Pinboard Bookmarks


Pinboard Bookmarks allows you to publish bookmarks from Pinboard on your blog. The plugin lets you:

  • retrieve the bookmarks from your account (or any account) on Pinboard;
  • retrieve the bookmarks from one or more tags of your account (or any account).

This plugin has also a shortcode, so you can publish the bookmarks in a post or a page.

The plugin may display for each tag (you choose what to display):

  • the title with link;
  • the description if any;
  • the date of the bookmark;
  • the tags assigned to the bookmark;
  • the base URL of the original site.

Other options are available, such as:

  • display items in random order;
  • display the link to the entire archive of that tag on Pinboard;
  • display the various elements of each bookmark in a certain order;
  • and others.

After the plugin’s activation, you will have a new widget in Appearance / Widgets.

Usage as widget

The plugin provides a widget to be used in your sidebar. After activating the plugin, you will have a new widget in Appearance > Widgets. Simply drag & drop the “Pinboard Bookmarks” widget in the sidebar, adjust the options, and click Save.

Usage as shortcode

You can also use the plugin’s shortcode to display your list on a static page or on a single post. Example usage:

[pbsc username="johndoe"]

Change username as required.

In the widget you can use the full set of options. So, for example, if you want to fetch the feed from bookmarks that have books and comics tags and display the tags, use:

[pbsc username="johndoe" tags="books comics" display_tags=1]

Note that the plugin will fetch bookmarks that have both the tags books and comics.

Another more complex example:

[pbsc username="johndoe" time=86400 display_desc=1 display_date=1 display_time=1 display_tags=1 display_hashtag=0 display_source=1 items_order="tags title description date" date_text="Stored on:" display_archive=1 admin_only=1 debug_options=1 debug_urls=1]

This is the list of the options for the shortcode:

  • intro_text (string) – An introductory text for the shortcode.
  • username (string) – A username on Pinboard.
  • tags (string) – A space separated list of tags or a single tag.
  • source (string) – The source in Pinboard, like from:pocket, from:instapaper, or from:twitter.
  • quantity (integer) – The number of bookmarks you want to display (Pinboard accepts 400 at most).
  • random (boolean, 1/0) – If a random order should be used.
  • display_desc (boolean, 1/0) – If the tag description should be displayed.
  • truncate (integer) – The maximum number of words the description should have.
  • display_date (boolean, 1/0) – If the date of the bookmark (when it was archived on Pinboard) should be displayed.
  • display_time (boolean, 1/0) – If the time of the bookmark (when it was archived on Pinboard) should be displayed.
  • date_text (string) – The text to be displayed before the date of the bookmark.
  • display_tags (boolean, 1/0) – If the tags should be displayed.
  • tags_text (string) – The text to be displayed before the tags of the bookmark.
  • display_hashtag (boolean, 1/0) – If the tags should be prefixed with a hashtag (#).
  • use_comma (boolean, 1/0) – If a comma for separate tags should be used.
  • display_source (boolean, 1/0) – If the source should be displayed.
  • display_arrow (boolean, 1/0) – If an HTML arrow should be appended to the title of the bookmarks.
  • time (string) – The minimum time between two requests to Pinboard server.
  • display_site_url (boolean, 1/0) – If the original site base URL should be displayed.
  • leave_domain (boolean, 1/0) – If the domain should be displayed only.
  • site_url_text (string) – The text to be displayed before the original site URL.
  • display_archive (boolean, 1/0) – If the link to the archive on Pinboard should be displayed.
  • archive_text (string) – The text to be used for the archive on Pinboard.
  • list_type (string) – The type of list to be used.
  • display_arch_arr (boolean, 1/0) – If an HTML arrow should be appended to the archive text.
  • new_tab (boolean, 1/0) – If the links should be open in a new browser tab.
  • nofollow (boolean, 1/0) – If a nofollow attribute should be added to the external links.
  • items_order (string) – The order in which the elements of each item should be displayed.
  • admin_only (boolean, 1/0) – If the debug should be displayed to Administrators only.
  • debug_options (boolean, 1/0) – If the complete set of options of the widget should be displayed.
  • debug_urls (boolean, 1/0) – If the URLs and the single parts, used to build them, should be displayed.

Usage as PHP function

You can also use the main PHP function directly in your theme. Add these lines where you want them to be displayed (the function echoes the result):

if ( function_exists( 'pinboard_bookmarks_fetch_feed' ) ) {
    $args = array(
        'intro_text'       => '',
        'username'         => '',
        'tags'             => '',
        'source'           => '',
        'quantity'         => 5,
        'random'           => false,
        'display_desc'     => false,
        'truncate'         => 0,
        'display_date'     => false,
        'display_time'     => false,
        'date_text'        => 'Stored on:',
        'display_tags'     => false,
        'tags_text'        => 'Tags:',
        'display_hashtag'  => true,
        'use_comma'        => false,
        'display_source'   => false,
        'display_arrow'    => false,
        'time'             => 1800,
        'display_site_url' => false,
        'leave_domain'     => false,
        'site_url_text'    => 'From:',
        'display_archive'  => true,
        'archive_text'     => 'See the bookmarks on Pinboard',
        'list_type'        => 'bullet',
        'display_arch_arr' => true,
        'new_tab'          => false,
        'nofollow'         => true,
        'items_order'      => 'title description date tags',
        'admin_only'       => true,
        'debug_options'    => false,
        'debug_urls'       => false
    pinboard_bookmarks_fetch_feed( $args );

If you want to return the result, use get_pinboard_bookmarks_fetch_feed( $args ).

Make sure to properly use the opening and closing tags <?php and ?> respectively.

The only mandatory option is username. The other options are the default options which you can change according to your needs. It isn’t necessary to insert all of them.

Help, Bugs, and Contributing

If you need help, please use WordPress forum. Do not send private email unless it is really necessary.

If you have found a bug, please report it on GitHub.

This plugin is developed using GitHub. If you wrote an enhancement and would share it with the world, please send me a Pull request.


I would like to say Thank You to all the people who helped me in making this plugin better and translated it into their respective languages.

This plugin uses the following JavaScript code, released under the terms of the GNU GPLv2 or later:

  • a modified version of @kometschuh’s code for “Category Posts Widget” plugin, used to open and close panels in the widget admin user interface.

Thanks to these developers for their work and for using the GNU General Public License.

Privacy Policy

This plugin does not collect any user data.

Ekran Görüntüleri

  • The dashboard panel to set up the widget (all panels closed).
  • The dashboard panel to set up the widget (all panels opened).
  • An example of rendered widget.


This section describes how to install the plugin and get it working.

  1. From your WordPress dashboard search the plugin Pinboard Bookmarks, install and activate it.
  2. Add the new widget on your sidebar.
  3. The only necessary option is the username on Pinboard. Add it and save the widget.


5 Eylül 2020
I had been putting off the job of sorting through the API and available libraries i had seen, to write something to get specific sets of my Pinboard bookmarks on one of my websites. Did an idle search yesterday -- and Pinboard Bookmarks plugin was there all the time! Lots of options to choose what and how to display, all data is enclosed in html elements with ids and classes for easy styling, it just has everything i want, and nothing i don't want (social media stuff, privacy invasion, etc.) Works fine with ClassicPress. Happiness. Thank you! -- webwalker
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  • Added collapsible panels.
  • Minimum height for text fields is 80 pixels now.
  • Cleaned and beautified HTML code.

The full changelog is documented in the changelog file released along with the plugin package and is hosted on GitHub.