Imsanity automatically resizes huge image uploads. Are contributors uploading huge photos? Tired of manually scaling?…

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WP Resized Image Quality

Get better uploaded quality or save bandwidth: Change the JPEG compression-level of uploaded images and…

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JPG Image Quality

This plugin adjusts the quality of the images when they are uploaded.

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Switch Video Quality

Adds quality switch functionality and automatic embed code generation to the wordpress video player.

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Force jpeg quality

WordPress uses a default quality of 90% for images served on the website, to conserve…

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Performance Tester

Analyze the home page of your WordPress site directly from your backoffice and get a…

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Atomic Reach

Atomic Reach was built to deliver a deep understanding of what makes your content perform…

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Theme Mentor

Theme Mentor is a cousin of the Theme-Check plugin getting deeper into the code analysis.

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TOP Page Quality Analytics

Designed for SEO and understanding the Google Panda by connecting a blog with the TOP…

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Automatic quality-assurance checks, ensuring your articles meet editorial guidelines.

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Disable Images Compress

Плагин Disable Images Compress позволяет отключить сжатие изображений при загрузке на сайт.

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