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14 Şubat 2019 2 yanıt
I’ve had an issue that I see others in the support threads have also had: there are gaps in the display grid where portfolio items should be. I have tried different column layouts and other things to get this to work but it remains an ugly grid with blank spaces. I’ve reached out to the developer for help, even offering to pay, and have had zero replies. 14 February 2019: I’m updating my initial 1-star rating after Nimble3 reached out to me to resolve the problem I was having. I appreciated the help they provided and it did resolve the problem. The plugin is excellent when it works and the ability to filter the items is a big plus. I wish they had a more robust support system and/or a way to prioritize people willing to pay for the support they need.
18 Eylül 2017 1 yanıt
This looks it has a lot of potential and the plugin still works but the creators seem to have moved on. Support questions posted to this have not been answered for months and it looks like support is no longer available. I am leery of purchasing any addons unless I know that company is still active. There is no contact information on their website.
3 Eylül 2016
Great plugin…very simple and efficient to use (I’ not professional at all). Result is very nice!! Problem is I could not find the way to put more than 1 image in the portfolio. I saw same topic in WP support from one year ago closed without being solved …so I give up and go to another portfolio…too sad.
3 Eylül 2016
We have a nonprofit website on the WordPress platform and we were looking for a solution to display information in a portfolio format that would also be easy to manage in the WP editor. After looking at many options we found that this was one of the best plugins available because it provides the greatest level of flexibility and the presentation style is beautiful. This plugin is functional, aesthetically pleasing, and well-engineered all around. Thank you to the team of developers who designed this solution and we look forward to future innovations.
3 Eylül 2016
Le miniature immagini non vengono visuliazzate e il servizio di assistenza è praticamente inesistente.
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