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Simple Crumbs Redux


Simple Crumbs Redux is a resurrection of the Simple Crumbs plugin by Can Koluman (https://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-crumbs/) 0.2.5 codebase. Version 1.0.0 of Simple Crumbs Redux fixes a fatal error generated when using PHP 5.4 and greater (and a deprecation warning with PHP 5.3). I’m keeping the original short code (though you can also use [simple_crumbs_redux]) so this plugin will work as a drop in replacement for Simple Crumbs.

Simple Crumbs Redux – Generates a breadcrumb trail for pages and blog entries. Requires use of permalinks and PHP >= 4.1.0. Tested up to WordPress 4.2.2 and PHP 5.5.

Notes: link/crumb information from $query_string, page/post information from $post, using permalink info for making links, using permalink structure for bootstrapping unrolled recursions (deepest to topmost).
Author URI: http://www.dougsparling.org

Usage Examples:

  • Usage: <?php echo do_shortcode('[simple_crumbs root="Home" /]') ?>
  • Usage: [simple_crumbs root="Some Root" /]
  • Usage: [simple_crumbs /]

Sample Output: (with Home as ‘root’)

  1. Home > Section > Subsection
  2. Home > Blog > 2013 > 08 > 23 > Blog Title
  3. Home > Search Results
  4. Home > Tag > Tag Name


A. Configuration Options

  1. Document Root Crumb name passed to function.
  2. Following css class may be defined externally: navCrumb.lnk if needed.
  3. Separator may be chosen.

B. Installation

  1. Copy to plugins (/wp-content/plugins/) folder
  2. Usage:

* from php: <?php echo do_shortcode('[simple_crumbs root="Home" /]') ?>
* from html with document root: [simple_crumbs root="Some Root" /]
* from html without document root: [simple_crumbs /]


Why another breadcrumbs plugin?

A client of mine was using the Simple Crumbs and it wouldn’t work once PHP was updated on his server. As Simple Crumbs hadn’t been updated since 2009 and I needed to get my client going, I just created Simple Crumbs Redux and got him going. I made a few minor improvements over the original plugin and will work as a drop in replacement. Whether I add any other features depends on my needs and if I get any requests from users.


3 Eylül 2016
I needed a way of getting back and forth through pages. Normal menus only go so deep but I can go very deep into nested pages and keep track with this Add on. Great - Keep up the good work.
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Değişiklik Kaydı


  • Updated outdated info in readme.
  • Tested with WordPress 4.2.2.


  • Changed titles array to class property.


  • Changed contributers name to my WordPress.org username.


  • Upated readme to pass validation.


  • Initial Release.
  • Fixed ‘PHP Fatal error: Call-time pass-by-reference has been removed’ with PHP 5.4 and greater.
  • Converted plugin from functional style to Object Oriented.
  • Repaced sc_unpack_query_string function with WordPress core function wp_parse_args().