Track Outbound Link Clicks Easily: Shorten & track your site links by using your own…

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Track The Click

Track how many clicks your links get, either locally or through integration with Google Analytics.

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Simply create links that you want to track and see the statistics in your Dashboard.

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Clink – WordPress Link Manager

Clink – WordPress Link Manager is a WordPress plugin to Manage, create and track outbound…

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Site Spy

Tells you who's visiting your site and how valuable they are. Uses event tracking, lead…

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Affiliate Links Manager

WordPress Affiliate Links Manager by WinkPress helps you create friendly affiliate redirects and track them…

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Créez des liens courts que vos visiteurs pourront facilement mémoriser et que vous pourrez intégrer…

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zeStatix ​​is counter clicks for the specified HTML elements. Click tracking is easy, you just…

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