Perfect Images + Retina

Retina, Replace Images, Regenerate Thumbnails, Image Sizes Management, Image Threshold and more.

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Easy Image Sizes

Easy Image Sizes allows you to configure different WordPress image sizes and use them alongside…

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Responsify WP

Responsive images. Plug and play.

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Replace Content Image Size

Find images displayed in posts content and change the format size, very useful when you…

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Image Sizes Panel

Display a meta box when viewing a media item in the admin that display all…

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ACF – Image sizes

ACF Image Sizes allows you to choose which image sizes are generated for ACF image…

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WP Image Sizes

Select the only image sizes for post types you want to be generated. Eliminate unnecessary…

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Multiple Cropped Images

Upload any number of images and scale and crop them individually.

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This module allows shoppers to buy ready-to-wear garments for them or for their relatives "in…

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