WP Encrypted Uploads

Encrypt your uploaded files using state-of-the-art encryption standards, and prevent unwanted access to your private…

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Multisite MediaSync

Multisite MediaSync syncs the Media Posts in WP Posts tables for all blogs within a…

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Analyse Uploads

Find, analyse, and remove unused media library uploads.

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Protect Media

Upload Directory Required Auth Login.

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Super Interactive Image Placeholders

Display placeholder Lorem Picsum images to avoid chains of 404 requests caused by an incomplete…

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Enable svg File Uploads

Enable .svg SVG file uploads to the media library.

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MediaTypes allows the user full control of upload file types that may be supported on…

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xpressium Image Limit

Adds a new setting under Settings -> Media where an admin can set a maximum…

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Uploads Protector

This plugin makes uploaded files only accessible by logged-in users.

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