Snack Ads


This plugin is a solution for the remote management of ad units for websites in the Snack Media advertising network.

Snack Media are a Google-certified partner, based in the UK, who specialise in optimising and monetising websites, working with a network of over 400 websites. We offer an advanced advertising set-up – header and exchange bidding across programmatic, video, native rich media etc.

We have specialised teams across ad-operations, tech, editorial and sales to help publishers grow their digital revenues and provide IAB approved solutions for GDPR & CCPA.

We also offer a range of additional products, tools and services to help publishers drive traffic, maximise engagement and optimise user experience.

To find out more, head to Snack Media or contact


  1. Upload the contents of this .zip file into ‘/wp-content/plugins/snack-ads’ on your WordPress installation, or via the ‘Plugins->Add New’ option in the WordPress dashboard.
  2. Activate the plugin via the ‘Plugins’ option in the WordPress dashboard.
  3. Open your wp-config.php and define SNACK_ADS_CONFIG_NAME constant – e.g. define( 'SNACK_ADS_CONFIG_NAME', '' );
  4. Enable different ad units on your site by executing PHP code such as <?php \Snack\Ads\Helpers\snackAdverts::getInstance()->printCode( 'desktop', 'leaderboard' ); ?>
  5. In case you are unsure about the setup, please contact


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  • Updating tested up to version


  • Sorting PHP error thrown by register_rest_route


  • Correctly handle ads for multisite instances


  • First stable release of the plugin