Display monthly archives by year with links to each month in the following compact format:

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

6 7 8 9 10 11 12

Serves as a drop in replacement for wp_get_archives( array( 'type' => 'monthly' ) );.

If you’re interested in contributing to the code behind this plugin, it’s also hosted on GitHub:

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • This is how Monthchunks looks with the Twenty Eleven theme. You can see here that 4 years of archives (eventually 48 links) take up less than 200 vertical pixels of precious sidebar real estate. Note that if you're browsing a monthly archive page, that month's number is emboldened, but not linked. If you hover over the link for any month, you'll see the localized month name and year as a tooltip.


  1. Extract the zip file, drop the contents in your wp-content/plugins/ directory, and then activate from the Plugins page.
  2. Edit your theme file (e.g. sidebar.php) and replace the WordPress template tag wp_get_archives(); with monthchunks();
  3. You can also add it as a widget to any sidebar


How do I make the years display in ascending order (2010, 2011, 2012…) instead of descending (the default)?

The monthchunks function takes two optional parameters and the first is year_order, which accepts two string values: "descending" or "ascending".

Can I make months display in a format other than the default month number (1, 2, 3…)?

The monthchunks function takes two optional parameters and the second is month_format, which accepts three string values: "numeric", "alpha", or "abbreviation". The “alpha” format displays the first letter of the month (e.g. J, F, M…) which may not make sense in all languages. The “abbreviation” format displays the language-specific abbreviation for the month, e.g. (Jan, Feb, Mar…).


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Katkıda Bulunanlar ve Geliştiriciler

“Monthchunks” açık kaynaklı yazılımdır. Aşağıdaki kişiler bu eklentiye katkıda bulunmuşlardır.

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“Monthchunks” eklentisini dilinize çevirin.

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Kodu görüntüle, SVN deposuna göz at veya RSS ile geliştirme günlüğüne abone ol.

Değişiklik Kaydı


  • Fix text domain


  • Changed l10n to adjust to new plugin translation process
    ** Updated text-domain


  • Fix PHP Notice, incorrectly using variable instead of instance field. (thanks Birgir Erlendsson – @birgire)


  • Improve class constructor


  • Fix backwards compatibility calls to monthchunks


  • Fix admin area issue


  • Major refactor of the code
    ** Created different files to split the backend logic and the widget
  • Includes widget support
  • Added localization templates


  • Added the new “abbreviation” mode for month display (thanks Xavi Ivars)


  • Use WordPress’ Date and Time Locale object to localize month names in tooltip
  • Change default year_order sort to descending (more closely matches wp_get_archives)
  • Appropriately escape html output (though largely unnecessary)
  • Fix: only display archive link for months with posts (not pages)


  • Generate output with a single SQL query, instead of N+1, where N was the number of years of post archives


  • Add year_order and month_format options
  • Add title="month_name year" attribute (aka tooltips) to the month links
  • Lmited visible archives to posts with post_status = ‘publish’
  • Revise pretty html output slightly
  • Add semifix for year = “0000” bug


  • Remove <ul></ul> output to make monthchunks more of a drop-in replacement for wp_get_archives()
  • Add logic to de-link from current month
  • Sort years in chronlogical order
  • Don’t print separator space after last month of year


  • Use $wpdb->posts instead of wp_posts as table name


  • Use WordPress’ get_month_link() function to output link to monthly archive (thanks raphaële)


  • Initial version