SPF_WCT is a free plugin for Wordpress that can work with stripe payment services.

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Nextech AR – ARitize 3D

Convert your 2D images into interactive, high-quality 3D/AR content. Make it easy for your shoppers…

Nextech AR Solutions 10+ etkin kurulum 6.0.7 ile test edildi 7 ay dakika önce güncellendi

Mazing AR Shortcode

Mazing Augmented Reality for WordPress plugin is an all-in-one solution to allow you to present…

Mazing G.m.b.H. 10+ etkin kurulum 5.8.9 ile test edildi 2 yıl dakika önce güncellendi

Zazzle Store Gallery

Seamlessly integrate a Zazzle store gallery and sell a variety of custom products (t-shirts, mugs,…

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Accurate shipping quotes for pallets, cartons & satchels. Instant bookings with great carriers.

FreightExchange 10+ etkin kurulum 6.3.3 ile test edildi 5 ay dakika önce güncellendi

WP Quick Shop

WP Quick Shop is a great plugin to order multiple products together without searching and…

Fahad Mahmood 10+ etkin kurulum 6.4.3 ile test edildi 3 hafta dakika önce güncellendi

Shopper Rewards for WP-eCommerce

Let your shoppers earn points for purchasing from your WP e-Commerce store.

Pye Brook Company, Inc / Jeffrey Schutzman 10+ etkin kurulum 3.6.1 ile test edildi 11 yıl dakika önce güncellendi

AdFever for WordPress

Plugin de Comparaison de Prix AdFever pour Worpdress

Inteliscent SAS 10+ etkin kurulum 2.9.2 ile test edildi 14 yıl dakika önce güncellendi


Rejoignez les utilisateurs de Neeed.com et affichez sur votre blog, dans vos articles ou vos…

Amaury Lesplingart 10+ etkin kurulum 4.4.32 ile test edildi 8 yıl dakika önce güncellendi

Jigoshop Mini Cart

Add a small version of the Jigoshop cart to your shop.

Tor Morten Jensen 10+ etkin kurulum 3.9.40 ile test edildi 10 yıl dakika önce güncellendi


Allows you to publish products from your Nexternal store to your WordPress website.

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Online Pre-Travel Shopping

shopnfly is the first ever online, pre-travel shopping experience, creating a one-stop-shop for anything you…

shopnfly 10+ etkin kurulum 4.1.40 ile test edildi 9 yıl dakika önce güncellendi


This plugin allows you to add the GRAB AR button to your WordPress site for…

CIRRUS SOFT 10+ etkin kurulum 5.6.13 ile test edildi 3 yıl dakika önce güncellendi