Gigs Calendar

Manage and display a calendar of your gigs/shows/performances.

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Gigatools Widget

The easiest way to embed your GigaTools dates. No more hassle with an embed code.…

Beee 20+ etkin kurulum 4.1.33 ile test edildi 6 sene dakika önce güncellendi For Artists

This plugin adds a fully customizable sidebar-widget to list an artists upcoming shows or top… 10dan fazla etkin kurulum 2.9.2 ile test edildi 11 sene dakika önce güncellendi

WordPress Gig Calendar

Automatically import your gigs to your WordPress

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Last.FM Events

This plugin adds a widget to display your upcoming events (gigs) from Last.FM on your…

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PostLists-Extension Gigs Calandar

This PostLists Extension provides placeholders for the gigs, created with the WordPress Plugin "Gigs Calendar",…

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WordPress Events

WordPress Events gives you a simple interface for adding events to your site and displays…

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