Media Cleaner


Media Cleaner cleans your Media Library from the media entries (and files) which aren’t used in your website, as well as broken entries. An internal trash allows you to make sure everything works properly before deleting the media entries (and files) permanently. It uses a smart analysis powered by many implementations for specific plugins and themes.

Before using this plugin, make sure you have a proper backup of your install. This step is not optional; it is required. You cannot trust any tools modifying or deleting your files.

For compatibility, Pro version and important information, please read this until the end. Last but not least, it is necessary to read the tutorial. It is available on the official website, here: Media Cleaner.


This tool is a knife. Do not use it if you don’t have any backup, or if you don’t understand what it does. This plugin does its best to help you. Learn how to use it and you will get awesome results.


The files detected as not used will be listed in a specific dashboard. It will be up to you to delete them. Then, they will be moved to a trash internal to the plugin. After more testing, you can retrieve those files from the trash, or you can delete them permanently.


It works with any kind of media entries, including their retina and/or WebP versions. It is tested on modern WordPress installs (Gutenberg included) as well as older ones, with various themes and by a community of thousands of users. It does support WooCommerce. As it requires meticulous a lot of work and testing, the Pro version might be required if you are using complex plugins to handle the content of your website. I am constantly increasing the compatibility.


The Pro version adds Filesystem Analysis, extra support for complex plugins, Live Site option and WP-CLI support.

With the Filesystem Analysis, Media Cleaner Pro scans your physical /uploads directory, and match it against the Media Library. It also has extra support for complex plugins, such as:

  • ACF (+ ACF Widgets)
  • Divi Builder
  • Fusion Builder (Avada)
  • WPBakery Page Builder
  • Visual Composer
  • Elementor
  • Beaver Builder
  • Brizy Builder
  • Oxygen Builder
  • Slider Revolution
  • Avia Framework
  • And more (Theme X, ZipList Recipe, WP Residence, WCFM MarketPlace, UberMenu…)

The Live Site option will analyze the online version of your website, which might enhance the accuracy of the Cleaner in edge-cases.

Last but not least, Media Cleaner Pro has support for WP-CLI. If you have direct access (SSH) to your server, you will be able to run the plugin at a much higher speed or have it ran automatically, if you like.


Better to be safe than sorry. This plugin deletes files! Therefore, backup is not only important, it is necessary. Don’t use this plugin if you are not ready. I can’t help you if you damaged your install.


  • Mike Meinz, an amazing developer from the US who made a thorough debugging of the whole process, load lot of corrections and optimizations, and added support for more plugins.
  • Satoshi Soma, an excellent Japanese developer who helped me when I needed it the most.

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • Media -> Media Cleaner


  1. Upload media-file-cleaner-pro to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  2. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
  3. Go in the Settings -> Media Cleaner and check the appropriate options
  4. Go in Media -> Media Cleaner


26 Ocak 2020
The plugin is great. It perfectly fulfills its function in a simple way. In addition, its support is very fast and effective.
24 Ocak 2020
Have tried other media cleaners and they don't live up to this one. It's been so helpful in cleaning up unused media items which has gotten so big over the years. Jordy was also great with helping me get it working properly. Great customer service. Thank you!
19 Ocak 2020
The free version worked very well within a simple theme without PageBuilder. The free version did not work for the Enfold theme, which includes a page builder. The Pro version did not work with the settings suggested in the tutorial. Jordy provided a test account. Together with the excellent support, the problem was solved. Thanks!
12 Ocak 2020
Although I have had this installefd for a while, I just used it today, and I am impressed. It churned through a lot of media and identified what I needed to delete to streamline the library. Great plugin, and highly recommended
6 Ocak 2020
So here was my challenge: I had a feed aggregator with over 100,000 syndicated posts and around 300 GBytes of media files, many of which unattached, broken, or inaccessible, mostly because of changes made with some plugins (i.e. adding thumbnails automatically) or changing themes (since this often requires regenerating thumbnails and leaves 'old' images around). Some plugins also attempted to 'optimize' the images, but often failed and left garbage around. The situation became critical when I couldn't sync the server with a secondary server, and my automatic backup mechanism failed because there were simply too many big files to backup... Media Cleaner to the rescue! 😸 Now, Media Cleaner is not a magical tool. It does a lot of stuff automatically trying to fix most of the problems, by searching the database over and over again, see which attachments are in sync with posts (and which are not) and vice-versa, and so forth. Its memory requirements and overall speed depends on how messed up your installation is; you can tweak a few settings (essentially trading off processing speed by avoiding timeouts) but it's not very trivial to figure out what works best in your specific scenario. I really spent a lot of time tweaking not only Media Cleaner but also the underlying server — WordPress, web server, PHP, etc. — to deal with the additional demand of memory and trying to avoid timeouts. It still wasn't an easy task. To be sincere: I took 5 days or so until Media Cleaner, out of those 100,000 broken images & attachments, managed to show me some 1,600 requiring manual intervention. Does that mean that Media Cleaner did all the rest by itself? Not even close: I had to do basically everything on my own, manually logging in to the server and deleting files (I tried the free version of the plugin; allegedly, the pro version is able to delete files by itself, but only if it can actually find them... the vast majority of the files I had would not be detectable by Media Cleaner anyway, because they were completely orphaned), directly manipulating complex queries on the database to manually delete a lot of unnecessary things, and writing a few scripts to automate parts of the process when it simply took way too long to do things manually. Media Cleaner has a very annoying issue: dealing with timeouts. It is a properly coded plugin, which does not rely on a 'page refresh' to do a lot of issues (which would invariably fail with a timeout). Instead, like other plugins such as Regenerate Thumbnails and Better Search and Replace, it relies on doing 'background' tasks while giving visual feedback without requiring page refreshes, which is the appropriate way to deal with long-running tasks in this day and age (one wonders why WordPress itself does not do things that way...). However, there is a catch-22: it assumes that things will 'always work' after tweaking the performance settings; but you cannot say which settings will be correct before actually performing the first scan. Jeordy Meow did at least address this issue, but the solution is sub-optimal (at least for the version tested in early 2020!). When 'something' fails (either due to a timeout or an underlying error which Media Cleaner is unable to fix automatically), a nice dialogue box pops up, giving you the option either to 'retry' or to 'ignore' the entry it was currently processing. This has two drawbacks: firstly, you have no idea which entry is currently being processed; and, in my case, I had no clues about what was causing the errors (Media Cleaner can also write its own debugging logs, but... mine were always empty); and, secondly, 'retry' will only work if, say, you're able to make a change in the underlying system before continuing (for example, imagine that you suddenly got out of disk space; you may be able to launch a terminal, delete some superfluous files elsewhere, and attempt a 'retry'). 'Continue' is the way to go if you have an utterly broken entry, and you will not lose the scanning work done so far by Media Cleaner. This is a rather robust solution: it works across the many processing stages, and you can pick up from where you were, even if you happen not to be in front of your desk when the dialogue box pops up. With perversely garbled websites like my own, Media Cleaner will stop a lot of times without being able to process any entries. This can happen at 'any' time, so, unless I spend all the time glued to the screen, ready to click the 'ignore' button, it will stop and wait for the user to make a choice. This means that the whole procedure, which will take several hours on a large site, will take even longer if you're not always looking at the Media Cleaner admin page. A far better option would have been to create a retry/ignore option somewhere (like in many applications, where you get an option to 'remember the last choice') so that you can safely abandon your workstation and do other things while you patiently wait until Media Cleaner is finished... Allegedly, you can schedule these tasks with the pro version, but I can imagine that if a scheduled task 'fails', it will simply stop, to be run the next time — and not really 'fix' anything. It's arguable that 'timeouts' may be fixed so that Media Cleaner will never encounter any; but while this may be true for smaller-sized sites, the problem with sites with 100,000 entries or more is that there is no way to set up 'enough' memory and a sufficiently long timeout. At some point, you will encounter physical limits which cannot be changed; in such cases, the only option is somehow instructing Media Cleaner to keep on going and do whatever it can do, skipping everything it cannot fix, but writing 'somewhere' what it could not fix automatically so that a human being can address these issues manually. If out of 100,000 entries just a few dozens are left out... well, that is manageable by a human. In my case, I have absolutely no idea what Media Cleaner actually did. I know that, at the end of those 5 days, the scan finished, and I had 1,600 images to review manually (none of which were actually correctly flagged, but that's not Media Cleaner's fault, just the way a certain plugin actually juggles images around, thus confusing Media Cleaner). I have no idea what happened to the rest of the images; nor how many had been actually 'fixed'. There is simply no feedback whatsoever on what Media Cleaner actually does (at least not in the free version!). At the end of the day, as said, I had to manually do all the deleting by myself, from a terminal, working with scripts or sometimes simply with direct database queries. Media Cleaner wasn't especially useful in my specific case and it wasted some five days of work. Then again, as said, the particular setup of this website (running for over a decade!) meant that everything was garbled beyond the ability to automatically fix things. To give you an idea of how bad it was: besides dealing with media files, I also had to get rid of actual blog posts, which required a different plugin (Media Cleaner, as the name implies, only deals with media — even though, from the point of view of WordPress, 'media' — an attachment — is just a 'different' kind of post; technically one would assume that a tool that works for one post type could work with any other post type...). I actually tried two different ones — both of which had a real tough time in deleting all useless posts, and none had any performance-tweaking options as Media Cleaner has. The only thing one could do was to delete, say, 1,000 entries at a time — which takes impossibly long to do if you have hundreds of thousands of entries. So, compared to those plugins, Media Cleaner was much better in handling the issue; just because I had no success in 'fixing' my 'impossible' situation, it doesn't mean that it cannot fix yours — as you can see from the reviews, a lot of people routinely have success with Media Cleaner! In conclusion: from my point of view, there are some rough edges on Media Cleaner which are annoying. I can imagine that a few of these issues are solved in the pro version — but it's never a good idea to be forced to pay for getting a 'solution' for what appears to be a UI design failure. Not having tested the pro version, I cannot say if that would fix my problem; I can just say that I'd seriously suspect that it wouldn't. Media Cleaner pro is not cheap, for something that doesn't guarantee any success. I have a few ideas on how Jeordy could improve his business model so that people using the free version of the plugin feel confident that the pro version is really worth the price, but I'm not going into that... Still, the overall interface feels very polished, it's indeed a very complex plugin which took a lot of time to write and debug, and just because it didn't work in my case, it would be most unfair to rate it badly. I gave it four stars because I think that a few things could be more polished when dealing with the timeout issue I mentioned (i.e. adding an option to 'always ignore' or 'always retry' so that you can do unattended recoveries) and a lot more feedback ought to be given (what's the point in having a 'special' log file if actually nothing interesting is written to it...?) — at the very least, a list of media attachments that were processed and a list of those which were not processed would be a requirement to get five stars. In other words, one ought not to spend five days trying to see what Media Cleaner can do with a garbled WordPress installation and have no clue, at the end of the day, what exactly has been fixed and what hasn't. Oh, last but definitely not least, I really adore the cartoons used by Jeordy Meow! 😸
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Değişiklik Kaydı


  • Update: Creates the DB tables automatically.
  • Add: Support for Revolution Slider.
  • Add: Support for WP Residence.
  • Add: Support for Avia Framework.


  • Add: Check the IDs of the standard galleries.
  • Add: Support for the ACF groups.
  • Add: Support for the ACF fields for taxonomies.


  • Update: Better support for WPBakery.
  • Fix: Issue with the URLs pointing at the plugin’s tutorial page.
  • Fix: Avoid the scan to be halted by error logging.
  • Add: Basic support for WCFM MarketPlace.
  • Info: This plugin is a lot of work. Please help by giving it a nice review, here: Thank you 🙂


  • Update: Admin refreshed to 2.4.
  • Fix: Support for ACF Aspect Ratio Crop, Tasty Pins, and more extensions.


  • Fix: ACF File field wasn’t being detected properly in some cases.
  • Fix: Support for WPBakery Masonry Grid and probably for many more cases than just this one.
  • Add: Ask for confirmation before deleting all the files at once.


  • Fix: Widgets were not scanned.
  • Add: Support for Divi modules.


  • Add: Option to disable the analysis of shortcodes.


  • Add: Support for Brizy Builder.
  • Fix: Doesn’t trigger the timeout check if WP-CLI is being used.
  • Add: WP-CLI can now delete and trash media entries and files.


  • Add: Support for Yoast SEO and its Facebook Image.
  • Add: Support for Elementor and Oxygen Builder.
  • Add: Support for ACF File Field.
  • Update: Better support for WP CLI.
  • Fix: Make sure the HTML is UTF8 encoded before analyzing it.
  • Update: Removed affiliate links to BlogVault in the Readme as it seems to be against the WordPress guidelines.


  • Add: Support for Uber, Easy Real Estate.
  • Update: Admin CSS and texts.
  • Fix: A rare but wrong call to the log() function was causing the plugin to fail.
  • Update: Clean the options. Now, the Content option replaces Posts/Meta/Widgets (they were useless in a way).
  • Add: Support for WP-CLI (have a look at the how-it-works.txt) in the Pro. Now, scanning can be 100x times faster.
  • Add: Option Live Site in the Pro.


  • Add: Lot of refactoring and optimizations.
  • Add: Support for Theme X, ZipList, and better support for standard websites as well.
  • Add: Yes/No dialog for Reset button.


  • Add: Support for Recent Blog Posts.
  • Add: Additional support for images used by the theme.


  • Add: Support for My Calendar (thanks to Mike Meinz).
  • Add: Support for iFrames (thanks to Mike Meinz).
  • Update: Code cleaning, reorganization and optimization.


  • Update: Many optimizations, modules and big sections of the code are now only loaded when really needed.
  • Fix: Filenames with spaces weren’t detected correctly and other.
  • Fix: Make sure that the shortcodes are resolved.
  • Add: Compatibility with more plugins (ACF Widgets, Attachments, Metaslider).


  • Add: Support for WebP.
  • Update: Avoid removing tables when plugin is only disabled.
  • Fix: For some, the tables couldn’t be reset.


  • Update: Admin style update and common framework updated.
  • Update: Compatibility with WordPress 5.1.


  • Add: Filters for Filesystem scan. Please have a look at the tutorial (, there is now a section about those filters.
  • Fix: Query for metakey.
  • Fix: Thumbnails matching.
  • Update: Compatibility for WordPress 5 and Gutenberg.


  • Update: Slight code cleaning.
  • Update: Checkboxes are updated dynamically.
  • Info: Media Cleaner is better than ever by going through so many improvements and optimizations this year. The plugin has also been perfectly stable for a few weeks, so I have decided to change its version number. Please help this plugin survive by giving me a nice review, here: Thank you 🙂


  • Fix: Issue with ACF Repeater.
  • Fix: Trash and Ignore features resulted in a weird behavior when used together.
  • Add: Now can delete the results of a search.
  • Update: Many UI improvements.


  • Update: Many parts of the UI were rewritten for a better experience. Buttons have a nicer logic.
  • Add: Enhanced error control. From now, when an error occurs during the scan, a popup will appear (asking to try again, or to skip the current item), and errors will be logged to the console.


  • Add: Added an option to only scan the thumbnails and ignore the base files.
  • Add: ACF Repeater support.
  • Update: Improved the code and the performance. Scan is now done differently, using the DB.
  • Fix: Debug logs weren’t logging (and enhanced them a bit).


  • Fix: Doesn’t remove the Media entry if the files cannot be deleted.
  • Update: Displays a warning if the log file cannot be created.


  • Update: Streamlined the plugin, tutorial has also been rewritten.
  • Update: Simplified the Settings. Removed the Gallery option, as it is part of the Posts or Post Meta.
  • Update: Support for UTF8, Background CSS, and Shortcodes have been moved to the Free version, and are now always enabled. Easier for everyone.
  • Add: Extra support for Page Builders is being added into the Pro version.


  • Add: Support for WooCommerce Short Description.
  • Add: Support for Divi Background.
  • Add: Support for Custom Fields Pro (ACF gallery).
  • Fix: Better support for CSS background.
  • Fix: Avoid detected file to be re-added if already there.
  • Update: Removed UTF-8 option (became useless).


  • Fix: Divi Single Image wasn’t always properly detected.
  • Add: Option for CSS background.
  • Update: Code cleaning, slighlty faster now.
  • Info: This plugin is hard work, don’t hesitate to review it 🙂 Thank you.


  • Update: Support for ACF (Image Field as Object, URL and ID).
  • Info: This plugin is hard work, don’t hesitate to review it 🙂 Thank you.


  • Update: Check DIVI Galleries and Single Images in Beaver Builder.
  • Update: Support for files which aren’t images and links (href’s).


  • Fix: Too many files were detected as used if WooCommerce was installed.


  • Info: This is a MAJOR UPDATE both in term of optimization and detection. Keep my motivation up and give a good review to the plugin here: That helps me a lot.
  • Update: Meta Data analysis is now cached, so much faster.
  • Update: URL detections became a bit more safer.
  • Update: Detect the images used by the themes more than before.
  • Fix: Images in widgets weren’t detected in many cases.


  • Update: Support for WP 4.9.
  • Fix: Could not empty trash if Media was already removed.


  • Fix: Meta search issue.
  • Fix: SQL typo for WooCommerce detection.
  • Fix: Avoid checking the empty arrays.


  • Info: This is a MAJOR UPDATE both in term of optimization and detection. Keep my motivation up and give a good review to the plugin here: That helps me a lot.
  • Add: Support for Fusion Builder (Avada).
  • Add: Cache the results found in posts to analyze them much faster later.
  • Add: Debugging log file (option).


  • Add: Support for WooCommerce Gallery.
  • Add: Support for Visual Composer (Single Image and Gallery).


  • Update: Bulk analyze/prepare galleries, avoid the first request to time out.
  • Add: Many option to make the processing faster or slower depending on the server.
  • Fix: Handle server timeout.
  • Add: Pause button and Retry button.


  • Update: Safest default values.


  • Add: Information about how a certain media is used (Edit Media screen).
  • Fix: Check / Create DB process.
  • Fix: Plugin was not working well with themes using Background/Header.
  • Update: A bit of cleaning.


  • Update: Core was re-organized and cleaned. Ready for nice updates.


  • Fix: Little issue when inserting the serial key for the first time.
  • Update: Compliance with the rules, new licensing system.
  • Update: Moved assets.
  • Info: There will be an important warning showing up during this update. It is an important annoucement.


  • Fix: Plugin was not working properly with broken Media metadata. It now handles it properly.
  • Info: If you want to give me a bit of motivation, write a review on


  • Fix: When over 1 GO, was displaying a lower size value.
  • Fix: Counting wasn’t exact with a Filesystem scan.
  • Info: Please read the previous changelog as it didn’t appear in WP for some reason.
  • Add: Check Posts also look for the Media ID in the classes (more secure).
  • Info: If you want to give me a bit of motivation, write a review on


  • Add: Now the Media can be recovered! You can remove your Media through the plugin, make sure they are not in use (by testing your website thoroughly) and later delete them definitely from the trash. I think you will find it awesome.
  • Update: Nicer internal icons rather than the old images for the UI.
  • Update: Faster and safer for post_content checks.
  • Update: This is a big one. The plugin is more clear about what it does. You need to choose either to scan the Media or the Filesystem, and also against what exactly. There has also been a few fixes and it will work on more big installs. If it fails, you can remove a few scanning options, and I will continue to work on making it perfect to support huge installs with all the options on.


  • Update: Show a better edit media screen.
  • Update: Will show the same number of items as in the Media Library (before it was fixed to 15 items per page).
  • Fix: Was displaying warning if the number of items per page in the Media page is not set.


  • Fix: HTML adapted to WP 4.5.1.
  • Fix: Doesn’t break if there is an error on the server-side. Display an alert and continue.
  • Update: Can select more than one file for non-Pro.
  • Fix: Issue with PHP 7.


  • Add: Option for resolving shortcode during analysis.
  • Update: French translation. Big thanks to Guillaume (and also for all his testing!).
  • Info: New name, fresh start. This plugin changed completely since it very first release 🙂


  • Add: Delete the unused directories.
  • Add: Doesn’t break when there are too many files in the system.
  • Add: Pro version with better support.
  • Update: Improved detection of unused files.
  • Fix: UTF8 filenames skipped by default but can be scanned through an option.
  • Fix: Really many fixes 🙂
  • Info: Contact me if you have been using the plugin for a long time and love it.


  • Add: Inclusion of gallery post format images.
  • Fix: Better gallery URL matching.
  • Info: Thanks to syntax53 for those improvements via GitHub ( Please review Media Cleaner if you like it. The plugin needs reviews to live. Thank you 🙂 (


  • Fix: Cross site scripting vulnerability fixes.
  • Change: Many enhancements and fixes made by Matt ( Please thanks him 🙂
  • Info: Please perform a “Reset” in the plugin dashboard after installing this new version.


  • Fix: Scan for multisite.
  • Change: options are now all enabled by default.
  • Fix: DB issue avoided trashed files from being deleted permanently.


  • Works with WP 4.
  • Gallery support.
  • Fix: IGNORE function was… ignored by the scanning process.


  • Add: thumbnails.
  • Add: IGNORE function.
  • Change: cosmetic changes.
  • Add: now detects the custom header and custom background.
  • Change: the CSS was updated to fit the new Admin theme.


  • Change: the MEDIA files are now going to the trash but the MEDIA reference in the DB is still removed permanently.
  • Stable release.
  • Change: Readme.txt.


  • Add: check the meta properties.
  • Add: check the ‘featured image’ properties.
  • Fix: keep the trash information when a new scan is started.
  • Fix: remove the DB on uninstall, not on desactivate.


  • Add: progress %.
  • Fix: issues with apostrophes in filenames.
  • Change: UI cleaning.


  • Add: options (scan files / scan media).
  • Fix: mkdir issues.
  • Change: operations are buffered by 5 (faster).


  • First release.