StatsFC Results

This widget will place list of football results in your website.

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LJ Longtail SEO

LJ Longtail SEO is a tool that detects search engine visits and uses this information…

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Results count

When you search in Google, it tells you at the start how many results you…

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WP Ajax Search Widget

Displays instant search results directly beneath a search widget.

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Curated Search

Specify the content you want users to see for specific search queries by pinning results,… 30+ etkin kurulum 4.3.33 ile test edildi 9 yıl dakika önce güncellendi

Results for Handball4All

Show timetables with results and standings of handball teams and leagues provided by

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Search URL

This plugin convert your search results url from /s?=xyz to /search/xyz , This will make…

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Provides a widget to display the last or next match for a specified team. Currently…

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Search Results Optimizer

Search Results Optimizer learns which results users find useful and automatically prioritizes them in future…

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One Search Result

Automatically send a user to the page or post if it's the only search result…

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Slider Matches Results

Allows you to create specific sliders for your sports team (Football, Handball …).

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Volleynator Web

A plugin which enables you to display volleyball tables from germany and austria on your…

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