WP Site Options

The Site Options plugin is a simple and free product for adding your custom site…

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Fitr Theme Options

It makes template customizing easy and bring more fun to WordPress!

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Weaver Options Merge

Merge theme settings from two Weaver II, Aspen, or Weaver Xtreme saved settings.

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Nexter Extension

Nexter Extension is a Part of Nexter Theme Which Will Add Design Values to The…

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theme-configurator is the easiest and most elegant way to add customized options pages to your…

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Theme Blvd Admin Presence

When using a theme with Theme Blvd framework version 2.1+, this plugin is will allow…

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Century Demo Importer

This plugin will import demo contents for the active theme which are configured with this…

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PuppyFW is a lightweight but powerful options framework for WordPress themes and plugins which supports…

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