Brilliant Web-to-Lead for Salesforce

Brilliant Web-to-Lead for Salesforce creates a solid integration between your WordPress install(s) and your account!

BrilliantPlugins 9.000+ active installations 4.8.2 ile test edildi 4 ay dakika önce güncellendi

FV Flowplayer Video Player

WordPress's most reliable, easy to use and feature-rich video player. Supports responsive design, HTML5, playlists, ads, stats, Vimeo and YouTube …

FolioVision 30.000+ active installations 4.8.2 ile test edildi 1 gün dakika önce güncellendi

Spam Free WordPress

Todd Lahman's comment spam blocking plugin that blocks automated spam with zero false positives.

Todd Lahman, LLC 40.000+ active installations 4.4.11 ile test edildi 2 sene dakika önce güncellendi

SiteBrains Interactive Spam Blocker

SiteBrains blocks spam posts using a completely configurable set of rules.
Both interactively as the user types and on our servers upon submission.

SiteBrains 90+ active installations 3.2.1 ile test edildi 6 sene dakika önce güncellendi

Security Captcha


0x90 Security Labs! 20+ active installations 2.5.1 ile test edildi 9 sene dakika önce güncellendi

Events Manager

Fully featured event registration management including recurring events, locations management, calendar, Google map integration, booking management

Marcus Sykes 100.000+ active installations 4.8.2 ile test edildi 4 ay dakika önce güncellendi


Create a stylish and user-friendly Guestbook for your WordPress blog. Designed to replicate the appearance and behavior of Viper Guestbook.

Justin Klein 2.000+ active installations 4.7.6 ile test edildi 10 ay dakika önce güncellendi


Allows a simple petition or email based campaign action to be embedded
into any wordpress page or post.

John Ackers 90+ active installations 3.3.2 ile test edildi 6 sene dakika önce güncellendi

Job Manager

hiring, hire, interview, interviews, job, jobs, job board, job list, job lists ,job listing, job manager, job management, job role, job search, list, …

Tom Townsend 10.000+ active installations 2 sene dakika önce güncellendi


Generates real-time statistics for your blog. You can browse, filter and export detailed data about visitors, spiders, search terms and engines.

Iva Koleva, ClearCode Ltd. 300+ active installations 3.4.2 ile test edildi 5 sene dakika önce güncellendi