Repository Zip

With this plugin a zip download link of a subversion or git repository can be…

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Plugin Grabber

This wordpress plugin allows you to create and download a backup of a plugin or…

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WP Attachment Download

Plugin adds functionality to download posts attachments build with ACF file fields from administration.

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Zip and download any folder on your site

Eliot Akira 10+ etkin kurulum 3.9.36 ile test edildi 8 sene dakika önce güncellendi

Zip Embed

Upload a zip archive and let WP embed its contents into a post.

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WP Install From Web

WP Install Plugin From Web allows you to install any plugin from a URL. All…

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Latest Github Release

Automatically add a download link to the latest Github repo release zips with a shortcode…

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The ultimate automatic input tool, autoin-jp, works only in the Japanese version. The operating environment…

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