Taro CPT Front


CPT(Custom Post Pype e.g book) has URL structure like below:

  • /book/harry-potter
  • /book/harry-potter/philosopers-stone

If you need /book as a front page of CPT, this plugin works.

This plugin allow specific post type to have a “Front Page” and it’s permalink will be at the root of URL prefix of CPT.


  1. Search taro-cpt-front in plugin search in your WP admin.
  2. Click “Install” and “Activate”.
  3. Go to “Setting” > “Wrting” and choose the post types to have a front page.
  4. The page which you want to be a front page, check “Set as front page” from right side bar.


Where can I get supported?

Create new ticket at Support forum. Or else, create new issue or send Pull Request on GitHub.


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