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27 Kasım 2020
Had an issue but the support helped me out in the chat and solved it!! Thank you!
19 Nisan 2019
Had an issue with some of the feed's not sending the right data to google merchant centre. Contacted the support team, and they provided assistance straight away. They got to the bottom of the issues, kept me informed of what was happening, and made the necessary changes to get things working correctly again. Great plugin and great support team!
26 Kasım 2018 1 yanıt
I tried both the Amazon and Etsy plugins. The support docs are from much older versions. I've received no correspondence from their support via tickets and emails sent. The Amazon plugin might require an AWS account I could not confirm as nobody responds. Both plugins are buggy and I couldn't get either to work. The price seemed great but it really turned out to be a waste of my time. I'm guessing all the five star reviews here are mostly faked by the company. If your going to go down this road start with the free plugin and judge for yourself.
26 Ekim 2018 2 yanıt
Documentation and video are outdated. No response in hours, no chat agent available on their site. But the plugin site states: First-Class Support to Manage WooCommerce Product Feed – Every Time! A full support team via live chat, ticket submissions, email, and phone.
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