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Peter’s Literal Comments


Everything that your commenter writes should display literally. Back to plain text! No allowed tags, period.


  • WordPress 2.5 or higher


Unzip peters_literal_comments.php to your WordPress plugins folder, then enable the plugin.


Please visit the plugin page at http://www.theblog.ca/literal-comments with any questions.

Installation Instructions

Unzip peters_literal_comments.php to your WordPress plugins folder, then enable the plugin.


25 Eylül 2017
It installed well and turns html tags into plain text, so I love it, and it's compatible up to the latest version. I don't know what version I have because I am not shown that, only "get version 4.8.2," so who knows. I do wish it would remove the encouraging text next to the comment box that says "Hey! You can use < strong > < em > blahblah and all kinds of < blockquote >," because I don't want people entering anything weird into the comment box, the text is way too much and it didn't look good, but I fixed with css, since there's no other way to easily fix it without tampering with core files or making a new child theme.
12 Ağustos 2019
Simple plugin to strip out the HTML in comments without editing the core files. It does just that. Updating August 2019. It still works (with the current version of WP).
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Değişiklik Kaydı

  • 2011-07-23 1.0.2: Disable auto-linking by WordPress by default.
  • 2008-04-06 1.0.1: Fixed the treatment of single quotes thanks to https://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/kb-backtick-comments/.
  • 2008-01-31 1.0.0: First version.