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WordPress CRM, Email & Marketing Automation for WordPress | Award Winner — Groundhogg

WordPress CRM, Email & Marketing Automation for WordPress | Award Winner — Groundhogg


Groundhogg is the best WordPress CRM & Marketing Automation plugin. Create funnels, email campaigns, and have a CRM all within your WordPress site.

Groundhogg 3.0 is here!

Groundhogg 3.0 introduces a new powerful email editor that rivals even the priciest SaaS CRM and email marketing platforms.

Create beautiful email templates to send as broadcasts, or to use in funnels and automations.

Do your business a favor and switch to Groundhogg.

Epic WordPress CRM, Email & Marketing Automation

Businesses that switch to Groundhogg save on average $240/m on CRM fees.

👉 Official Site | 📃 Documentation | 🎓 Groundhogg Academy

🌎 Facebook Group | 📺 YouTube Channel | Ⅹ (Twitter)

🚀 14-day demo! Try before you buy.

🏆 2020 Gold Stevie Award Winner

Groundhogg CRM & Marketing Automation for WordPress can help you dramatically improve how you acquire leads and make more sales!

Our award winning WordPress CRM is the very best alternative to Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, Convertkit, HubSpot, MailChimp and other SaaS platforms.

You don’t have to sacrifice CRM features when you switch to our self-hosted solution. In fact you can save $1,000s per year and have the added benefit of owning all your information.

If you are an agency, WaaS, WordPress developer, LMS/Course Creator, WordPress freelancer, or CRM implementation service provider then the Groundhogg CRM and Marketing Automation suite is for you.

🪓 Ax the “Success Tax”

Other SaaS (Software as a Service) CRM platforms will charge you more as your list grows.

But not us!

When using the Groundhogg CRM & Marketing Automation suite free or with any of our paid plans, we’ll never charge you more!

🚫 There are no limits on:

  • Number of contacts
  • Number of funnels or automations
  • Number of emails sent

When using Groundhogg CRM & Marketing Automation you will never be limited on the amount of anything! Unlike other SaaS platforms.

Businesses save $1,000s a year after switching to Groundhogg.

💽 You own your data!

The reality of SaaS CRMs is that you pay, and pay, and pay, and you invest all this money into a system to help your business thrive, but it can be taken away at a moments notice.

Putting your data in a SaaS CRM is like renting an apartment, but with less protection and stingier landlords. You can get evicted at any time, for any reason. There is no recourse.

This leaves your business exposed. What would happen to your business if your CRM was turned off?

With Groundhogg you actually own your data! No one expect you can make impactful changes.

🔎 At A Glance

Everything your business needs to thrive!

  • Best in class CRM & Marketing Automation suite.
  • Organize and segment your contacts to send more relevant communications.
  • Automate your communications to save you time and increase your productivity.
  • Collect data and mine your list so you can stop bleeding money. “The money is in the list!”
  • Own your data so you’ll never be at the mercy of a SaaS company again.
  • Control your expenses! There are NO LIMITS on how many contacts and users you can have! Groundhogg grows with you! Your costs do NOT increase when your lists grows. We don’t tax you for scaling up!
  • Translate & configure into any language.

🌎 We care! Join our Community!

Groundhoggers are very generous with their business intelligence. Just as the Groundhogg CRM & Marketing Automation team is deeply committed to helping! So we create lots of tools to help you succeed.

🤷‍♂️ Who can benefit from Groundhogg CRM and Marketing Automation?

The Groundhogg CRM & Marketing Automation suite is being used by a wide variety of 3,000+ businesses in over 35+ countries. The diversity of use cases is huge!

If you’re business is using WordPress, you can use Groundhogg.

Here are some of the more common use cases:

  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • WordPress Freelancers
  • LifterLMS, LearnDash, or TutorLMS sites
  • WooCommerce Sites
  • WaaS Multisite Platforms
  • Blogs and News Sites
  • Coaches and Trainers
  • Educators and Public Speakers
  • Business Directories
  • And many more!

💡 Made by people who know CRM & Marketing Automation!

Our team is based in Toronto, Canada! We’ve been helping small businesses implement CRM and Marketing Automation since 2014 working with tools like Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign and HubSpot.

After some time, it became apparent that there was a desperate need in the WordPress ecosystem for a capable CRM and Marketing Automation tool for WordPress site owners.

One that could match SaaS platforms on features and reliability did not yet exist, so we built it!

Starting in 2018, Adrian Tobey (founder) and his team took their combined 20+ years of experience in the CRM and Marketing Automation industry to create a better option for WordPress based businesses.

We know funnels, CRM, and marketing automation like the back of our hands!

You can trust us to not only provide you with stellar software and support, but also provide you guidance on the kinds of funnels and automation you should be building to get maximum value from our products.

❤️ Businesses Love Groundhogg CRM & Marketing Automation!

3,000+ businesses in 35+ countries are using Groundhogg CRM & Marketing Automation to launch their funnels, grow their lists and scale their businesses.

Here’s what a few of them had to say about our products and support!

From 👨 Chris Badget, CEO of LifterLMS

Great team, great product, and works with all the key WordPress tools I’m using.
So nice to be able to do broadcast emails, tagging, and marketing automation all from inside my WordPress website.

From 👨‍🦱 Francisco Opazo, Marketing Manager at BuddyBoss

Groundhogg CRM & Marketing Automation is essential for many community builders, course creators, and membership site owners to achieve higher rates of engagement and retention. It simplifies many complex processes including onboarding, email marketing, funnels, and enables you to scale your marketing efforts more efficiently.

From 👨 Jonathan Denwood, Podcaster & Owner of WP-Tonic Agency

Adrian and his team have really built a great WordPress based CRM that’s really competitive with the big guys like ActiveCampagin. I would highly recommend it to anybody who is running WordPress.

There are over 110 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews for Groundhogg on WordPress.org and even more reviews on our Facebook Page!

Kris Britton of the KAYBE marketing agency moved all of his clients from HubSpot to Groundhogg!


Here are the tools you can use to launch your funnel, grow your list, and scale your business faster with Groundhogg CRM & Marketing Automation!

🕺 Straightforward CRM & Contact Management

  • Advanced searching and filtering on any data
  • Unlimited CRM custom fields
  • Segmentation with tags
  • Activity and email history
  • Profile pictures
  • Automatic location discovery
  • CRM Notes
  • CSV importing & exporting
  • Sync contacts in the CRM with WordPress users
  • View congregated information other WordPress plugins in the contact record.

Quickly and easily segment your list with Groundhogg’s unrivaled search filter system!

Groundhogg’s search filters give you more control than any other CRM to segment your list to find exactly the leads you’re looking for.

Our integrations with WooCommerce, AffiliateWP, LearnDash, and more add additional search filters you can use to create powerful segments so you can send hyper targeted messages.

⚙️ Funnels & Marketing Automation Features

  • Create highly effective customer journeys with our easy to learn funnel builder.
  • Over 30+ integrations available to connect the CRM with your favorite WordPress plugins.
  • Create simple funnels or complex ones!
  • Measure the effectiveness of your funnels with easy to read metrics.
  • Start funnels from forms, payments, new users, and more!
  • Open API to add your own benchmarks & actions.

📧 Simple Email Marketing & SMTP

  • Use images, headers, paragraph and more.
  • Simple preview & testing.
  • Perfect for sales emails, newsletters, transactional notifications and more.
  • Send broadcast emails to your contact lists.
  • Distinguish between transactional and marketing emails.

📈 Unmatched Analytics Reporting

  • We track EVERYTHING in the CRM!
  • Granular details of how your site is performing.
  • See open rates, click through rates and conversions at a glance.
  • Detailed results from your funnels and broadcast emails.
  • Integrate with Ecommerce to see revenue from your marketing.
  • Learn more about your audience with demographic reporting.
  • See which funnels/emails are under-performing.

Use campaigns to make comparing reporting results easier

🇪🇺 GDPR Ready

  • Simple GDPR features to keep you compliant.
  • Automatic preferences center, data download, and opt out.
  • Track GDPR consent in your CRM
  • Prevent marketing to those who withdraw consent.

🙌 Get more with premium features!

Groundhogg CRM & Marketing Automation has 45+ extensions to help you expand and integrate Groundhogg to help you build your all in one solution.

👉 Bundle all of our incredible premium features into a flat rate plan. Yearly & monthly options available.

You can also use our ⏱️ 14 day $1 demo to see a preview of these stellar features.

Over 24+ extensions to help you handle more…

Over 30+ integrations to connect to your favorite WordPress plugins. Integrate with…

⏱️ Want to test out the premium Groundhogg CRM and Marketing Automation suite?

If you’d like a trial of our premium plans, please check out our $1 sandbox demo.


  • Serving 3,000+ businesses in 35+ countries.
  • ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ rated software and support!
  • 40+ Certified partners.
  • 🏆 Gold Stevie Award 2020 for Tech Start up of the Year (American Business Awards).
  • 🏆 Gold Stevie Award 2021 for Best In Class Customer Service (American Business Awards).
  • 🏅 Best Software Innovation 2020 finalist (Canadian Search Awards).
  • 🏅 Canadian Small Business Awards 2021 finalist (Canadian Search Awards).

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • Create funnels in the CRM quickly using our drag & drop builder with dozens of triggers and actions.
  • Start with pre-written templates base don real CRM use cases.
  • Quickly write, preview, test and send personalized emails from the CRM.
  • Upgrade to the drag and drop email editor to create emails with HTML and blocks.
  • Groundhogg’s CRM reports give you the most data visibility of any small business CRM and Marketing Automation suite.
  • Create your personalized CRM report dashboard to monitor your most important metrics.
  • The Groundhogg CRM pulls data from all your integrations to show all activity and data on a single screen.
  • Filter contacts in the CRM using dozens of search filters to segment based on tags, custom fields, activity, purchase history, and more!
  • Send out mass emails to your list and view details reports of your subscribers’ engagement.


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Plugin Repo

  • Install Groundhogg CRM and Marketing Automation
  • Activate
  • Complete the guided setup
  • Start Marketing


  • Upload the zip archive
  • Unzip
  • Activate through the plugins manager
  • Complete guided setup
  • Start Marketing


Does Groundhogg need any additional marketing software like MailChimp?

No, Groundhogg is a completely standalone, lightweight CRM and marketing automation system designed to save you $1,000s while helping you generate more revenue.

Does Groundhogg require and external transactional email service like SendGrid?

No, but it is highly recommended. Without a proper transactional email service your emails are likely to end up in spam.

Groundhogg provides a number of recommended solutions:

Groundhogg will automatically use the mail solution you have configured on your WordPress website.

Does Groundhogg have any required monthly fee or upgrades?

No, you can use Groundhogg CRM and Marketing Automation for free forever. Groundhogg is a Open Source project designed to democratize CRM and email marketing automation and provide simple easy to use tools to new and none tech savvy business owners.

That being said, our premium upgrades can seriously help your business! Use our proven tools and strategies to supercharge your marketing and WordPress site!

Does Groundhogg connect to Woocommerce or other plugins?

Yes, Groundhogg can integrate with over 30+ of the most popular WordPress plugins around to crate an even more powerful CRM.

Does Groundhogg work with my theme?

Groundhogg is theme agnostic, meaning it will work with every and any theme. Groundhogg is mostly administrative and very little is seen by visitors.

Does Groundhogg track my subscribers?

Yes, Groundhogg has a very smart tracking system that will allow you to monitor your clients interactions with your emails and your site.

Does Groundhogg Integrate with my membership plugin?

Yes, Groundhogg has a builtin connection with the WordPress user API, meaning it will automatically use user roles in your site, like from a membership plugin.

Is Groundhogg secure?

We follow all best WordPress security practices. Plus it’s open source, so we have a large community looking out for potential weaknesses when it comes to your data.

Is Groundhogg GDPR, CANSPAM, or CASL compliant?

Yes, we have tools available to meet the criteria of all the worlds ANTI-SPAM & privacy legislation.

Is Groundhogg better than my current CRM/Marketing Automation tool?

Well, that’s up to you! We’ll never say Groundhogg is better than anyone, but it is different. And sometimes different is better than better.

Where can I upgrade to premium?

You can purchase a premium plan for access to support and our premium extensions & integrations on our pricing page.


16 Temmuz 2024
Goundhogg is fully integrated into Wordpress rather than a stand-alone CRM, making it easy for designers, developers and reular users to implement and use. Using it with pro features and MailHwak makes for a really simple combo that just works. Love it.
22 Nisan 2024
I have been a Keap – formerly Infusionsoft – user and partner for a number of years. However, my businesses do not really need a complicated and expensive CRM. Groundhogg is the perfect solution for helping me manage members’ experience and scale my membership platforms.
28 Ocak 2024
I have been using Groundhogg for just over a year now and it is my first experience of creating and using a CRM, full stop. This means that the automation processes did not exactly come intuitively to me and I’m still learning! As someone who has not had knowledge of working with a CRM system before a couple of things stand out. Firstly, Adrian and the team at Groundhogg are not standing still and “resting on their laurels”. The capabilities of the system have been extended and improved several times in the year that I’ve been working with it, including a couple of big improvements. Secondly the quality of Support is up there with the best of all the software developers that I’ve come across. I’m really happy I came across and chose Groundhogg to power our CRM.
18 Aralık 2023
You aren’t buying a product, you are getting a partner in your marketing efforts. Adrian is awesome and the product delivers in every way. I’m no longer worried about rising costs every few months as I grow my list and the integrations within the WordPress world make me feel more confident I am maximizing my efforts.
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Katkıda Bulunanlar ve Geliştiriciler

“WordPress CRM, Email & Marketing Automation for WordPress | Award Winner — Groundhogg” açık kaynaklı yazılımdır. Aşağıdaki kişiler bu eklentiye katkıda bulunmuşlardır.

Katkıda bulunanlar

Değişiklik Kaydı (2024-07-10)

  • FIXED Casting to decimal for number custom field filters was not working in conditional logic. (2024-06-28)

  • ADDED Filter groundhogg/has_accepted_cookies for compatibility with 3rd party cookie compliance plugins.
  • ADDED Filter groundhogg/location/get_real_ip to filter the IP address. Just for you Paul ;).
  • FIXED Issue with the broadcast schedule lock not being reset, resulting in broadcast scheduling hanging up sometimes.
  • FIXED Unable to cancel pending broadcasts if no events have been scheduled yet.

3.4.3 (2024-05-29)

  • ADDED Asset editing lock. Emails and funnels will now be “locked” while editing. Similar to WordPress posts.
  • ADDED Rest API Playground! You can now see proper API documentation, as well as test the API based on your website data from within the browser.
  • FIXED 2 non-severe (authentication required) vulnerabilities responsibly disclosed to us by Patchstack. (2024-05-15)

  • ADDED Option in the custom properties editor to move fields between property groups.
  • FIXED Bug with birthday filter caused birthdays during non-leap years to be excluded when using the ‘today’ range. (2024-05-08)

  • FIXED Sequential page views error out. (2024-05-08)

  • HOT FIX Renaming IP address column not working in MySQL 5.6

3.4.2 (2024-05-08)

  • IMPROVED Optimized indexes for activity and events tables for faster reporting.
  • IMPROVED Optimized more queries for faster reporting.
  • TWEAKED IP Addresses will now be stored in binary rather than plain text.
  • FIXED Activity not saving when visitor accesses the site via IPv6.
  • FIXED Guided setup notice not dismissing.
  • FIXED Broken premium link in checklist items.

3.4.1 (2024-04-30)

  • ADDED Begin tracking user agents and IP address with activity and page visits
  • ADDED Set a delay to ignore clicks and opens in the email settings. This will mitigate bot activity inflating reports.
  • FIXED No path to guided setup after WP 6.5 update.
  • FIXED Replaced legacy SMS broadcast scheduler with the new on the add screen from the SMS page. Requires updating the SMS addon.
  • FIXED Deprecated function notices coming from funnels.

3.4 (2024-04-25)

  • IMPROVED New unsubscribe features!
    • Instead of link options there is now an unsubscribe form in the preferences center.
    • The form collects standard reasons for unsubscribing, as well as optional written feedback.
    • Responses are compiled into the Unsubscribe Reasons chart in the contacts report.
    • Unsubscribe reasons and feedback can be viewed in the activity timeline, contacts list, and exported.
    • For users of the one-click unsubscribe feature, the option to offer feedback is provided after they’ve unsubscribed.
    • Go to https://yoursite.com/gh/preferences/manage/ to see what subscribers will see.
  • ADDED Campaigns management in the admin. Edit, delete, etc…
  • ADDED You can now create public campaign archives.
    • Visit https://yoursite.com/gh/campaigns/.
    • All public campaigns will be listed.
    • Campaign archives can be searched by subject and content.
  • ADDED Shortcode to embed email content into posts.
  • ADDED UTM Parameters support in the email editor.
  • FIXED Contact activity timeline sometimes not loading.
  • FIXED Missing strings in the POT file. (2024-04-17)

  • FIXED Some activity not preloading correctly in the contact activity timeline
  • FIXED Email settings disappear after changing campaigns and not saving. (2024-04-17)

  • FIXED Fatal error in the contact list view for lower permission users.

3.3.3 (2024-04-15)

  • ADDED Column preset buttons for easier column management in the contacts list.
  • ADDED A better way to handle all the different mailer handlers with the gh_mail() function.
  • ADDED Some WP CLI tooling which will be improved on and documented at a later date.
  • ADDED Tools to generate fake data for funnels, broadcasts, and contacts.
  • TWEAKED Funnel timers will calculate delay time based on the enqueued time rather than the current time.
  • TWEAKED No longer use p style for a tags in the email editor.
  • TWEAKED Replacement codes for custom date fields will output Y-m-d or Y-m-d H:i:s format by default so that they are easier to use in other functions. You can use the {date} or {local_date} replacement codes to format your dates.
  • TWEAKED Column checkbox toggle order is now more consistent.
  • FIXED Emails not preloading in contact activity timeline.
  • FIXED Removed a bunch of unused files and code.
  • FIXED Notes not being added from funnels when the content is exactly the same as a previous note.
  • FIXED WYSIWYG Editor in text block gets large when editing CSS.
  • FIXED Fatal error in PHP 8+ if no log ID in Email_Logger.

3.3.2 (2024-03-05)

  • ADDED 4x per day the queue will be “cleaned” and events that failed to process within the last 6 hours will be fixed.
  • ADDED Activity for when a contact is imported from a CSV file.
  • IMPROVED using _ to prefix meta for replacements like {_meta_key} is no longer required. You can simply do {meta_key} even if it’s not a registered custom field.
  • TWEAKED Meta that can be serialized, but is not associated with a custom field and thus has no pretty output, will be output as JSON encoded.
  • TWEAKED The replacements cache group has been changed from replacements to groundhogg\replacements.
  • TWEAKED Combined several cron task hooks into one.
  • TWEAKED Funnel conversion activity in timeline now has proper UI.
  • TWEAKED Optimized how emails are preloaded for email activity in the timeline.
  • FIXED Export contacts BG task causing error in tasks log.
  • FIXED HTML email template previews not working.
  • FIXED DB error when passing consent attributes to the contact update method.
  • FIXED Changed all button types in the filters component to button to prevent form submission in custom post types.

3.3.1 (2024-02-27)

  • ADDED New background tasks tab in the logs page.
  • ADDED New Age filter!
  • ADDED New “Day Of” date range for date filters.
  • FIXED Background tasks not always scheduling correctly, moved to using a dedicated table instead of using internal WP Cron.
  • FIXED The Empty comparison for meta filters was not respecting NULL values.
  • FIXED Meta filters with keys containing - were not working.
  • FIXED Is/Is Not comparison for the birthday filter not working.
  • FIXED Email not loading after duplicating an email step in a funnel.
  • FIXED Only show active funnels in Add to funnel tool in the contact record.

3.3 (2024-02-15)

  • ADDED Alternate email testing methods. Design for inbox compatibility testing or Functional to simulate a real email send.
  • ADDED Last/Next 14 days and Last/Next X days ranges for date filters.
  • ADDED Setting to enable sending unsubscribe notifications to a custom email address.
  • ADDED Filters for the List-Unsubscribe header so it can be hijacked by custom implementations.
  • TWEAKED Made the text block editor inline rather than a modal.
  • TWEAKED Made the editor replacements button an MCE toolbar widget.
  • TWEAKED Moved the email editor block inspector and inspector toolbar to the right of the email content.
  • TWEAKED Email previews in the editor will ignore conditional blocks and show all content.
  • TWEAKED Bounce inbox IMAP settings are hidden if using API based outgoing email service.
  • IMPROVED UI of sending email templates from the contact record.
  • IMPROVED UI of adding a contact to a funnel from the contact record.
  • IMPROVED Fallback event and contact tracking when tracking cookie is not working.
  • IMPROVED The One-Click List-Unsubscribe unsubscribe endpoint requires a token.
  • IMPROVED The One-Click List-Unsubscribe endpoint track the unsubscribe to the associated funnel or broadcast.
  • IMPROVED The manage preferences email now uses HTML links and offers a direct unsubscribe link.
  • FIXED If more than 25 emails in a funnel they were not all preloading.
  • FIXED List-Unsubscribe header not working in iCloud because iCloud does not decode it properly. (2024-02-13)

  • FIXED Uninstall function was not deleting all options.
  • FIXED Need to flush cache after using the reset tool. (2024-02-13)

  • ADDED Checkboxes settings field type.
  • ADDED Additional date format helper functions to the DateTimeHelper class.
  • FIXED Coalesce null meta values to the empty string '' for NOT IN comparisons.
  • FIXED Newlines in CSV cells breaking imports.
  • FIXED Search for a contact by email not returning results on email equality.
  • FIXED Force data to save as serialized when mapping to a checkbox list or multi-select custom field. (2024-02-05)

  • TWEAKED The export file headers are added to the CSV before the background process starts rather than during.
  • TWEAKED Funnels will sync step status with every update instead of only during a status change.
  • FIXED When adding new steps to an active funnel the step status is inactive when it should be active.
  • FIXED Initiating an export from the tools page causing fatal error.

3.2.3 (2024-02-03)

  • ADDED Notifications when background tasks are complete.
  • IMPROVED The background task system to be more reliable.
  • TWEAKED Bulk deleting, updating, importing, and exporting contacts will be handled as background tasks.
  • FIXED Guided setup screen blank. (2024-02-01)

  • HOT FIX User info updating incorrect contact records.
  • TWEAKED Optimized the recount tag associations function to perform in a single query.
  • FIXED If filters aren’t registered the filters don’t work. Now shows a broken filter message instead. (2024-01-31)

  • FIXED Funnel history filters not working if in multiple OR conditions.

3.2.2 (2024-01-31)

  • ADDED Background task for completing benchmarks.
  • ADDED Tool to re-sync user IDs based on email address equality.
  • ADDED If user email address and contact email address are not equal show an button to unlink the user from the contact in the user info card.
  • TWEAKED The limits exceeded calculation for background tasks.
  • FIXED Default date range for future date filters didn’t exist.
  • FIXED Caching for the get_contactdata() was not working causing slowness when checking contact marketability.
  • FIXED New filters not setting between before date to EOD.
  • FIXED Refresh button in contact activity not working because our caching was too good.
  • IMPROVED Hardened the auto-login link functionality.
    • If the {auto_login_link} is detected in the email, the to address of that email will be forcibly changed to the associated user’s email address if it’s different than the contact’s.
    • Changing of the user_id or email of a contact will invalidate previously issued login links.

3.2.1 (2024-01-31)

  • TWEAKED Further optimized activity and event based filters.
    • Setting count equals 0 will now return results similar to using the inverse count at least 1 in the exclude group.
  • TWEAKED Delayed localization of gutenberg block js assets.
  • TWEAKED Filters can now be registered directly from custom properties. This will be helpful for addons!
  • TWEAKED Reduced number of queries for the views on the contacts table screen.
  • FIXED count() not always returning a correct number because FOUND_ROWS() was not cached.
  • FIXED Broadcast search not working.

3.2 (2024-01-29)

  • ADDED New under the hood query improvements to help create more complex and performant queries.
  • ADDED Color coding, sorting, and pagination to performance report tables.
  • TWEAKED The funnel reports now shows Added and Active as separate metrics.
  • TWEAKED The conversion rate of a funnel will be calculated with the Active metric and not Added as it was previously. This may reduce your funnel conversion rates.
  • TWEAKED Date ranges for custom fields are now more flexible.
  • TWEAKED Refactored many of the reports to be more performant.
  • TWEAKED Refactored many of the search filters to be more performant.
  • TWEAKED Funnel editor will preload email and tag assets before being editable.
  • FIXED Custom fields built with the legacy custom fields builder not showing up in replacement codes
  • FIXED using the Between comparison in date filters not working.
  • FIXED Funnel campaigns not saving in PHP 8.0+
  • FIXED Selecting posts by ID not working when using a custom post type in the email posts block.
  • FIXED Unable to scroll the email templates.

3.1 (2023-12-07)

  • ADDED Custom post type and taxonomy support to the email editor posts block.
  • ADDED Card style options for the email editor posts block.
  • ADDED Dynamic Shortcode block to the email editor.
  • ADDED Search filters to events and email logs (more to come).
  • ADDED Specify search columns for the emails table quick search.
  • TWEAKED Adding contacts to a funnel is now a similar experience to scheduling a broadcast.
  • TWEAKED Contacts are added to a funnel via a background task instead of the loader.
  • TWEAKED Introduced the new DB\Query class and DB\Filters class to facilitate search filters for more data types.
  • TWEAKED Optimized several of the contact demographic reports to perform queries faster.
  • DEPRECATED User role, opt-in status, and marketability tag mapping will continue to be supported, but will no longer be active by default on new installs.

3.0.1 (2023-11-20)

  • TWEAKED Disable the advanced email editor automatically

3.0 (2023-11-20)

  • NEW Drag & Drop block-based (not Gutenberg) email editor
  • NEW Campaigns as method for organizing funnels, emails, and broadcasts
  • NEW Add heading dividers to custom reports page to make grouping your custom reports easier
  • NEW View detailed email logs in contact activity timeline.
  • NEW Background processing for broadcast scheduling.
  • ADDED Exclude filters to custom reports for more advanced reporting.
  • ADDED New report value types for number reports,
    • Sum of a custom field
    • Average of a custom field
    • Number of distinct custom field values
    • Total number of activities
  • ADDED Option to disable user syncing in WordPress integration settings.
  • ADDED Developer filters/actions to the new form submission handler.
  • ADDED Support for defining some options as constants in wp-config.php.
  • ADDED View email logs in contact activity timeline.
  • TWEAKED Improved the email log modal.
  • TWEAKED Moved user meta sync option to WordPress integration settings.
  • TWEAKED Dropdown and checkbox fields can now be pre-selected with the value setting in the form builder. (2023-10-25)

  • FIXED Properly sanitize task data.
  • FIXED PHP Notice if custom fields tab was deleted. (2023-07-27)

  • ADDED Sort contacts by custom fields values and user meta (when available).
  • ADDED Sort contacts by tag count.
  • ADDED Sort contacts by birthday.
  • TWEAKED Do not add primary ID to INSERT command if table is using AUTO_INCREMENT.
  • FIXED Filtering by datetime, tel, and url custom field types not working. (2023-07-03)

  • ADDED thumbnail argument for the {posts.layout=h2 thumbnail} replacement code to show thumbnails for the h1-h6 layout formats.
  • ADDED columns argument for the {posts.layout=grid columns=1} replacement code show 1-3 columns for the cards/grid formats.
  • ADDED Handling for the In-Reply-To header to enable email threading in Gmail.
  • ADDED hey.com to list of known public email providers.
  • FIXED {posts} replacement causing timeout if post count is an odd number without a featured image. (2023-06-22)

  • HOT FIX Visited pages not being tracked from form submissions.
  • HOT FIX track_live_activity() causing fatal error if no current event is being tracked. (2023-06-22)

  • TWEAKED Shortened tracking URL structure, from /gh/tracking/email/click/<contact>/<event>/<email>/<link> to /gh/c/<contact>/<event>/<link>.
  • TWEAKED Removed redundant update versions prior to version 2.5.
  • FIXED Fatal error when sending test email while browser view is enabled.
  • FIXED Unsubscribe activity not correlating to broadcasts and funnels. (2023-06-21)

  • HOT FIX Permalinks conflict with new email archive feature preventing open/click tracing from working. (2023-06-21)

  • TWEAKED Task Summary now supports replacements in the Create Task action.
  • HOT FIX Fatal Error when installing Groundhogg for the first time. (2023-06-20)

  • HOT FIX Numeric search filters not working
  • HOT FIX Fatal error caused by login benchmark when pro features and calendar addon are both active. (2023-06-19)

  • ADDED New email archive feature.
  • IMPROVED Security regarding the browser view feature.
  • IMPROVED The browser view feature loads faster now and shows in a wider viewport.
  • FIXED Gutenberg block not working.
  • FIXED Owner signature editor not working sometimes on multisite. (2023-06-13)

  • HOT FIX frontend.js not working due to erroneous import statement. (2023-06-12)

  • IMPROVED Optimized the page tracking system and cookie to not explode in size.
  • FIXED Default contact tab setting not providing a valid tab to show sometimes.
  • FIXED Suggested help docs not loading in help screen before ticket flow.
  • FIXED 2 Vulnerabilities responsibly disclosed to us by Patchstack.

2.7.11 (2023-06-01)

  • ADDED Custom activity is now shown in the contact activity timeline.
  • IMPROVED Optimized some reports for better performance.
  • TWEAKED Changed redirect HTTP method for tracking links from 301 to 307.
  • FIXED Contacts not shown when clicking the report of who click a specific link.
  • FIXED Impressions not recording for forms built with the new Form Builder.
  • FIXED Duplicating a step in the funnel returning original step JSON instead of the new step, causing rendering issues.
  • FIXED Date format in reporting date picker showing placeholder instead of actual date. (2023-05-26)

  • HOT FIX Replacement code for {auto_login_link} not working. (2023-05-24)

  • FIXED Email logs page causing fatal error.
  • FIXED More display issues in funnel reports showing incorrect numbers. (2023-05-19)

  • FIXED Tag picker will only make necessary GET requests
  • FIXED Display issues in funnel reports showing incorrect numbers.
  • FIXED Admin bar widget not working when white labelled.
  • FIXED Task due dates showing relative to GMT instead of local time zone.
  • FIXED Files not uploading to contact record from admin screen.

2.7.10 (2023-05-18)

  • ADDED Task management
    • NEW Tasks tab in contact record.
    • NEW My Tasks panel in the Groundhogg admin bar widget
    • NEW Task automation. Create tasks and do automation when tasks are completed in funnels.
  • ADDED Default contact tab profile option so the default tab can be set per user.
  • IMPROVED Contact quick search in admin bar widget shows more useful information.
  • TWEAKED Enhanced security around email logs and potentially sensitive information.
  • TWEAKED {posts} replacement code now uses the proper WP_Query loop syntax.
  • FIXED Added missing capability/nonce checks. Thanks to WordFence for practicing responsible disclosure. (2023-05-01)

  • HOT FIX Table/API searching for some endpoints not working.
  • TWEAKED get_owners is now always passed through the groundhogg/owners filter. (2023-04-28)

  • ADDED Application flow for Review Your Funnel series.
  • ADDED More search filter registration helper functions.
  • ADDED Remote Notifications system to the Toolbar Widget.
  • TWEAKED Convert mobile number to e164 format after most contact creation/update opportunities.
  • TWEAKED Cached owners also passed through groundhogg/owners filter
  • FIXED Web Form URLs search and replaced when importing funnels.
  • FIXED Phone field not saving in web forms when phone type is not changed at least once.
  • FIXED PHP Warnings when submitting web form with a phone field. (2023-03-28)

  • TWEAKED Changed “Source Page” to “Signup Page” to make it more obvious.
  • TWEAKED Edit Form link shows to admins when looking at a form on the hosted page.
  • FIXED Tag picker in form options sometimes not working.
  • FIXED Tags not being applied during form submission when more than one tag is selected for a single option. (2023-03-24)

  • ADDED New Log Only email service which will not send email but just log them.
  • TWEAKED Bumped minimum required WordPress version to 5.9.
  • FIXED Forms columns CSS not responsive.
  • FIXED Translation issues. (2023-03-17)

  • ADDED New address line replacement codes
  • TWEAKED Added CSS to remove underline in posts grid article headlines in emails.
  • FIXED Admin notification step title causing fatal error
  • FIXED Potential low risk (admin authentication required) vulnerability, credit to WPScan.com for disclosing safely.
  • FIXED Track activity actions now fired from API
  • FIXED Mapping to notes not working (2023-03-03)

  • ADDED value column to the activity table.
  • ADDED Opt-in Status replacement code.
  • TWEAKED Birthday field will have inputs reordered based on the date_format setting.
  • TWEAKED Refactored occurrences of “Optin” to “Opt-in.”
  • TWEAKED Field mapping API is now better visually organized.
  • TWEAKED Optimized table queries to utilize the FOUND_ROWS() MySQL function instead of COUNT().
  • TWEAKED Optimized DB::get_sql() method to parse queries.
  • TWEAKED DB class support for WP_Meta_Query.
  • TWEAKED Add ?by_user_id=1 to any gh/v4/contacts/<ID>/ request to fetch contact by the user ID. (2023-03-02)

  • ADDED Developer method to clear pending funnel events by step type
  • FIXED Potential undefined variable when performing DELETE operations with \Groundhogg\DB::query() method (2023-02-22)

  • ADDED maybeFetchItem method for JS object stores.
  • TWEAKED License notice
  • TWEAKED Some admin CSS
  • UPDATED language POT file

2.7.9 (2023-02-20)

  • ADDED New categories UI optimization for funnel steps for easier funnel building.
  • ADDED Standardized method for generating step names.
  • ADDED Tool in logs management to purge old activity logs.
  • ADDED Event type filter in delete event logs management tool.
  • ADDED Custom Email, Phone Number, and Hidden field types to new form builder.
  • ADDED URL, Email, and Phone Number custom field types.
  • TWEAKED Most standard funnel steps now have generated step names.
  • TWEAKED Will double check CA and US origin when validating mobile numbers before giving up.
  • FIXED Field mapping to date & time custom fields not working. (2023-02-01)

  • ADDED Logs management screen and tools for debugging and cleaning up logs.
  • TWEAKED Moved recaptcha settings to the integrations tab.
  • FIXED API and Licenses tab not showing after last update. (2023-01-27)

  • ADDED plain posts layout option for plain text version compatibility.
  • ADDED Integrations tab in settings area for more obvious place to put integration settings.
  • TWEAKED Exporting contacts is now faster and more resource efficient.
  • TWEAKED Cache contact owner IDs in an option so that users are not queried every page load.
  • FIXED Missing text domain for some strings in preferences center. (2023-01-19)

  • HOT FIX Absolute URLs not working in form redirect.
  • FIXED Form submission dates not showing correctly in activity feed. (2023-01-18)

  • TWEAKED Enabling safe mode will check for a 200 OK, otherwise will revert.
  • FIXED Fatal error when previewing email and no contact record available.
  • FIXED Logged in user tracking not used if user precedence is disabled and no contact tracking is available.
  • FIXED New forms not working in Elementor popups.
  • FIXED New forms not setting tracking cookie after submission.
  • FIXED Deprecation notices when registering elementor widgets. (2023-01-12)

  • IMPROVED SMS Broadcast reports now provide meaningful information.
  • HOT FIX Multiselect dropdowns not working in new form builder.
  • FIXED If page tracking nonce is invalid request a new nonce via API.
  • FIXED Not redirect to thank you page when only url path is provided.

2.7.8 (2023-01-09)

  • ADDED More developer hooks in the event queue.
  • ADDED Contact ID and User ID filters.
  • TWEAKED Events moved from queue table to history in one big batch instead of many smaller batches.
  • TWEAKED When downloading files from admin pages use /wp-admin/ link instead of /gh/.
  • TWEAKED Built-in wp-cron will only process the event queue as a fail safe, and will not execute if the event queue has already run.
  • FIXED Non-required fields giving invalid data error when empty value provided.
  • FIXED Transactional broadcasts not being sent to all deliverable contacts.
  • FIXED Contact column screen options missing when white labeled.

Logs older than 2023 have been removed due to a new 5000 word changelog size restriction. Groundhogg has been in active development since 2018!

To see older logs you can view them on github.