Effortless Marketing



What is Effortless Marketing?

Effortless Marketing is a holistic marketing solution for WooCommerce store owners from feed creation and submission to smart campaign creation and performance tracking.
Our app makes it easy for WooCommerce store owners to promote their products on Google, Facebook and Microsoft.
You can easily monitor from the app how much traffic and sales have been generated and adjust budgets and goals accordingly.

Who should use Effortless Marketing?

Any WooCommerce store owner who wishes to promote his products online. Weather you are a seasoned store owner with 1,000s of products or have just opened your store, Effortless Marketing is the app for you.

What can Effortless Marketing do for you?

Create an Instant Product Feed
Submit Your Feed to Merchant Centers
Create Search and Shopping Campaigns
Monitor and Adjust Performance

Contact us

Please send email to tech@adcore.com if you have any questions about Effortless Marketing.

The Effortless Marketing app is the latest addition to Adcore’s family of technological solutions designed for online marketers, which includes: Feeditor, Views and Semdoc2.
Adcore is a global leader in the field of AI powered advertising. Adcore’s technologies are used by digital agencies and advertisers to leverage digital marketing in an effortless and accessible way.
Established in 2006, the company’s headquarters is based in Tel Aviv, Israel with satellite offices in Melbourne, Australia, Toronto, Ontario and Hong-Kong, China. Adcore is a certified Google Premier Partner, Microsoft Partner, Facebook Marketing Partner, and TikTok Partner.

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Değişiklik Kaydı

1.4.5 – 25/01/2023
changed: Ui bug fixed
1.4.4 – 25/01/2023
added: Minor UI changes
1.4.3 – 14/12/2022
added: Minor UI changes
1.4.2 – 12/12/2022
added: Minor UI changes
1.4.1 – 16/11/2022
added: Icons
1.4.0 – 16/11/2022
updated: Setup page UI
1.3.1 – 06/09/2022
fixed: Setup panel bugs.
1.3.0 – 29/08/2022
added: Setup panel
1.2.0 – 10/06/2022
changed: new UI for Campaigns
1.1.1 – 31/01/2022
fixed: Campaign time period selection
1.1.0 – 30/12/2021
fixed: Conflicts with other plugin
Added: Information when this plugin is already installed and activated from WooCommerce Market.
Initial Release