Freesoul Deactivate Plugins – Plugin manager and cleanup


FDP allows you to deactivate plugins on specific pages for speed optimization, debugging and problem-solving.

It works for every page, blog posts, custom posts that are publicly queryable, archives and backend pages.

🚀 Deactivate plugins on specific pages to improve the performance

With FDP you can disable the entire plugins where you don’t need them. It will not only clean up the assets of third-party plugins, their PHP code will not run either. Hence, your pages will have fewer HTTP requests and fewer database queries.

You will improve the TTFB (time to first byte) also when the page is not served by cache.

Usually, the number of the needed plugin on a specific page is lower than the number of globally active plugins.

Why don’t you keep the plugins active only on the pages where you need them?

Most of the plugins load their assets and query the database on all the pages, no matter if they do something useful. This causes many times a worsening of the performance.

With FDP no matter how many plugins you have, you can keep them active only where you need them.

🧹 How clean up your website in minutes

Watch this video to have an overview of how to clean up your website with Freesoul Deactivate Plugins.

🥊 Deactivate plugins on specific pages to solve conflicts between plugins

With FDP you can preview the page loading specific plugins. This is very useful to detect which plugin is causing issues.

Look How to check which plugin is causing issues in 1 minute for more details.

If on a specific page you keep active only the plugins that you really need, most of the time the probability of having conflicts between plugins is lower.

🆓 Features of the free version. With the free version of FDP you can:

⭐ Deactivate plugins on specific pages, posts, custom posts, post types, archives, term archives, search results page, devices
Deactivate plugins and the theme on specific backend pages
⭐ Deactivate the JavaScript execution for problem solving (preview on front-end)
⭐ Deactivate plugins by custom URL both for frontend and backend
⭐ Have an automatic suggestion about the unused plugins for the homepage and the backend
⭐ Change plugins firing order
⭐ Create a functional plugin in no time
⭐ Import/Export list of favourite plugins
⭐ See a preview of the pages deactivating specific plugins and switching to another theme without affecting the public site
⭐ See a preview of the page with Google Page Speed Insights for single posts, pages and custom posts (preview without cache, the page may give lower score without cache, use it for comparisons during the optimization)

and much more.

👑 Features of the PRO version. The premium version also includes:

⭐ Unused plugins automatic suggestion both for frontend and backend
⭐ Unused plugins automatic check after content update
⭐ Recording of Ajax activities to find out on which Ajax action you need to disable specific plugins
⭐ Recording of Post activities to find out on which Post action you need to disable specific plugins
⭐ Rest APIs cleanup
⭐ Translated URLs cleanup
⭐ Cron Jobs cleanup
⭐ General bloat deaactivation
⭐ Options autoload management
⭐ Stylesheests and scripts deactivation of remaining active plugins, theme and core
⭐ Import/Export FDP settings
⭐ Bulk actions to activate/deactivate plugins in the FDP settings
⭐ Plugins deactivation by logged and unlogged user
⭐ Automatic GTMetrix and Google PSI reports generation

🧹 📱 Clean up on mobile

FDP allows you to disable specific plugins for mobile devices. But if you disable a plugin on mobile, that plugin will be disabled on all the pages on mobile.
If you want to selectively disable plugins on mobile pages, you can install Specific Content For Mobile that is fully integrated with FDP.
If you create mobile versions with SCFM, you will find the mobile pages in the FDP Singles settings. There you can disable plugins as you do with normal desktop pages.
FDP and SCFM together are powerful tools to selectively clean up mobile pages.
If you clean up the mobile, remember to set up your caching plugin to separate the desktop and mobile cache, in another case you may have issues.
For instance W3 Total Cache, WP Fastest Cache, Powered Cache, and LiteSpeed Cache are caching plugins that can serve a different cache on mobile.

⚠ Requirements

Only the permalink structures “Day and name”, “Month and name”, “Post name” and the custom ones ending with “%postname%” are supported for permanently deactivating plugins (they are also better for SEO).

You will not be able to disable plugins in a permanent way with other permalink structures.

The same if you are using plugins to change the permalinks, e.g., Permalink Manager Lite.

🔌 FDP add-ons

🔌 Freesoul Deactivate Plugins PRO
🔌 Editor Cleanup For Oxygen
🔌 Editor Cleanup For Elementor
🔌 Editor Cleanup For Avada
🔌 Editor Cleanup For WPBakery
🔌 Editor Cleanup For Divi Builder
🔌 Editor Cleanup For Flatsome

🚀 Recommended plugins to use in conjunction with FDP to improve performance

🔌 Caching plugins: W3 Total Cache, WP Fastest Cache, WP Optimize, Comet Cache, Cache Enabler, Hyper Cache, WP Super Cache, LiteSpeed Cache, SiteGround Optmizer. All of those caching plugins are compatible with Freesoul Deactivate Plugins. If your favorite caching plugin is not compatible for any reason, let us know it.
🔌 Plugins to convert WebP like: WebP ConverterrFor Media, Imagify – Optimize Images & Convert WebP, Smush, WebP Express, ShortPixel, TinyPNG. All those plugins to convert WebP are compatible with Freesoul Deactivate Plugins. If your favorite WebP converter plugin is not compatible with FDP, let us know.
🔌 Lazy loading videos is not enough if they are near the viewport. For loading videos on click, you can use Load Video On Click
🔌 Inline the first image that appear in the viewport directly to the HTML if it’s not too big with Inline Image Base64

FDP is compatible with all optimization plugins. If your favorite plugin isn’t in the list above, and it gives conflicts, don’t hesitate to open a thread on the support forum.

🖤 Recommended plugins to use in conjunction with FDP for plugins management

🔌 PlugVersions: Easily rollback to previous versions of your plugins
🔌 Rename Plugins Folder: Rename the plugins folder to add a layer of protection to your website.

🚫 Plugins not compatible with Freesoul Deactivate Plugins

🔌 Domain Mapping System: It loads Freemius on the frontend and this may cause the unexpacted deactivationg of some plugins.
🔌 Admin Menu Editor: It gives you the possibility to customize the admin menu. If you disable plugins on the backend pages, this plugin is not compatible with FDP.

𐧺 Multisites

If you have a Multisite Installation, in every single site you will be able to manage only the plugins which are active on that site. FDP will not see those plugins that are globally active in the Network. And you have to activate FDP on every single site, not globally on the Network.

❓Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find the frequently asked questions.

🔐 How can I report security bugs?

You can report security bugs through the Patchstack Vulnerability Disclosure Program. The Patchstack team helps validate, triage, and handle any security vulnerabilities. Report a security vulnerability.

🛟 Help

Read 📄 how deactivate plugins on specific pages to learn how to selectively load only the plugins that you really need.

For any question or if something doesn’t work, don’t hesitate to open a thread on the support forum

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In addition to building an excellent plugin, it also has wonderful support!
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