Cronjob Scheduler

Cronjob Scheduler allows you to automate regular tasks and actions within your WordPress installation!

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Zephyr Proje Yöneticisi

Zephyr Proje Yöneticisi, tüm projelerinizi ve görevlerinizi yönetmenize yardımcı olacak WordPress için modern ve kullanımı…

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Task Scheduler

Provides a task management system.

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WP To Do

A full featured plugin for creating and managing a To Do list.

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Project management and task tracking software for WordPress 100+ etkin kurulum 3.5.2 ile test edildi 11 yıl dakika önce güncellendi

WP Utility Script Runner

Create custom scripts and manage them directly from the WordPress Dashboard. Schedule scripts, handle user…

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Task Manager

Quick and easy to use, manage all your tasks and your time with the Task…

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DevtasksUp – ClickUp integration

The plugin integrates ClickUp into the admin for streamlined task management. Simply add an API…

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Projectify Lite

Projectify Lite is the World’s most advanced project management system which helps you to run…

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Project Tasks

This Wordpress plugin is a complete flexible Projekt Task Management System. It's a very easy…

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WTG Tasks Manager Beta

Task management with a plan – this plugin will grow to meet the needs of…

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Vmax Project Manager

Wordpress plugin for managing your projects, clients, team, tasks, payments in a single place!

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Admin Todotastic

Admins can assign or share todo items attached to a post, a WooCommerce order, a…

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Simple Admin Task List

A WordPress plugin to task manager for administrator

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