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WP Customer Support


Support ticket system built on top of Contact Form 7 and Flamingo plugins.

Note: As long as you have installed and activated Contact Form 7 and Flamingo or you already are using them you can set up the Help Desk 9 plugin in no time and add a simple support ticket system to your site.


Create a new Contact Form 7 form and add both its shortcode and the WP Customer Support shortcode into the page body.

[contact-form-7 id="1" title="Contact Form 7"]

In addition, add the following to the Additional Settings in your Contact Form 7:

flamingo_email: "[your-email]"
flamingo_name: "[your-name]"
flamingo_subject: "[your-subject]"

If you create a support page for a registered user (e.g Subscribers) you may want to have your Contact Form 7 Name and Email fields populated and read-only, e.g.

[text* your-name default:user_display_name readonly placeholder "Full name*"]
[email* your-email default:user_email readonly placeholder "Email address*"]

Note: This way the user won’t need to add them every time they want to create a new support ticket.

Important: Currently there is a naming limitation filter for the fields that will show up on the front-end. You need to have the following keywords when you create the Contact Form 7 fields.

input, title, subject, message, description, content, textarea

For example:

[text your-subject] OR [text subject]
[textarea your-message] OR [textarea my-custom-message-as-support-ticket]

Note: As long as you have the keyword in the name of the field you should be fine.


You can have your ticketing system working for the following different scenarios:

  • Protected – visible on a password protected page.
  • Private – visible only for registered users.
  • Public – visible to all visitors (this way everyone will be able to see the conversation and post anonymously).

Style and format front-end support page

There are two additional attributes and you can use them if you wish to customize (markup differently) and style the output of the support data table.

[help-desk-9 output="json" format="raw"]

This is how you get the data in JSON format. (In PHP I would do the following and the loop and use the data to create a template view.)

// Use print_r( $data ) to view the data structure.
$data = json_decode( do_shortcode( '[help-desk-9 output="json" format="raw"]' ) ); 

Detailed Documentaion

Additional information with step by step setup, usage, demos, and more video & media help can be found on the Developry WP Customer Support page.

WP Customer Support Pro

As of yet this plugin doesn’t have a commercial version available.

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • WP Customer Support is dependent on CF7 and Flamingo screenshot-1.(png)
  • Example CF7 form + Additional Settings screenshot-2.(png)
  • Sample support ticket page with CF7 and WP Customer Support shortcodes screenshot-3.(png)
  • Add support new ticket button anchor screenshot-4.(png)
  • Front-end CF7 form with logged-in User screenshot-5.(png)
  • Extended Flamingo Inbound Messages table view with action links for the Administrator screenshot-6.(png)
  • Extended Flamingo Inbound Message single page view with all the replies at the bottom screenshot-7.(png)
  • The modal window for posting a support ticket reply (Administrator view) screenshot-8.(png)
  • The modal window for posting a support ticket reply (User view) screenshot-9.(png)
  • Full support ticket page example screenshot-10.(png)


Developry plugin installation process is standard and easy to follow, please let us know if you have any difficulties to use our plugins.

Installation From Within WordPress

  1. Visit Plugins > Add New.
  2. Search for WP Customer Support.
  3. Install and activate the WP Customer Support plugin.
  4. You will be redirected to a Welcome page with startup information.

Manual Installation

  1. Upload the entire help-desk-9-by-developry folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Visit Plugins.
  3. Activate the WP Customer Support plugin.
  4. You will be redirected to a Welcome page with startup information.

After Activation

  1. Visit the new Developry menu.
  2. Click on the sub page for WP Customer Support.
  3. Follow the additional instructions (in any) in the setup flow.


As of right now, none.

Use the Support tab on this page to post your requests and questions.

All tickets are usually addressed within 24 hours.

If your request is add-on feature related we will add it to the plugin wish list and consider implementing it in the next major version.


3 Aralık 2019
Great! We are up and running. I have some great ideas and additions in store for this plugin.
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