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24 Nisan 2023
Realtyna has been a wonderful organization to work with.
11 Nisan 2022
Realtyna WPL is a great tool If someone looking for MLS auto-syncing with Steller MLS /MLS Grid. Very easy and simple and user-friendly tool. The support team was very helpful. Specially Alfred N and Natan Y. No monthly fee, Just one-time purchases and enjoy.
21 Eylül 2021 5 yanıt
I've been running the free version of plugin for a few months as a trial before upgrading to the "Organic IDX" feature. Turns out the MLS I want to add isn't there and when you choose "MY MLS is not in the list! Request MLS", the plugin does nothing. On their page they tout "Support for all RETS based MLS providers in North America"... really? Good support might start with listing them in the available MLS list. The MLS I want to use is built on the Corelogic platform and therefore RETS compliant. I called Realtyna's Delaware number, with no response. **UPDATE** They called me back and said they will pass me to the sales team and to expect a call soon. **UPDATE** Appreciate that the sales team followed up with me. After finding out cost of the plugin, I'll have to stick with IDX Broker. I cannot see my clients being willing to pay around $2000 to have IDX feed for their sites. It still seems like a deceptive business practice for Realtyna to list in the description of your free plugin that you support all RETS based MLS providers, when you don't support it in the free version.
20 Ağustos 2021
Hi potential RealtyNA customer, I got put into a position where I was responsible for creating a MLS website. I know computers, but not programming. I've made 1 website in my life, back when Adobe Flash was a big thing. I decided to go with RealtyNA because they use an API rather than the old RETS or FTP. In my state, the main MLS wasn't ready for the RESO API. We spent months trying to get our MLS API feed to show accurate information. 9 months later, they have a feed ready to go for all the other real estate agencies in the state. You're welcome. RealtyNA were the ones that helped me the most. I felt most of my time was explaining to the MLS what was wrong and what they needed to do to fix it. RealtyNA were the ones that helped me understand so that I could report back to the MLS with the problems. RealtyNA has a fantastic support team. Each member I spoke with were professional. Once we got the MLS fiasco done, we had a couple of parts of their system customized and their programming support was just as attentive as Samuel, the person assigned to me for support and to do the integration. Nothing but praise I have for this company and their support team. I'm almost done with the 2nd website of my entire life thanks to Samuel and RealtyNA. If you have a MLS website, consider going with RealtyNA rather than the others. They've got the future tech and the support to back it up so that you get ALL the SEO clicks credited to you, not the service you're going through.
18 Haziran 2021
Realtyna has been a wonderful organization to work with. They have worked with my company for over a year now and have helped with dozen of customization projects. Customer service has always been wonderful and I look forward to continuing to work with Realtyna!
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