View My Posts Alone

It will display only the concerned contributor posts and other details of that contributor for…

Naresh Kumar .P 10dan fazla etkin kurulum 4.7.21 ile test edildi 4 sene dakika önce güncellendi

Relate Groups to Blogs

Makes it possible to relate groups to blogs and define the relationships to whatever you…

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Word's Content

Word's Content plugin helps you explain things better and increases reader's engagement.

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BP Include Non-member Comments

Inserts blog comments from non-logged-in users into the activity stream

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Groups Blog Protect

Protect access to blogs via group memberships powered by Groups.

itthinx 10dan fazla etkin kurulum 5.7.2 ile test edildi 2 ay dakika önce güncellendi

YD Spread Parameter

Tweaks URLs to keep and propagate a http get query parameter in all links site-wide…

Yann Dubois 10dan fazla etkin kurulum 2.9.2 ile test edildi 11 sene dakika önce güncellendi

Multisite Widgets

Extends the standard WordPress widgets to be able to run on another blog on the…

dcoda 10dan fazla etkin kurulum 3.3.2 ile test edildi 9 sene dakika önce güncellendi

SP Custom Post Widget

A WordPress Widget plugin to show data from custom post types.

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Companion plugin for the Publishers theme:

Bryan Hadaway 10dan fazla etkin kurulum 5.7.2 ile test edildi 1 ay dakika önce güncellendi