EventAgent.ai combines a next generation virtual events management system with AI-powered marketing to maximize your attendance.

E.ai is brought to you by Six Fish, LLC, a consultancy with 10 years of experience building custom virtual event management systems. For the first time, we have made this technology accessible to the public in a WordPress plugin.

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EventAgent.ai is the next-gen online-native platform for retreats, concerts, courses and drop-in events. It combines deep integration with Zoom meetings and AI-driven marketing. We get your events noticed and seats filled, then give you a comprehensive platform to manage them, empowering registrars, event managers, teachers, performers and promoters.

The best way to learn how E.ai can make your Zoom and in-person events grow and thrive is to start with our case studies for your application.

Workshops, retreats, livestreamed concerts and festivals

You host single or multi-day events. They can be small, with just a few people and presenters, or spanning multiple venues, speakers and weeks. You hold your events mostly online for now, but plan to transition back to in-person centers. You promote your events on social media. Online, you need to cater to people from different time zones, cultures and languages. You struggle with Zoom to make it all work.

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Courses, certificate programs and seminars

You host online courses. They may be part of a larger curriculum for a certificate program. For now, you’re running these online. You need documented proof that program requirements have been met. You might have many teachers and classes going on at once. You promote your events on social media. Online, you need to cater to people from different time zones, cultures and languages. You struggle with Zoom to make it all work.

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Drop-in classes, meetups and community

While you might offer workshops from time to time, your bread and butter is ongoing drop-in classes. You might have a yoga studio or fitness center. You might facilitate a support or recovery group. You might be tired of paying meetup.com for something you can get for free. People drop in and pay a day fee, or members receive a package of free drop-in benefits. You promote your events on social media. Online, you need to cater to people from different time zones, cultures and languages. You struggle with Zoom to make it all work.

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We’re sure you’ll find E.ai is like no other event management system on the WordPress platform. You can install it worry-free. It’s completely free and requires no credit card. All features are available at all price levels, including free forever. All of the use cases above are fully supported at the free price level. You won’t see that commitment from any other plugin.


5 Haziran 2022
We get a new email reminding us to join the zoom meeting each week. The email always arrives right before the meetings. The new link keeps our online space safe.
1 Haziran 2022
En este época de mil millón de apps cuesta encontrar un app (o plugin o que sea) que funciona sin problemas. Pues este plugin de verdad funciona sin problemas. Lo usamos para organizar un grupo de conversación de español y las citas siempre empiezan en punto y sin problemas. ¡Muy buen trabajo, Six Fish!
29 Kasım 2021
As a presenter, I could not be happier with this platform. From the very start, participants have a seamless experience and post-experience, I discovered the attendee report which provides extremely valuable information that will help me fine-tune my offerings in the future.
23 Kasım 2021
As the Executive Director of Programs for a nonprofit organization that depends on the smooth running of complicated events, we've found the E.ai platform to be invaluable. Our event managers have praised the intuitive nature of the back-end, allowing simple access to student information and ease of communicating with them both before and after the event. Students appreciate receiving timely event reminders (which we can customize with additional info on making donations, links to the speaker's website, etc.) And with the one-time use Zoom links, we all have peace of mind knowing the event is secure from Zoom-bombing. E.ai also integrates seamlessly with our marketing vehicles, automatically promoting events that are undersubscribed or nearing the end of the registration period. This efficiency has saved us money in staff time, as prior to using E.ai this was all done manually. Having worked with E.ai developer Alden for over ten years in different capacities, we're confident in his skill and commitment to this product over the long-term. I'd heartily recommend it to any organization looking to streamline all of the disparate aspects of planning and executing top-notch events!
5 Nisan 2021
As I was learning to set up this plugin, I got incredible support from Alden. He was super responsive, knowledgable and helpful. If you're looking to do your own thing with event registration, this plugin is highly recommended.
3 Nisan 2021
Ultimately I ended up using a different (more costly!) service to run my weekly fitness classes (i needed one where I could create an on demand video library and monthly membership), but I was really pleased with EventAgent.Ai for a number of reasons and I would definitely consider going back to EventAgent as this plugin evolves. THE most positive thing I can report is how easy it was to work with the plugin founder. He responded within hours almost 24/7, and demonstrated extreme patience with me as well as responsiveness to my needs. ANd because I still get his periodic email updates, I know he has made continuous updates to the plugin. For example, he recently made a major improvement to the email setup, which had really defeated me when I first started using it. So 5 stars for a unique, affordable event plugin with amazing customer service.
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