External Links

The external links plugin for WordPress lets you process outgoing links differently from internal links.

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Outbound Link Manager

The Outbound Link Manager monitors outbound links in your posts and pages, easily allowing you…

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Automatically Remove Links From Posts

Automatically remove links from posts when they are published and keep the anchor text in…

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WP No External Links

Convert all external links into internal or nofollow links!

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Hide Links

Closure of external links from indexing using jQuery script.

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Browsing a site as an admin, icons are added to external links indicating their nofollow…

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Clink – WordPress Link Manager

Clink – WordPress Link Manager is a WordPress plugin to Manage, create and track outbound…

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New Page Link

New Page Link plugin converts all your external or internal links in the body to…

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Open External links in new tab with this plugin.

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JAB External Link New Tab

All external links on your site will open in a new window, because this plugin…

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SEO Smart Link Targets

Super lightweight solution to changing all external links and internal PDF attachments to open in…

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Casper’s Leave Notice

A quick, easy way to notify your users when they are leaving your site. You…

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SEO Help

SEO Help provides helpful hints to generate LinkBait or Clickbait titles & Increase Click Through…

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