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danixland author signature

A secure, simple yet powerful contact form for your website.

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WP-Headlineanimator generates an animated GIF File to be displayed in signatures or wherever you like…

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Virtual Signature

Virtual Signature allows Author to append Custom Signature at the end of the post.

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Firmafy eSignature

Validate legaly your forms created with main plugins in the market.

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AB Post Signature

Plugin allows you to add a signature after every post.

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Mobile Comments Signature

This plugin detects when a comment is published from a mobile phone/browser and appends a…

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Post Signature

Appends the post author's display name to posts. Useful for multi-author blogs that are crossposted…

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Signature One

Creates a configurable text signature at the bottom of each post.

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Osiris Signature Banner

Automatically creates an image banner with the heading of the latest post, for use on…

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