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Tied Pages


Every now and then you need a page at multiple locations on your site because you dont know where the user will be looking for it. With this WordPress plugin you can create multiple pages and by tying them together you only have to edit the master page once in order to apply changes to all of them.

Tie a page to another one through a simple dropdown menu. The chosen page will then be the master. Changes made to the master page are automatically applied to all the pages tied to it. If a page is a tied page its content or title can’t be changed unless you untie it. You can enter a different title for a tied page. This alternate title will not get overwritten by the master page title.


  1. Install the plugin from the plugin repository and activate it. No settings needed.


When should I use Tied Pages?

If you need a page at multiple locations on your site you can easily create multiple pages and tie them to the master page with this plugin. You then only have to change the master page and all pages tied to it will automatically be changed as well.


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Katkıda bulunanlar

Değişiklik Kaydı


  • Alternative Post title for a tied page can now be declared. This way you can give your tied pages titles different from the master page.


  • First version