Server and drops back to http on port 80
  • Fixed bug to do with start of header control character (0x01) in XML


  • Fixed bug where input fields within a post or page were disabled on Firefox when copy-protect feature was on


  • Fixed silly and annoying bug (introduced at 0.82) where Digiprove notice of an updated post was corrupted
  • To fix existing notices, please make a small change to post content and press Update


  • Fixed bug where copy-protect mechanism was interfering with ability to post comments on post page


  • Fixed bug where backslashes were erroneously stripped from content


  • Fixed situation where copy-protect function interfered with any plugin or theme that uses the “window.onload” javascript function (e.g. atahualpa theme)
  • Digiprove notice now contains language attribute to work better with Google translation


  • Fixed some bugs with copy-protect:
    • copy-protect functions interfered with text editing
    • copy-protect settings now affect all posts and pages and changes to settings take immediate effect
    • remove right-click message now works ok


  • Can now request re-send of activation email
  • Pages (as well as posts) now Digiproved


  • Tested with WordPress 3.0.1
  • New option – whether to receive certificates by email
  • Was using WordPress installation url rather than blog url as domain – corrected
  • Traps error situation where no blog url can be found
  • Linked privacy setting for name display to Copyright notice text as well as certificate display
  • Improved help text for getting started (registration etc.)
  • Added facility to obtain new Digiprove api key from within WordPress
  • Cosmetic improvements to behaviour & appearance on IE
  • Fixed bug dealing with long email addresses
  • rel=”copyright” now included in copyright notice link


  • Fixed javascript bug that caused Copy-Protect settings problems in IE
  • Digiprove information messages now displayed in IE
  • Digiprove notice now displayed in ‘inline’ mode – should be better in most browsers


  • Fixed javascript bug (Settings did not work properly on IE)


  • New Copy-Protect feature to prevent right-clicking and text selection
  • Tested with 3.0
  • Fixed bug to do with vertical tab character (0x0B) in XML
  • Fixed bug to do with unescaped ampersand in content type description


  • Now works with Postie plugin (and hopefully all other sources of published posts)
  • Tested with WordPress 3.0 RC1


  • Fixed fatal error for older PHP versions (pre 5.1.2)
  • Now working on PHP4
  • Minor code tidy-up


  • Fixed fatal error for older PHP versions (pre 5.2)
  • More graceful handling of PHP 4 attempted activations
  • Fixed minor bugs in parsing of content from xml-rpc


  • Migrating to API keys for improved security (no user action required)
  • Digiprove server synchronised with amended profile data
  • Display of user name on certificate page is now optional
  • Tested with WordPress 2.9.2
  • Minor code improvements
  • Improved and more help text
  • Fixed XML non-compliance bug
  • Better tracking of inter-server communication
  • (acknowledgements to Alexander Gieg and other users for some great suggestions)


  • Tested with WordPress 2.9.1
  • Improved help text
  • Fixed bug where last action message sometimes displayed unnecessarily
  • User id no longer shown in certificate display for privacy reasons
  • User id now defaults to email address (again)
  • Moved jscolor files into main directory for ease of updating
  • Fixed bug where title was not picked up on XML-RPC posts


  • Tested with WordPress 2.9
  • Now supports posts submitted by Windows Live Writer
  • (Other xml-rpc clients may work – not tested – please let us know)
  • Changed default user id to firstname . lastname
  • Added proper explanatory/help text about registering with Digiprove
  • Fixed minor validation bug in registration
  • Digiprove notice format more resistant to css inheritance
  • More flexibility in composing Digiprove notice text
  • Copyright notice may now include name


  • Digiprove notice size can be adjusted
  • Digiprove notice format more resistant to css inheritance
  • Digiprove notice format more consistent across browsers
  • User agent string in user registration
  • Better handling of title-only posts
  • Tested with WordPress 2.8.6
  • increased timeout to 40 seconds for slow connections


  • Digiprove notice preview bug fixed


  • User has more control over Digiprove notice appearance
  • Better W3 XHTML standards-compliance


  • Minor bug-fixes
  • Fixed broken link in readme
  • Title change to Copyright Proof (bit more meaningful than Digiprove Blog)


  • First public beta release
  • Minor bug-fixes