NM Gift Registry and Wishlist – Crowdfunding


This crowdfunding extension for the NM Gift Registry and Wishlist plugin allows item added to wishlists or gift registries to be crowdfunded.

Free version features

  • Allow items in a wishlist or gift registry to be crowdfunded.
  • Set a minimum contribution amount for each crowdfunded item in the wishlist.
  • Allows the ability to refund customers their crowdfund contributions.
  • Progress bar to view crowdfund status of wishlist items in a graphical form.
  • Multiple flexible ways for the wishlist owner to fulfil his crowdfunding campaign according to the store manager’s setup.

Pro version features

  • View detailed information on all crowdfund contributions for each wishlist.
  • View detailed information on all free contributions fro each wishlist.
  • Allow the money received for specific crowdfunded items to be moved around the wishlist and used to fund other crowdfunded items in the wishlist.
  • Wishlists can receive free contributions from customers that can be used to fund purchases of wishlist items.
  • Allows the creation of coupons to be used specifically for items in a wishlist.
  • Provides a wallet for managing funds received for the wishlist.
  • View log of all transactions carried out in the wallet.
  • Send emails to wishlist owner when items have been crowdfunded in the wishlist.


This plugin requires the NM Gift Registry and Wishlist plugin to be installed and activated for it to work. Simply install and activate and start making items in your wishlist crowdfunded.


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Katkıda bulunanlar

Değişiklik Kaydı

(Full changelog available in changelog.txt file in plugin root directory).


  • Added notices to close plugin on WordPress.org repository.


  • Improvement – Add to wishlist user experience.
  • Improvement – Wishlist item table user interface actions.
  • Improvement – Plugin error and success notifications display as toasts instead of woocommerce notices.
  • Improvement – Optimized javascript code.
  • Improvement – Optimized php code.
  • Tweak – Bootstrap 5 components used for plugin modules.