Better Search Replace

A simple plugin to update URLs or other text in a database.

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Real-Time Find and Replace

Set up find and replace rules that are executed AFTER a page is generated by…

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Better Find and Replace

Easily Find and replace text, code blocks, URLs, Footer credits, jQuery / Ajax loaded text…

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Search and Replace

Search and replace content into pages and posts

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CM On Demand Search And Replace

Search and replace the words, phrases and HTML in real time throughout the content without…

CreativeMindsSolutions 5.000+ etkin kurulum 5.9 ile test edildi 3 gün dakika önce güncellendi adds content filter wich searches in posts for specified patterns (regular expressions) and replaces…

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Handy Ultimate Content Embedder

Embed selected sections / entire content of other pages,posts,websites,Wordpress databases and search/replace using simple tags.…

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Bravo Search & Replace

The simplest solution for replace or change text in your website. Works with texts coming…

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