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IQCalc – COVID-19 Isolation and Quarantine Calculator


Proof of concept WordPress plugin. Not medical advice – please consult your primary care physician for recommendations. Calculations generated using best practices current as of time of publishing. You are welcome to modify and redistribute this plugin if you have a different preference for recommendations on time periods, or otherwise change the configuration of this plugin. This is an open source public health plugin, and we encourage you to build upon it as needed.

Use at your own risk/reward. Provided with no warranty.

Allows you to set a custom message or guidance to accompany every generation. Duration and messages can be easily changed from the single-file plugin.

✌️ -John


Updated to utilize the most recent public health standards as of 11/21/2020. To request an update to the methodology, calculations, or messages returned, please email info@osph.org.

Featured Users

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COVID-19 Isolation and Quarantine Calculator Demo


Support is available via the plug-in page on WordPress.org.


Ideas? Send them to us! 🙂

Special thanks to this cool tool that makes admin interfaces wildly easy: http://wpsettingsapi.jeroensormani.com/

Ekran Görüntüleri


  1. Upload and activate plugin
  2. Configure using the admin page: IQCalc
  3. Use shortcode [iqcalc] wherever you want the calculator to appear.


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