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Last.fm For Artists


This plugin adds a sidebar-widget to list an artists upcoming shows or top tracks from Last.FM (using the new 2.0 REST API).

This plugin requires PHP 5.

Current features:

  • event listing
  • top track listing
  • multi-widgets (add arbitrarily many widget instances to your sidebar)
  • comes with many pre-defined widget layouts
  • complete customization of widget layout possible via format strings and tags
  • I18n available: English, German, Russian. Add your own!

Please let me know about bugs and improper translations you may encounter.

  • documentation
    The format of dates and times are part of the translation files. Let me know if this should be another user-editable option.

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • Left: A simple unordered list of the upcoming events. Middle-top: More sophisticated, a GoogleMaps mash-up displaying the tour. Middle-bottom: display an artists top tracks. Right: The widget options.


As soon as your question arrives I will add it here.

Some weird error message

Do your server run php5? We need the “DOM” section of your phpinfo() show “enabled”-values.

There’s an error message like “ERROR: domdocument::domdocument() expects 2 parameter to be long”

Disable the domxml extension of your php installation. domxml is a legacy extension introduced for php4 which lacks cool dom-functions. But in php5 they are built in and – guess what – incompatible with the old extension. So we rely on the new bright and shiny built-in functions.

Can I use this plugin without a widget?

Unfortunately this is not possible. As all options are set on a per-widget basis, there is no way to display a list without a widget.

Can you translate the plugin to language [insert-your-language]

No… but: You can! Just have a look at the translation files and/or contact me for further instructions.


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Katkıda bulunanlar

Değişiklik Kaydı


  • [CHECK] Compatibility with wordpress 2.9
  • [FIX] css tweak in built-in layouts
  • [FIX] some configurations generated invalid markup.


  • [FIX] Variable substitution for GoogleMaps generated invalid markup
  • [ADD] Russian translation by “Fat Cow” (www.fatcow.com)


  • [FIX] uninstall method changed
  • [FIX] another try to avoid doubled entries
  • [FIX] hide-if-empty was broken
  • [ADD] now the plugin carries some cool ready-to-use layout variants (fully customizable, of course)
  • [CHANGE] the built-in layouts now feature robust, CSS-driven tooltips
  • [ADD] there is a new special tag for variables %VARIABLE::% which is only useful in built-in configurations and needed for things like API keys


  • [FIX] Thickbox script now only in admin panel, hence avoiding the 404 when auto-loading loadingAnimation.gif in posts with permalinks enabled.


  • [FIX] CSS Compatibility with 2.7
  • [FIX] Plugin subtitle in widget view localized
  • [ADD] Un-Installation procedure
  • [ADD] Introducing advanced customization 😉


  • [ADD] New widget type: top tracks
    ** lists your top 50 (or less)
    ** comes with own set of 11 tags, including a special, if-then tag
    ** I included a working example, which illustrates the power. See the examples on the documentation page for a short explanation.
  • [ADD] more clarity in widget options


  • [ADD] Multi-Widget support added. Thanks to Millan and Firephp


  • [FIX] Widget-Options bug when adding the widget to the sidebar.
  • [FIX] Date-Tag bug
  • [ADD] Some new Meta-Tags: %NUMBER-OF-EVENTS%, %NUMBER%, %ARTIST-URL%
  • [ADD] Additional options for header and footer, allowing complete customization.


  • Completed tag support: Every delivered field may now be used.
  • Language support enabled, German and English included. You are welcome to submit your language, since the necessary files to translate are in the “lang” folder.


  • Extended tag support: Almost every field of the XML answer may now be used
  • Language support prepared.
  • more style in widget options


  • Initial Version based on Simon Wheatley Last.FM Events plug-in.