WP Blockquote Shortcode

It is a WordPress plugin that makes Quotation easily with Shortcode.

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Quote Comments

An important note: the plugin was adopted and it will be updated a few times…

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c3 Random Quotes

A simple widget to display random quotes on your WordPress site.

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PPM Testimonial

This plugin will add fade in out testimonials via shortcode in page or post.

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Nice Quotes Rotator

Allows display of random quotes via shortcode, a sidebar widget, and/or on the admin page.…

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Inline Quote & Cite Tags

This simple plugin adds buttons to the WordPress rich HTML editor to add inline quote…

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WordPress Quotes

This Simple WordPress Plugin displays a valuable, motivational, inspirational & successful quotes to your blog's…

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Quote of the Day – ITslum

Show a new Quote of the Day to your website visitors with this widget on…

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Simple Daily Quotes

This minimalistic WordPress plugin displays great hand picked quotes in your blog's sidebar.

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Inspirational Quotes

Add some inspiration to your blog! This super-simple WordPress plugin displays an inspirational quote in…

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Woo Quote Calculator & Order

Woo Quote Calculator & Order creates dynamic quote form and add quote results at shopping…

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Random Quote of The Day

Display a random inspirational quote in this lightweight, responsive Wordpress plugin.

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Advanced Tagline

Advanced Tagline gives the option to have multiple taglines for your blog and display them…

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Ozh' Random Words

Create list of items and display random item. Random quotes, or replace "Joe said" with…

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BibleGet I/O

Insert Bible quotes in your articles or pages using the "Bible quote" block or the…

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Easy Quotes

Adds a new Post Type 'Quotes' and a customizable Gutenberg Block 'Easy Quotes' to your…

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