GDPR Cookie Consent Notice Box

Cookie Consent Box is a lightweight and good looking way to inform users your site…

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SameSite Cookies

CSRF-protection for authentication cookies. When enabled, this plugin makes sure the "SameSite" flag is set…

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EU Cookie Consent

Allows you to meet the minimum compliance requirements for the EU cookie legislation introduced in…

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Show Me The Cookies

Shows a list of all current cookies on your site, both for admins and visitors…

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Legal +

Con este plugin podrás adecuar tu web corporativa o blog a la LSSI y LOPD…

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Simple GDPR Cookie Compliance

Simple GDPR Cookie Compliance is a simple notifier to inform users that your site uses…

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WP Consent API

Simple Consent API to read and register the current consent category.

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Easy EU Cookie law

The easiest way to comply with the new European cookie law. 300+ etkin kurulum 3.7.36 ile test edildi 5 sene dakika önce güncellendi

Cookies Pro

Bloquea las cookies hasta que el usuario las acepte para cumplir la normativa acerca de…

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GDPR Settings for WooCommerce

Adapt your e-commerce to the GDPR rules. This plugin allows you to easily add a…

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Klaro Consent Manager

This lightweight plugin will help you make your website fully compatible with last EU GDPR…

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Cookie Message

EU cookie law message at the bottom of the screen.

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Cookie Notify

Cookie Notification about using cookie files on Your website. Easy and fast configuration of position,…

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