EventPrime – Modern Events Calendar, Bookings and Tickets


EventPrime is an easy-to-use, modern WordPress Events Calendar plugin. With the EventPrime events plugin, you can publish new events on your website with few simple clicks. Just pick a date on the Events Calendar in the WordPress Dashboard area, and start creating your event! Publish free, as well as paid events by enabling Bookings from EventPrime’s event settings.

Some of the top EventPrime features include:

  • Accept payments for bookings via PayPal and Stripe.
  • Multi-user role-based or anonymous frontend event submissions.
  • Event Types or Event Categories with attributes.
  • Custom Presenters or Performers with photos and attributes.
  • Bookings manager.
  • Custom user checkout fields.
  • Multiple event views.
  • Support for virtual and online events.
  • Two-tier event booking fee structure.
  • Fully customizable email templates.
  • A variety of widgets suitable for all themes.
  • Dedicated frontend user area for bookings management.
  • And much more!

EventPrime also offers a wide selection of additional free and premium extensions for all your requirements.

For any issues, bugs, feature requests and general help, contact our awesome support!

Cheers, EventPrime Team

With our WordPress events plugin, you now have an event management system to create an event list the way you always wanted. No more difference between the event calendar you create from the back-end and the calendar that is visible to users on the front-end. The Event Calendar on the front-end will appear exactly the way you configure it from the back-end. A WordPress Events Calendar plugin never worked so effortlessly as EventPrime does. Event management in WordPress is now as easy as it can ever be, thanks to the EventPrime events plugin.

EventPrime is a WordPress Events Calendar plugin that supports free event bookings, paid event bookings, single day events, multi-day events, event performers, event sites, event gallery, event registration, event calendar widget and a lot more. Check out our Starter Guide to get up and running with this awesome event manager tool.

If you want more of our new WordPress events plugin, do check out its Extensions. We have added Live Seating, Event Analytics, Event Sponsors, Stripe Payments, Offline Payments, Recurring Events and a lot more planned for the future!

EventPrime Backend

Events Calendar View

  • Fully editable events calendar view.
  • Create or Edit Events directly from the Events Calendar.
  • Click on a date on the calendar to open the Add Event popup form.
  • Set Event Start and End Dates, All Day Event, Bookings Status, Booking Price, Event Type, Event Site, and Performer(s) from the Add Event Popup.
  • View events on the calendar as colored bars spanning from the start date to the end date of the event.
  • The color of the event is inherited from Event Type color code, making it easy to quickly identify events of different types on your calendar.
  • Hover cursor over an existing event in the calendar to view its details in a quick popover.
  • Drag and drop events from one date block to another in the calendar to quickly change event dates.
  • Click on an exiting event in the calendar to open the Edit Event popup, allowing you to edit event details on the fly.
  • Click on the Dashboard link from the Event Details Pop-up to access Event Dashboard for complete event management toolkit. You’ll find all options associated with an event in the Event Dashboard for detailed event configuration.
  • Change view of the Events Calendar to Month, Week, Day, List, or Cards.
  • Card view provides grid view of the events.

Event Settings

  • From event settings, you can further customize your events.
  • Set event type for event categorization.
  • Add a description to let your attendees know in detail what the event is about.
  • Upload a feature image for the event.
  • Upload a gallery of images for the event.
  • Enable custom link for the event. This will be required if the event on your event calendar is supposed to link to an external URL.
  • If bookings are enabled, you can set specific booking start date and end date.
  • Enable or disable display of event booking status on the frontend.
  • Allow or disallow booking cancellations.
  • Hide or show the event on the event calendar widget.
  • Hide or show the event on the frontend event calendar.
  • Write a custom note on the event page to display to event attendees.

Event Dashboard

Event Dashboard allows you access to the following:

  • Event Settings – All the general settings related to the event.
  • Price Manager – Creating and managing pricing tiers for your event.
  • Event Site/ Location – Customizations related to host venue.
  • Performers – Settings for defining key persons in the event like host, speakers etc.
  • Organizer – Settings to setup organizers for your event.
  • Social Integration – Link social pages for your event.
  • Email – Setup booking confirmation email content and layout.
  • Event Sponsors – Settings for adding event sponsorship. (Extension)
  • Ticket Manager – Create custom tickets for your event. (Extension)
  • Live Seating – Create seating plans for your event. (Extension)
  • Recurring Events – Set your event to recur after specific intervals. (Extension)
  • Automatic Discounts – Create automatic discount rules for your buyers. (Extension)
  • MailPoet – Settings to configure MailPoet newsletters with your event. (Extension)

Event Types Manager

  • Create or Edit Event Types that you can then assign to Events.
  • Set specific properties for your Event Types.
  • Events in the Events Calendar will appear in the color of their assigned Event Type.

Event Type

Following properties can be currently set for each event type:

  • Name of the Event Type.
  • Swatch or background color.
  • Text Color.
  • Age group restrictions.
  • Image or Logo.
  • Special Instructions for events of this type.

Event Sites Manager

  • Create or Edit Event Sites which can be associated with various events.
  • Event Sites have their own set of customizable properties.
  • Sort Event Sites Alphabetically or by their number of events.

Event Sites

Each Event Site has following properties you can set:

  • Name of the site.
  • Description of the site.
  • Address of the location.
  • Date established.
  • Seating Type – Standing or Seats.
  • Event Operator or Coordinator.
  • Facebook page of the site.
  • Image Gallery.
  • Seating layout editor. (Extension)

Performers Manager

  • Create or Edit Performers that you can then assign to Events.
  • Performers have their own set of customizable properties.
  • Sort Performers alphabetically or by number of events in which they appear.


Each Performer has following properties you can set:

  • Type – Person or Group
  • Name
  • Role
  • Cover Image of the performer.
  • Description of the performer.
  • Display in List – if you wish to hide or show Performer from EventPrime’s fronted Performers list view.

Performers Manager

  • Create or Edit Event Organizers which can be associated with events later.
  • Event Organizers have their own set of customizable properties.
  • Sort Organizers alphabetically or by number of events in which they appear.


Each Event Organizer has following properties you can set:

  • Name of the organizer.
  • Phone number – multiple numbers supported.
  • Email of the Organizer – multiple emails supported.
  • Website – multiple website addresses supported.
  • Description – details about the event organizer.

Attendees Manager

  • View a complete list of all attendees for all your events.
  • Filter Attendees by their events, booking time, and booking status.
  • See a table of attendee details containing their booking ID, username, email, and number of tickets per booking ID.
  • Edit Attendees’ individual booking details and also add note for an attendee which the attendee can see on his/her event booking page.
  • Download booking details of attendees in PDF format.
  • Send notification emails to attendees.
  • Access the transaction log for an attendee’s booking.
  • Add multiple notes to any booking.

Email Attendees

A built-in emailing system to quickly send emails to specific attendees or all attendees from a specific event.

  • Manually specific attendees.
  • Copy attendee email addresses from a specific event.
  • Custom email subject.
  • Custom email content.

Global Settings

Global settings allow a single place to configure plugin-wide settings for EventPrime. It is divided into multiple sections which combine options for similar features. These are the sections inside Global Settings currently:

Email Notifications

From here you can modify layout and content of different emails sent out from EventPrime. You can also turn them on or off individually.
* User registration email
* Booking pending email
* Booking confirmation email
* Booking cancellation email
* Reset password email
* Booking refund email
* Frontend user event submission email
* Frontend user event submission approval email
* Disable all admin emails
* Disable all frontend emails


  • Turn on and configure Stripe payment gateway.
  • Turn on and configure PayPal payment gateway.
  • Turn on and configure offline payment system.
  • Select your default currency.
  • Select currency symbol position.


  • Google map API key to render maps and directions on frontend.
  • Turn on Facebook sharing.
  • Google calendar integration for users to import events to their Google calendar.
  • Google reCaptcha for spam protection.

Default Pages

Here you can set default pages for various fronted EventPrime views. These include:
* Performers Page
* Event Sites Page
* Events Page
* Bookings Page
* User Profile Page
* Event Types Page
* Submit Event Page
* Booking Details Page
* Event Organizers Page

Regular Settings

A host of general settings for you to configure your EventPrime installation.
* Hide or show past events from events directory.
* Default calendar view.
* Select available view option for site visitors.
* Define number of events on fronted card and masonry views.
* Hide frontend event filters on events directory.
* Hide past event bookings from admin area bookings page.
* Select time format.
* Select a date to display as default selected date on frontend calendar.
* Frontend calendar title format.
* Frontend calendar columns header format.
* Hide upcoming events from event, event types, event site and performer pages.
* Make attendee names mandatory on bookings page.
* Hide price for free events.
* Select format for date picker tool.
* Hide custom links from event pages for logged out users.
* Display QR code on event tickets.
* Hide event time from calendar view.

Custom CSS

Add custom CSS to EventPrime pages for tailor-made appearance for your theme.

Custom CSS

Frontend event submissions allow your users to submit events to EventPrime events database. You have full control over the submission process of these events.
* Define confirmation message to be displayed upon a successful submission.
* Allow public submissions.
* Message for non-logged in users if public submissions are off.
* Status of event on submission – draft or published.
* Restrict frontend event submissions to specific user roles.
* Message for users with user roles which are not allowed to submit events.
* Select fields to display on frontend event submission form.
* Select the fields which you wish to make mandatory in the frontend event submission form.

=Attendee Booking Fields =
* Customize booking fields for attendees in the frontend booking page.
* Supports following field types – Text, Email, Telephone and Date.
* Drag and drop to change fields order.

=Button Labels=
Customize button labels for different frontend pages based on your requirements.

=Extensions Settings=
A lot of EventPrime extensions add plugin-wide settings. These settings pages will appear in a separate sections opened by clicking corresponding icons in Extensions Settings area.


Enable pretty URLs and define custom subdirectories. Following subdirectories are supported:
* Events
* Performers
* Organizers
* Event Sites
* Event Types

EventPrime Frontend

The Events Page including Events Calendar

On the frontend, the Events can be displayed using multiple event views. You can allow your users to toggle among these views or lock a single view.

Events Calendar View or Month View

A beautiful and convenient view which renders a large calendar flipped to current month. Events are overlaid above their respective dates, represented by background and text colors inherited from parent Event Type. This makes sure individual events stand out even during busy months.

Visitors have option to change month and year to view past or future events. They can also perform a keyword search, or filter events by Dates, Event Types and / or Event Sites.

Hovering above an event

View layout can be changed to one of the following:

  • Month View
  • Week View
  • Day View
  • List Week View
  • List View
  • Card View
  • Masonry View
  • Slider View

Admins have full control over the frontend events page layout and features. Here are the options available in the Global Settings:

  • Hide past events.
  • Set default view.
  • Limit view options for site visitors.
  • Define number of events to load for Card and Masonry view.
  • Define time format.
  • Set default calendar date.
  • Set calendar title format.
  • Set calendar column heading format.
  • Hide upcoming events.
  • Control month changing buttons.

While in the calendar view, events are displayed color coded with their respective Event Type settings. Hovering cursor above them displays additional event details

Directory Pages

In addition to the comprehensive Events Calendar view, the EventPrime events plugin offers complete directories for entities associated with events. The directory pages are created automatically on your site along with the installation and activation of our WordPress events plugin. These pages contain shortcodes for their respective directories. So you can use the shortcodes to add them onto any other pages you’d like. The directory pages are:

  • Event Types Directory
  • Event Sites Directory
  • Performers Directory

We are planning to add customizable parameters to these directory shortcodes in the future. So you can setup these directory lists in more than one ways.

Submit Event

From the Submit Event frontend page, any user can submit his/her own event. The admin can then review, edit and publish that event on the Event Calendar. The Submit Event page has the following options:

  • User submitting an event can submit its name, start date, end date, description, event type, venue, and performers.
  • Enable bookings, set booking start and end date, and also set the booking price.
  • Upon submitting the form, user will see a confirmation message that is customizable from the Global Settings.
  • Upon submitting event, EventPrime will send an email to site admin that a new event has been submitted with the event’s details.

Single Entities

The EventPrime events plugin also allows you to create individual entity pages using shortcodes with ID parameter. Shortcodes are availabe for the following pages:

  • Single Event
  • Single Event Type
  • Single Event Site & Location
  • Single Performer
  • Submit Event

User Account Area

The Directory and Single entity pages are for displaying Events and related entities. For a user to see his/her own activity with events, our event booking plugin offers a full-fledged User Account Area on the front-end. With this EventPrime page, users can login and manage their event booking. Users can also cancel their event booking and find directions to Event Sites where Events are booked.


The EventPrime events plugin offers you 4 highly useful WordPress calendar widget to setup anywhere on your site. These are:

  • Countdown Event Widget- This is a reverse countdown to upcoming events which you can select from the Widget settings. The upcoming events countdown displays the Days, Hours, Minutes and Seconds left till the event goes live.
  • Slider Event Widget – This widget is a slideshow of the Featured Images from various Events on your site. Clicking on a Feature Image from the slideshow will lead to that Event’s individual page.
  • Calendar Event Widget – A smaller view of the Events Calendar that lists upcoming events underneath it.
  • Event Site Map – This widget contains Google Map with markers of all Event Sites & Locations.

3 more widgets can be added to our WordPress Events Calendar plugin using the “Event List Widgets” extensions.

EventPrime Free Extensions

Event Analytics Free

Analyze event performance and bookings through essential data organized into tables and charts.

Download Event Analytics for EventPrime – Modern Events Calendar

Events Import Export Free

Import events from other plugins for easy migration to EventPrime WordPress calendar. You can also export EventPrime events for backup and other purposes.

Download Events Import Export Extension for EventPrime – Modern Events Calendar

EventPrime MailPoet Integration Free

Sign-up event attendees for MailPoet newsletter lists and ramp up customer engagement with event updates and other stuff.

Download EventPrime MailPoet Integration for EventPrime – Modern Events Calendar

EventPrime WooCommerce Integration Free

Add merchandise and other products as mandatory/ optional items for attendees while they checkout for event bookings.

Download EventPrime WooCommerce Integration for EventPrime – Modern Events Calendar

Invoices Free

Create customized invoicing template with your own branding, and attach automatically to booking confirmation emails.

Download EventPrime Invoices Extension for EventPrime – Modern Events Calendar

EventPrime Zoom Integration Free

Allow users to book Zoom meetings from EventPrime booking system. Zoom meeting details are shared with attendees once their booking is confirmed.

Download EventPrime Zoom Integration For EventPrime – Modern Events Calendar

EventPrime Zapier Integration Free

Connect with over 3000 apps by building custom templates using EventPrime triggers.

Download EventPrime Zapier Integration for EventPrime – Modern Events Calendar

EventPrime Premium Extensions

Live Seating

Every modern events calendar plugin needs a powerful live seating system, and we have built the most advanced one for our WordPress calendar plugin. EventPrime Live Seating extension supports custom layouts, seat numbers, frontend seat selection views, full booking checkout support and deep integration with our other extensions.

Download Live Seating

Event Sponsors

Add sponsors to your events and WordPress calendar, and prominently display their branding/ logos on event pages. You can upload logos through event manager WordPress dashboard. Multiple sponsors are supported for every event.

Download Event Sponsors

Offline Payments

Looking to collect payments from attendees using check, wire-transfer or cash? Offline Payments extension for our WordPress event calendar plugin will allow you to configure it in simple and easy steps. You can manually change the status of the booking after receiving the payment.

Download Offline Payments

Stripe Payments

Use popular Stripe payment system with your WordPress event calendar and receive payments in your Stripe account. Accept credit cards directly on your website and confirm bookings instantly.

Download Stripe Payments

Recurring Events

Add recurring events to your WordPress event calendar! Our powerful recurrence creation tool allows you to fine tune how regularly the events repeat. Once created, you can make edits to all events simultaneously or individual instances. Users can be allowed to book for separate instances or a single booking for all event recurrences.

Download Recurring Events

Coupon Codes

This extension allows you to create custom coupons which can be used during event booking checkout. These discounts can be flat amount or a percentage of the booking amount. You can set limits on overall usage, per-user usage, end date and more!

Download Coupon Codes

Attendees List

Display list of attendees for an event on the event page. You can also use widget area of your theme to add widgets with attendees lists.

Download Coupon Codes

Guest Bookings

Allows visitors to book events without logging in on your website. You can optionally allow automatic account creation upon successful bookings. Users will receive all booking details on their email address.

Download Guest Bookings

Event Wishlist

Allow your users to save events in their personal wishlists. Wishlisted events will be visible to users from user account area. Wishlist can be used by the users to quick-book their favorite events.

Download Event Wishlist

Event List Widgets

Spruce up your website by showcasing different events in widget areas of your theme.

Download Event Wishlist

Event Comments

Allow users to post comments under events. Comments can be reviewed and moderate by the admin.

Download Event Comments

Admin Attendee Bookings

Allows admins to create custom bookings from dashboard and add attendees manually.

Download Admin Attendee Bookings

Automatic Discounts

Offer discounts to your users based on preset conditions. Discounts are automatically applied during checkout if those conditions are met. You can show promotional message to eligible user on frontend.

Download Automatic Discounts

Google Import Export

Import events from your Google Calendar to EventPrime WordPress Calendar. Or export from your WordPress calendar to Google Calendar, if that’s what you prefer! You can choose events while importing or exporting.

Download Google Import Export

Twilio Text Notifications

Send notifications to your users when they complete a booking along with booking details. You can also set admin notifications to receive alerts on new bookings. Frontend event submission notifications are also supported.

Download Google Import Export

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • Event Manager Backend Page
  • Event Type Manager Backend Page
  • Event Site Manager Backend Page
  • Performer Manager Backend Page
  • Add New Event Backend Form
  • Event Dashboard Configuration Options
  • Event Settings Backend Form
  • Global Settings Configuration Options
  • Shortcodes Backend Page
  • All Events Card View on Frontend
  • All Events Calendar View on Frontend
  • Single Event View on Frontend


  1. Download the plugin zip.

  2. Open your WordPress Dashboard and access the ‘Plugins’ menu tab.

  3. Click on the ‘Upload Plugin’ button and enter path of the plugin zip that you downloaded. You can also drag & drop the file to the ‘Upload Plugin’ button.

  4. Click on the ‘Activate Plugin’ button.


How can I get started with EventPrime?

Check out our Starter Guide to get up and running with EventPrime.

I found a bug in EventPrime. How should I report it to you?

That’s easy. Just write to us at our Contact page and our support team will get in touch with you in a matter of minutes.

I like EventPrime, but it doesn’t have some of the features I really require. How can I get them?

We are always happy to hear your particular needs and requirements. Similar to reporting a bug, just write to us at our Contact page. Our support team will contact you right away.


16 Şubat 2022
A very good plugin that does a wonderful job! Support handles issues and questions above and beyond expectations. I've bounced around many of the usual event plugins. This IS THE ONE I chose to stay with!
5 Aralık 2021
It's really a wonderful and useful instrument to work with groups and members. And a very nice support service too. Thank you so much world of EventPrime!
11 Kasım 2021
I tried every other event management plugin out there for my college's event. I couldn't find a better plugin than this. Really cool management tools with registration features. And they have a really good support team! I recently learnt about custom CSS tool inside EventPrime which is like cakewalk for customisation. Really good job guys!
28 Haziran 2021
Was looking for a Calendar plug-in that would allow anonymous users to add their own community events. This was the only one that gave that functionality in its free version. Encountered a problem, raised a ticket 24 hours later they have resolved it.. what can you say to free support like that, but huge thanks. Look forward to being part of your journey as the plug-in grows and adapts in the future.
21 Haziran 2021
Like a lot of people, I have tried several promising solutions for adding event calendars to the sites I build. EventPrime comes the closest to being the perfect option. The support is spot-on, as well. Thanks
19 incelemeyi oku

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Değişiklik Kaydı


  • Added: Option to show login and registration pages separately with the [em_profile] shortcode.
  • Added: Guest booking checkout field data in the export booking CSV.
  • Fixed: Event checkout page scroll issue after proceeding from the cart.
  • Fixed: Event filter issue.
  • Minor UI improvements.


  • New: Event Type advanced views!
  • New: Organizers advanced views!
  • Added: Booking tickets automatically sent feature with the confirmation email.
  • Fixed: Event price formatting issue.
  • Fixed: Issue with Automatic discount where discount disable with coupon code.
  • Updated: Live Seating extension.
  • Minor UI improvements.


  • Added: Option to customize booking page label.
  • Fixed: Issue with new event creation when price is 0.
  • Fixed: Issue with custom link on the single event page.
  • Minor UI improvements.


  • New: Advanced Performers section in Global Settings!
  • New: Revamped frontend design and layout for performers list and single performer page.
  • Added: Phone, email, website, and social link fields for performers.
  • Added: Option to set performer as a Featured performer.
  • Added: multiple display style options to list all performers.
  • Added: option to limit, column limit, search, and load more performers.
  • Added: multiple display style options to list performer’s related events.
  • Fixed: QR code URL issue on the single event page.


  • New Extension Launch: EventPrime Twilio Text Notifications!
  • Added: User capabilities for Event site/locations, Performers, and Organizers.
  • Added: Intl phone number feature for registration form phone field.
  • Added: Price tier feature for child events with recurring event extension.
  • Updated: Button Labels section.
  • Updated: Automatic Discount extension.
  • Updated: EventPrime MailPoet extension.
  • Updated: WooCommerce Integration extension.
  • Updated: Recurring Event extension.


  • Fixed: Server not responding issue in event dashboard area.
  • Minor UI improvements.


  • Fixed: Event type and Event site filter design issue on the event page.


  • New: Hide event Ends option on the frontend views and on the event detail page.
  • Added: User capabilities for the Event Locations.
  • Added: Booking summary for the standing events.
  • Improved: Event filter section.
  • Improved: Alert design on the event popup.
  • Improved: Add New Event Type section design in event settings.
  • Fixed: Event Types not showing the issue.
  • Fixed: Booking page loading issue.
  • Fixed: Booking count number issue on the progress bar on the booking page.
  • Minor UI improvements.


  • New: User Capability based access feature!
  • Added: User capabilities for Event and Event Types.
  • New: Option to customize labels for Performers and Organizers globally.
  • Fixed: Past events not showing in event views.
  • Minor UI improvements.


  • Added: New Payment Status column in export booking CSV.
  • Updated: Email Attendees feature and added option to send emails to attendees.
  • Fixed: Ordering issue with Attendee Booking Field on the checkout, booking details, and export CSV.
  • Fixed: Refund option not visible after cancel the booking.
  • Fixed: Recurring event shortcode issue with frontend views.
  • Fixed: Booking cancellation button not visible on the booking detail page.


  • Fixed: Total amount issue on booking detail page after discount.
  • Minor UI improvements.


  • Added: Separate row option for attendees details in export booking if booking has multiple attendees.
  • Added: Price tier name to booking view in admin.
  • Fixed: An issue with booking confirmation email notification.
  • Fixed: An issue with upcoming events section on event type, site, performers, and organizers.


  • New Extension Launch: EventPrime Invoices.
  • New: Customizable user-friendly URLs features!
  • New: Option to select Organizers in Add/Edit event popup.
  • New: Option to select Event Image in Add/Edit event popup.
  • Fixed: An issue on Book Now with guest booking option on upcoming events section.


  • Fixed: An issue with Hide Price option for free events.
  • Fixed: An issue where booking details were not visible to the user.


  • Added: Disable filter option to Hide/Show filter with [em_events] shortcode.
  • Added: Option to remove any filter elements with [em_events] shortcode.
  • Added: Option to display individual events with [em_events] shortcode like Today, Yesterday, Tomorrow, This Month.
  • Fixed: Recurring events not showing with Card view issue.
  • Fixed: An issue with location text if not selected with the event on single event page.


  • New: Booking status is now hidden on the frontend if bookings are not enabled for an event.
  • Fixed: Past events count issue in Event Type shortcode view.
  • Fixed: Event image warning on frontend views.


  • Added: More booking and user data in admin booking confirmation email (User suggestion: Julia).
  • Added: Event Date column in admin Bookings area (User suggestion: Julia, Susanne).


  • Fixed: Attendee name issue on single event page (with Attendees List extension) (User suggestion: Bill Zonios).
  • Fixed: Some notices on booking page (with Mailpoet Integration extension).
  • Fixed: Admin Event popup dashboard link not displaying issue.
  • Updated: EventPrime MailPoet extension.
  • Updated: Attendees List extension.


  • New: Customizable checkout fields to collect guest information at the time of booking (through the Guest Booking extension) (User suggestion: Aarni Reunanen, Ed).
  • New: A more comprehensive booking details page replaces the existing booking details popup.
  • Added: Associating guest checkout fields with the user meta.
  • Minor UI improvements.
  • Updated: Guest Booking extension.
  • Updated: Offline Payments extension.
  • Updated: Stripe Payments extension.
  • Updated: Event Comment extension.
  • Updated: Automatic Discount extension.
  • Updated: EventPrime MailPoet extension.
  • Updated: WooCommerce Integration extension.


  • New: Option to add Seating type location on frontend event creation form (User suggestion: Asteria Abada, Anil).
  • New: Option to add new organizer on frontend event creation form (User suggestion: Isabelle).
  • New: Option to Show/hide “Add New Organizer” button during frontend event creation in Global Settings.
  • New: Latitude, Longitude, and Zoom level option while adding new address on frontend event creation form.
  • Added: Option to select multiple organizers on frontend event creation form.
  • New: Option to hide postal/ zip code field on frontend Stripe payment popup from Global Settings.
  • New: Option to update the Stripe payment option label from Global Settings.
  • New: Option to show card holder’s name and email in transaction log from Global Settings.
  • Updated: Live Seating extension.
  • Updated: Stripe Payments extension.


  • Fixed: PayPal payments and notification related issue.
  • Added: Booking status option in admin views.


  • New: EventPrime WooCommerce Integration extension is now available!
  • Fixed: Price increment issue with max tickets per booking condition.
  • Fixed: Responsive layout issue with the List view.
  • Minor UI improvements.


  • New: Define seats according to different pricing tiers (through Live Seating Extension).
  • New: Revamped booking details page with improved layout and information.
  • Added: Option to set icon color for different seating price tiers.
  • Added: Preview seat details upon hover, on seat icon on the front end bookings page.
  • Added: Seat no. option on attendee booking fields after selecting seats.
  • Added: Subtotal section on checkout page for both Seating and Standing type of events.
  • Added: Option to hide the event time on the front end Calendar views in the Global settings (User suggestion: Clemm).
  • Updated: Booking page for both Seating and Standing type events.
  • Updated: Attendees booking, export booking, print and download tickets.
  • Updated: Booking Confirmation Email template.
  • Fixed: Show event date time issue with Multi days events (User suggestion: Clemm).
  • Updated: Live Seating extension.
  • Updated: Offline Payments extension.
  • Updated: Stripe Payments extension.
  • Updated: Automatic Discount extension.


  • Added: Button Labels section in Global settings to customize the labels of buttons.
  • Added: One-Time event fees option in frontend user submission.
  • Fixed: Minor issues.


  • Added: Option to open booking of all future events instantly in EventPrime Recurring Event extension.
  • Fixed: Single event organizer page issue.
  • Fixed: Minor warnings.


  • Fixed: Calendar library not loading issue on some themes.
  • Fixed: Google map library not loading issue on some themes.
  • Minor UI changes.


  • Fixed: Recurring events not showing issue on the calendar view.
  • Fixed: Capacity not updated in the location inside event dashboard after change location from the dropdown.


  • Fixed: Timezone related issue in iCal download.
  • Minor UI changes.


  • New: Google reCAPTCHA in the booking registration form.
  • Added: Multiple booking related columns in export booking CSV file.
  • Added: ‘Proceed’ button at the bottom on the booking page.
  • Added: Password field in the registration form allowing users to choose their own passwords.
  • Updated: Login form fields validation.
  • Updated: Registration form fields validation.
  • Updated: Registration email notification template.
  • Updated: Enabled QR code module by default.


  • New: Event Organizer features!
  • New: Email template variables in event dashboard! (User suggestion: Andrea)
  • Added: Option to set event organizer page in Global settings.
  • Added: Event Organizer pages on the front end.
  • Updated: Option to select multiple organizers in an event.
  • Updated: Organizers section on single event page.
  • Added: Add to Google Calendar variable in booking confirmation email in Global settings. (User suggestion: Andrea)
  • Added: Variable to download iCal file in booking confirmation email in Global settings. (User suggestion: Andrea)
  • Fixed: All bookings export issues.


  • New: QR Codes feature!
  • New: List view for Events on the frontend! (Old list view is now List Week).
  • Added: Booking Details shortcode.
  • Added: Option to set booking details page in Global settings.
  • Added: Option to display QR code on Event page in Global settings.
  • Added: Option to print QR code on Tickets in Global settings.


  • Added: Option to download EventPrime Zapier Integration (beta).
  • Added: Option to show/hide add new event type option on frontend event submission form.
  • Added: Option to show/hide add new event site option on frontend event submission form.
  • Added: Option to show/hide add new event performer option on frontend event submission form.
  • Added: Auto-format Event title option in EventPrime Recurring Event extension.
  • Fixed: Slider view previous slide change issue.
  • Fixed: Recurring events image issue in upcoming events section on single event type, site and performer pages.


  • Added: Multi tier price options feature for events.
  • Updated: PDF library.
  • Fixed: Event attendee count issue in Email attendees.
  • Fixed: 0 price event booking issue.
  • Fixed: Print ticket issue in booking confirmation popup and Attendees booking.
  • Fixed: Print ticket issue with Guest booking and Live seating extensions.
  • Fixed: Currency position issue with Automatic discount extension.


  • Fixed: Upcoming events not showing issue.


  • Added: Load more option in Card view and remove the old pagination option.
  • Added: Show/hide Upcoming events option with [em_events] shortcode.
  • Added: Show/hide Recurring events option with [em_events] shortcode.
  • Updated: Show no. of events option for Masonry view.
  • Fixed: Event filter option result’s issue.


  • Added: Phone number format options for Guest booking form.
  • Fixed: Booking issue when disabled attendees from event and required attendees from Global Settings.
  • Fixed: Currency position issue on single event page.
  • Minor UI changes.


  • Fixed: Price issue on single event page.
  • Update: Attendee booking fields data on export attendees.


  • Added: Option to download EventPrime WooCommerce Integration (beta).
  • Added: Option to download EventPrime Zoom Integration (beta).
  • Fixed: Booking confirmation detail not showing if no location added issue on checkout page.


  • Minor UI changes.


  • New Extension Launch: EventPrime Mailpoet
  • Minor UI improvements.


  • Added: Support for more currencies.
  • Minor UI improvements.


  • New: Option to set currency position with price.
  • Added: Year and month dropdown option for Date field in Attendee booking fields section.
  • Revamped: Checkout page layout.
  • Fixed: 24 hours time format issue on calendar.
  • Updated: Offline Payments extension.
  • Updated: Stripe Payments extension.
  • Updated: Coupon Code extension.
  • Updated: Guest Booking extension.
  • Updated: Automatic Discount extension.


  • New: Attendee booking fields option to collect additional information at the time of checkout
  • Fixed: Venue standing capacity sync issue with event


  • Added: option to override venue standing capacity as per event


  • New: Email Attendees admin feature to send notification emails to event attendees


  • Added: Attendees name in booking email notifications


  • Added: Standing Capacity option for standing location event


  • Updated: First payment option make selected by default


  • Fixed: Address box shows issues if Event has no address for Masonry and Slider views
  • Fixed: All events not showing in Slider view


  • Updated: Core Calendar APIs for better scalability and security
  • Minor UI improvements


  • New Feature: Slider view for Events on the frontend
  • Fixed: Old events not visible issue on card view


  • Added: Option to edit events created by user from frontend event submission form
  • Added: Option to delete events created by user from frontend event submission form
  • Added: Option to download attendees detail from user area as custom CSV file
  • Added: New Facebook page url field on frontend event submission form
  • Added: New Nigeria Naira currency


  • Fixed: Default image issue for recurring events
  • Added: Option to Hide custom link for website users who are are not logged in


  • Update: Tour popup on Event Dashboard


  • Update: Remove condition to show recurring events on card view page


  • Fixed: Booking time frame issue for site timezone
  • Added: Attendee name in booking summary


  • Added: Option to show/hide Event Text Color section on frontend event submission form
  • Added: Option to select the date format of Datepicker


  • Added: Option to Hide the price on frontend when booking price of an event is 0


  • Updated: Checkout page proceed button and summary label


  • Added: Option to send custom booking confirmation email per event
  • Includes other minor UI changes


  • Added: Option to select the fields which admin wish to make required on frontend event submission form
  • Added: Option to make Attendee names required on bookings page


  • Added: New Event Type, Event Performer and Event Organizer fields on frontend event submission form
  • Added: Option to show/hide section on frontend event submission form
  • User can dynamically add new Event Type, Event Performer and Event Organizer on frontend event submission form


  • Fixed: Responsive layout issue with Card and Masonry views


  • New Extension Launch: Events Import Export
  • Added: Attendees Name, Event Type rows in Download Booking Detail PDF
  • Fixed: Booking Confirmation Email with Non Logged-in Users


  • Added: Load more button on upcoming events list on event detail, event type, performer and venue pages
  • Added: Attendees Name, Seat No., Event Type, Venue, Seating Type column in Attendees Export All CSV
  • Added: New option in Global Settings to control views on frontend
  • Fixed: Redirection issue after login if user comes from event page
  • Fixed: Double email sending issue with 0 price event
  • Improved: Mentioned All Day label if event is for all day


  • URL patch fix for v1.9.5


  • New Extension Launch: Google Import Export
  • New: Dashboard UI with clean new look
  • Improved: Global Settings area with separate core and extension settings
  • Fixed: Seat not available issue after cancel or delete bookings
  • Fixed: Seat color not change issue for some random seats after booking
  • Includes UI changes


  • Added option to dynamically add/edit color for available, booked, reserved and selected Seats
  • Added option to show/hide previous and next month rows on calendar on frontend
  • Includes other minor UI changes


  • New Feature: Added year and month switcher to switch Calendar date on frontend
  • New Feature: Added UI datepicker localization
  • Updated: Calendar views in dropdown
  • Updated: Minor design changes


  • New Feature: Masonry view for Events on the frontend
  • Fixed: Event type name formatting issue
  • Includes other minor UI changes


  • Added option to show/hide one time event fees on frontend
  • Fixed issue with Export all bookings
  • Added option to cancel or cancel & delete a booking that has completed status on Attendees page
  • Added option to change no. of bookings on Attendees page
  • Updated display text on card view in case Custom link is enabled


  • Added option to add One-Time Event Fee for an Event
  • Added option to hide upcoming events section when you publish an event, event type, event site and performer using shortcode in Global Settings
  • Minor design changes


  • Added option to add/update Event Type text color on calendar
  • Fixed user timezone related issues


  • Added option to add/update Event Name color on calendar


  • Added option to allow event submission by anonymous user
  • Changed user profile landing page to Login page in case user is not logged in
  • Fixed issue in event countdown widget showing event after deletion


  • Fixed Volume Discount issue when Ticket setting is disabled for an event
  • New Extension Launch: Event Automatic Discounts


  • Fixed special symbol encoding issue for admin Event Name
  • Fixed card view older entries pagination issue on hide past event condition


  • Fixed pagination issue for older and newer entries on card view


  • Added option to change frontend calendar title format
  • Added option to change frontend calendar column header format
  • Fixed import .ics calendar file issue
  • Fixed Google Calendar timezone issue


  • Added event date and time in Booking confirmation email notification
  • Added option to restrict Event submissions by User Role in Global Settings
  • Added new Logout tab in user profile section
  • Minor design changes


  • Disabled feedback form on plugin deactivation
  • Added South African Rand currency
  • Fixed Hide Booking Status toggle issue in frontend card view
  • Added feature to manually input time in datepicker


  • New Extension Launch: Admin Attendee Bookings
  • New Extension Launch: Event Wishlist
  • New Extension Launch: Event Comments
  • Added Event Site name on single event page
  • New Feature: Enable/Disable option to display Event Site address on single event page
  • Added clickable link to redirect to Event page on Event Name in My Bookings tab on User Profile page
  • Fixed Event Name not appearing identical in admin and frontend
  • Fixed PayPal configuration message position in Global Settings -> Payment section
  • Added option to share event on Google Calendar without API from the single event page


  • New Feature: Enable/Disable option to send Booking Pending Email, Booking Refund Email, Event Submitted Email, Event Approval Email
  • New Feature: Enable/Disable option to send all Admin emails
  • New Feature: Enable/Disable option to send all User emails
  • New Extension Launch: Event List Widgets
  • Fixed Event page filters issue with plain permalink setting
  • Fixed issue with email to user when admin approves user’s Submitted Event from event settings page
  • Fixed Attendee booking deletion issue with Cancelled booking status
  • Added option to not delete Attendee booking directly if Booking status is Completed


  • Added compatibility with Coupon Codes extension
  • Added compatibility with Guest Bookings extension


  • Fixed Show Cart button issue on Booking Page
  • Fixed Issue with increment of Attendee Name textbox on seat click


  • Added compatibility with new update for Recurring Events Extension
  • Added compatibility with new update for Offline Payments Extension


  • Fixed Errors Appearing on Frontend Event Submission Page
  • Fixed Issue with Prev & Next Buttons Not Appearing on Datepicker on Frontend Event Submission Page


  • Added option to upload Featured Image from frontend event submission
  • Added option to create Event Sites from frontend event submission
  • Design changes for the frontend event submission form
  • Fixed Booking Start Date time issue on frontend


  • Patch fix for Zoom level feature added in 1.7.2


  • Added option to set Zoom level for Event Site map


  • Fixed future Recurring Events appearing on card view on frontend


  • Users can now see their submitted events on their frontend User Profiles


  • Fixed event filter issues on the frontend


  • New Feature: Event Sites for the All Events page can now be set from the [em_events] shortcode
  • New Feature: Disable Attendee names with Event Bookings from the Event Settings
  • Fixed issue with shortcodes appearing in uppercase


  • Fixed bug with Events display in Card view when Event Type is selected from shortcode


  • Added navigation link on Event Dashboard to go back to the All Events page
  • Minor design changes in the backend


  • New Feature: Default starting date for the frontend calendar can now be set from Global Settings -> Regular Settings
  • New Feature: Default View and Event Types for all Events page can now be set from the [em_events] shortcode
  • New Extension – Attendees List: Display names of your Event Attendees on the Event page or within the new Attendees List widget
  • Multiple minor bug fixes


  • New Feature: Add Attendee names with bookings
  • Multiple minor bug fixes


  • Included Material Icons within the plugin for frontend
  • Fixed minor bug in Google Map rendering on Event Site edit page


  • New Feature: Export event in iCal format from Event page on frontend
  • New Feature: Add Organizers to events with Organizer name, phone, email & website
  • Fixed minor bugs in event booking process


  • Fixed minor bugs in frontend event submit functionality
  • Fixed minor bugs in event calendar locale change


  • New Feature: Added new shortcode to allow frontend event submissions
  • New Feature: Added new option to change event status from the backend
  • New Feature: Now using the Site Language setting from WordPress General Settings to change display of events calendar according to that locale


  • New Feature: Option to change time format on event calendar from Global Settings -> Regular Settings
  • Update: First day of week on event calendar will use the same option as ‘Week Starts On’ in WordPress General Settings


  • Fixed: Validation error messages on Event Settings page


  • New Feature: Custom link for Events
  • New Feature: Option to add custom CSS code from Global Settings
  • New Feature: Add address to Event Sites without the need to configure Google Map
  • Improvements: General UI improvements for Attendee page in backend


  • Added option in Global Settings -> Regular Settings to hide bookings of past events
  • Added option in User Profile to add/update phone number for Attendees


  • Fixed single event URL issue on frontend
  • Improved responsive layout for user profile page on frontend


  • Fixed single event UI issues on frontend
  • Fixed incorrect external links in backend


  • Added event name to the table of Attendees in backend
  • Design update for info notices in the backend
  • Added event description to event card view on frontend
  • Added compatibility with the Recurring Events extension


  • Design and UI improvements to the frontend Bookings page


  • Added compatibility with Offline Payments extension
  • Events with booking price of 0 will not show ‘Free’ on their info cards and ‘Book Now’ buttons
  • Minor improvements to the backend UI


  • Improved responsive layout for all directory pages on frontend
  • Compatibility changes added for WP version 5.3


  • Improved responsive layout for Event and Performer directory pages


  • Events can now be dragged and dropped to past dates from the calendar in backend
  • Clicking on event bar on the front-end calendar will now open its single event page


  • Added option for enabling booking and setting booking price from the Add/Edit Event Pop-up
  • Added option to delete event from the Hover Event Pop-up
  • Minor UI fixes for the front-end


  • UI improvements for the Single Event page on frontend


  • UI improvements for Event Types, Performers, and Event Sites frontend directory pages


  • Fixed minor UI issue on Performers directory page
  • Added single Event Type pages linked from the Event Types directory page


  • Improved frontend layout for Event Types directory page
  • Improved frontend layout for Performers directory page
  • Added option to upload Event Type image


  • Added new option in Global Settings -> Regular Settings to disable event filters on frontend
  • Minor UI improvements to the backend


  • Added fix for registration and booking message issue


  • Added WP dashboard menus for Event Type, Event Site, & Performer Manager pages
  • Fixed date display issue with the Event Calendar on frontend for some themes
  • Fixed some UI theme compatiblity issues on the frontend


  • Now you can create events for past dates from the Event Calendar
  • Changed the backend loading icon
  • Made minor UI improvements to the add new event popup form


  • Minor changes to texts for both frontend & backend


  • Minor UI improvements to the All Events & Single Event frontend layouts


  • Including patch for the guided tour feature


  • Added a guided tour feature for the All Events page in backend


  • Added new link on Event view popup to quickly access Event Settings
  • Minor UI improvements to the Event Calendar display on frontend


  • Minor UI improvements to the Event Calendar display


  • More tutorial links added to the backend
  • Linked frontend pages for Events, Event Types, Event Sites, and Performers from their backend pages


  • Added sorting options for Performers page in the backend


  • Fixed an issue with frontend event pagination


  • Added option to select default event calendar view from the Global Settings


  • Added support for ProfileGrid-EventPrime Integration


  • Number of Events for a Performer will now appear on the Performer card in dashboard


  • Age Group will not display on Event page frontend when the Event is open for all


  • Minor improvements to the admin Event Types page


  • Added compatibility with EventPrime Stripe Payments extension
  • Minor improvements to the admin Attendees page


  • Added new content to the Extensions page


  • Added paid bookings
  • Added compatibility with EventPrime Extensions: Live Seating, Event Analytics & Event Sponsors


  • Added better compatibility with most popular themes


  • Fixed front-end compatibility issues with other plugins


  • Minor design enhancement to Event Site card in Dashboard


  • Minor fixes to dashboard UI


  • Improvements to frontend layouts


  • Improved display for events with bookings disabled


  • Minor improvements to the frontend events calendar


  • Added link to Starter Guide in EventPrime Dashboard


  • Minor improvements to event settings and help-texts


  • Improvements to the Add Event dialog box in dashboard


  • Initial Release