Quick Event Calendar

Quick Event Calendar is a very simple, performant, and WordPress-integrated event calendar plugin.

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Event Calendar

New Revolutionary Events Calendar from Total Soft. This Event calendar is different from all of…

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BeatGig WordPress Plugin

BeatGig's event calendar is a modern, beautiful calendar that embeds directly onto your website. When…

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Events Management by Dawsun

Event plugin with multiple tickets and booking management with short codes and calendar view

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Events Manager Pro SecureSubmit Gateway

SecureSubmit allows merchants to take PCI-Friendly Credit Card payments on Events Manager Pro using Heartland…

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WordPress Event Calendar

SpoonTalk Event Calendar is a simple plugin which lets you display a list of your…

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Plain Event Calendar

Simple event calendar plugin to manage your events and publish them with a shortcode or…

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Stachethemes Event Calendar Lite

Stachethemes Event Calendar Lite is a WordPress Calendar Plugin that allows you to easily create,…

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