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8 Kasım 2021
já utilizei o Opt-In Panda em alguns projetos menores e deu tudo muito certo. a experiência foi bem bacana e integrou certinho com outros plugins.
9 Aralık 2020
I generally like this plugin a lot, however for some stupid reason my license keeps disabling itself a couple of times per day. So its a constant re-enabling again, super annoying. Support just doesnt respond to any messages. Have to start looking for alternatives and would not recommend this to anyone!
6 Temmuz 2020
The plugin works as described but the promo for paid version is excessive. The most annoying thing is we don't even have an option to stop it from showing each time we login. It's absolutely disgusting that you guys have decided to use our admin area as a banner spot. I for one do not pay you a penny for this reason.
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